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Smooth Twink Jordan Jacobs and Tattooed Daddy Joe Gunn Fire Off Big Loads

Who doesn’t love a hot tattooed daddy sporting a full thick moustache, ready and willing to fuck the life out of you? As we continue exploring our fantasy of Dads Fucking Lads, the lucky twink here is Jordan Jacobs and the Father Figure is Joe Gunn. Jordan is slim, smooth, and sexy, with a wild streak. He loves getting thrown around the room, spinning atop thick dicks! He’s perfect for Joe! Taking their time exploring each other on the couch, Joe loves the taste of Jordan’s dick as our twink leans back and lets daddy get to work. Turning over and getting his smooth ass eaten out, the feeling of Joe’s tash on Jordan’s hole makes him even harder and eager for Daddy’s leaking cock. Joe happily obliges and lustfully fucks Jordan, taking him over the edge of the sofa. With Jordan up for more hard fucking, Joe gets him on top, bouncing on the full length of his meat. We’re treated to some of the best views of the twink’s hot young ass getting slammed, every solid inch thrust in and out and back and forth, until neither can take any more and the spunk flies from both of them.

Sole Worship With Paul Walker and Bruno Fox

This week, UKNakedMen is pleased to feature Bruno Fox and Paul Walker. We explore one of Bruno’s long-term fantasies about servicing a hot, hung straight boy. When he found out who he would be filming with, the super-sexed foot fetishist jumped at the chance to play bottom to the stunning Paul. Then again, take a look at his stiff, veiny cock. Even the strictest of tops would have difficulty saying no to flipping for the sexy young hunk! Bruno bends over double and spreads his tight hole for Paul’s mighty meat. Oh, yes. He struggles to take the entire length…at first. But with Paul gently thrusting deeper and deeper into his hungry, hot hole, Bruno relaxes and Paul slides home. Once inside, Paul builds up steam, his hips grinding into and against Bruno. Hot skin on hot skin, pumping, writhing and sweating, until Paul can no longer hold back all that hot-straight-boy seed. Want some? Check out Paul Walker and Bruno Fox in this exclusive scene from UKNakedMen!

Rudeboi Lee Well Splatters Justteen’s Face With Cum

Tracksuit wearing Rudeboiz Lee Well and buddy Justteen are out on the streets of South London, spray cans in hand, hunting for trouble or their next blank canvas; which ever comes first. What they end up finding is an abandoned office block. Jackpot! Breaking in, these hung fuckers quickly get to work destroying the place and making it look like a secret crack den. This only serves to turn them on as they’re soon posing in front of their creations. Lee gets his ass out, turning on his mate Justteen so much that he’s spun round and that huge dick is sucked dry! Peeling off hoodies and trackie bottoms, both lads show off their dicks to each others phone cameras, forever capturing some horny twink fucking. Handsome pretty boy Lee has one of the hottest cocks we’ve ever seen…solid, with low hanging balls. He’s got an appetite for ass and that’s exactly what Justteen wants. Pulling down a skanky mattress, both get a proper eating out, their holes rimmed with deep tongue fucking in amazing closeups. Lee slides home and fucks his mate incessantly. The twinks have some amazing stamina, as you’ll soon see with all that ball slapping, ass pounding action. Jus drains his balls, leaving him empty of juice, so Lee tops him up with a squirt to the face, splattering jizz all over that pretty mouth of his. So why not take a break from your day and take a look at Lee Well and buddy Justteen? You’ll be getting some much needed relief and firing off a steamy load before heading back to work!

Daddy Brad Kalvo and His Boytoy Bobby Hart

BreedMeRaw is pleased to present Colt model Brad Kalvo. The hung, bearded daddy is featured this week with a new bareback slut pig, Bobby Hart. This is Bobby’s first scene taking raw cock and the condom-to-bareback whore is pleased to have Brad shove his hairy crotch right into his face. Bobby sucks down Brad’s cock like a drowning man gasping for air and all Brad can do is fuck his face and watch as he fucks Bobby’s throat, playing with his hole. Brad gets Bobby on the fuck bench and eats out that Latin ass, getting it ready for his raw cock. After a while, Brad finds it’s better to throw his little Latin “puta” in the sling and pound away at his slut hole until he was satisfied. This is one bareback fuck neither will soon forget! So what are you waiting for? Grab your dick, double-click, and start stroking!

Canadian Hunk Misha Dante Can’t Get Enough Of Aaron Aurora’s Twink Ass

Canadian Hunk Misha Dante might be a new face to Eurocreme but we’ve no doubt he’s going to bit a hit. Goodness knows he’s already a hit with skinny twink Aaron Aurora, who is the first to be fucked by the handsome hunk. Misha is covered from head to toe with blonde hair and — from the beard to the pelt covering his defined pecs and abs, down to his ass and legs — he’s the perfect young dad to fuck super skinny Aaron. In fact, our pale twink can’t get enough of the darker hairy stud who, in turn, can’t seem to get enough of Aaron’s hungry ass and eager hole. Spreading those milky white cheeks apart and tongue fucking him deep, Misha knows how to get someone ready for a hard fucking; just what daddies are for! Slowly plunging inside Aaron, Misha is in no hurry to cum and takes his time fucking his twink, each thrust giving us an even better sight of his sexy muscled body. And doesn’t he contrast beautifully with Aaron’s pale, slim frame? Misha is one hell of a flexible fucker — pinning Aaron to the bed, taking him from behind, then pulling the twink on top of him — and Aaron obeys, falling in line as Misha maneuvers his almost frail body. Bouncing on the bed so hard they could flip off, Aaron takes the whole length of Misha’s cock…over and over, in and out…before Misha dumps his well-deserved load all over Aaron’s chest. And the twink simply gazes up at his “daddy” in awe of what his father figure just put him through. As it should be.

Straight Monster Cock Defiles Sweet Petite Twink

There’s something about a straight man, isn’t there? Especially one so comfortable with his sexuality that he enjoys the company of gay men. If they’re cute, with an irresistible smile and great personality — like Matt Hughes — it’s even worse. It only makes us want them all the more. And whoa to the one caught in the position when he finds out his secret — and sometimes not so secret crush — has an enormous cock! Poor skinny blond twink Luckas Layton finds himself in just such a situation. He’s had a crush on Matt for a while now and has longed to get into his pants. Only, he’s not made mention of his feelings because he’d rather have Matt’s friendship. Although, truth be told, it’s kind of hard not to see how Luckas feels, especially when he follows the tall, sexy, always smiling Matt around like a puppy in search of milk and attention. Since Matt is moving out, there’s nothing to keep Luckas from making a move. The twink confesses his crush and Matt is extremely flattered. He’s so flattered in fact, that he offers up his enormous slab of meat to Luckas, who eagerly allows his holes to be used. Straight monster cock defiles sweet petite twink in a way that is almost perverse. His rock hard dick proves just what a weapon it is as Matt lets loose on Luckas, fucking and slamming and flipping the twink over and over, filling Luckas to bursting. The skinny blond spurts while getting pounded, with Matt grinding and thrusting hard, until he’s ready to blow. In a terrific show, he unleashes streams of cum all over Luckas’s face, rewarding his twink, former roommate, and now fuck buddy.

Daddy Michel Rudin and His Toy Leo Marco

No matter the age, we all love a hot daddy. There’s just something about an “older,” more experienced man taking the inexperienced by the hand and showing him the ropes. Not that Eurocreme twin, Leo Marco needs any help in the experience department. We happen to think he’s got plenty to go around. All the same, the daddy/son fantasy is alive and strong with the sexy French twink paired with hunky Italian muscle man Michel Rudin. Dark hair all around! After a quick interview, the two are hard at it on Leo’s bed. Already bursting, Michel’s hairy chest is adored by smooth Leo, who works his way down Michel’s buff manly torso to his thick, solid cockk. Lapping at the shaft — which is nearly as big as his own head — Leo takes as much as he can down his throat, with Michel’s hand resting on the back of his neck, guiding him down onto it. Kicking back and enjoying the oral he’s getting — bet you’ll be wishing you were Michel! — we’re treated to more of this hairy stud; from his fuzzy pits and tailored stubble to his furry pecs, all while fucking fucking Leo’s face. Pulling Leo up on all fours, Michel then takes his twink doggy style. Leo’s slim frame fits easily into Michel’s hands as he works the horny twink back and forth onto his huge throbbing shaft. It’s clear Leo is getting off on taking such a big daddy cock and Michel obviously loves the feel of his twink’s smooth tight skin under his grip. After getting flipped over, Leo is practically pounded into the bed until he shoots a brilliant white load over himself. Michel continues to fuck until he pulls out, massaging his bulging head until he sprays all over Leo.

Well-Hung Brit Plays With Cut Cock And Shows Off Hairy Hole

Ty Bainborough. He’s certainly innocent-looking enough. But beneath that proper and “English-looking” gentleman’s surface lies a kinky and quietly dominating sensuality. Ty’s got a a beautiful cock and, although he’s cut, we can make exceptions. Not only is Ty handsome, he’s a WELL-HUNG cutie with a sexy voice and a smooth, toned body. As the adorable bi-sexual takes us on a tour of his cock, balls, and hairy hole, Ty pull on his impressive meat. We just love the massive head on it, definitely a a considerable mouthful! Then he kicks back and gets into his cock, all but forgetting about us, until the huge, copious amount of really THICK goo spews, leaving him a convulsing, twitching mess…that you’d probably love to clean up, wouldn’t you?

Horny After The Gym, Darius Rider Pumps His Hole With Boris Orla’s Fat And Raw Piece Of Meat

Tops aren’t the only ones who get horny after a good workout. Bottoms do, too! And when they do, watch out because if you’re in their path, and you happen to be a top with a big dick, YOU’RE their next workout. Like Darius Rider. The muscle bottom cock whore is so horny in this scene that he HAD to service a hot raw cock with his mouth and hole. Fast! So he got his buddy, Boris Orla to come over and drop his shorts. Darius goes down on that thick piece of meat as if he were hungry and homeless and hadn’t seen a meal in weeks. Then again, with such a succulent slab, even some tops we know would have gone down to service Boris. But we digress. Almost as soon as Boris is fully hard, Darius sits down on that fucker and pumps the thick meat, milking it with his tightly puckered sphincter. He goes deep, taking Boris to the limit as his own cock only gets harder. After a while, Darius hops off and wraps his lips around Boris once more, tasting his own ass juice on the throbbing shaft. Except by that point, the aggressive bottom gets bossed by Boris, who orders him back on his raw cock. Until they both finish off with creamy loads. So the next time you go to the gym, if you’re bottom, make sure you have a big raw dick available because you’re going to want to go for a different sort of workout!

A Load To The Face From A Thick, Massive Cock

Buddies Ollie and Brett have been friends for a while but have never had sex. Now, they’re about to enjoy one of the most intense scenes when they finally hook up. Brett’s massively thick cock and peachy ass gets used to perfection as Ollie grinds his long cock into him. Pounding hard and fast, he gets just as much of a workout as Brett’s hole! With plenty of fucking in loads of positions and rough cock slamming, both twinks get VERY sweaty. In fact, it’s practically dripping off their hot bodies as they get close to unleashing their loads. Speaking of which, hungry for that fresh spunk, Brett gets Ollie to dump his load all over his face. Brett laps up every available drop before sharing the jizz with Ollie in a kiss, both tasting cum from Brett’s sweet, thick lips.

Pumped From The Gym, Justin Lukas Pumps Sven Stone Full Of Big, Fat, Raw Cock

There are some guys, like Justin Lukas, who prefer their bottoms to be on the smaller side. That way, they can completely dominate their pink slut holes, meant for one thing and one thing only: fucking. When Justin gets home he’s all pumped from the gym and ready to go. And with buddy Sven Stone sitting there waiting, willing, and ready, Justin wastes little time. He has Sven peel off shorts to expose his huge, uncut cock then shoves his cock in the whore’s mouth right off the bat. The bottom sucks his cock, servicing the throbbing shaft until Justin is ready to spread the greedy cock pig’s fuck hole. But first, he offers up his hairy hole for a good rim job, bent over, stretched out, and stuffed. Raw cock. Pumping bareback. Thick and creamy loads. Is there anything better after a good workout? No. We didn’t think so.

Hung Italian Daddy Antonio Garcia And Super Twink Darius Ferdynand

Everyone loves a hard daddy. Then again, we don’t know a single daddy who doesn’t enjoy a smooth twink, either! Super hard fucker Antonio Garcia loves a good twink from time to time so we paired him with Darius Ferdynand to play with. Neither can believe their luck. Antonio is all over Darius like a rash, kissing, licking, and taking him any way he can. In fact, Darius becomes like a human doll, flipped and pulled and fucked every which way, certainly harder than Darius has ever been fucked before. And all Darius can do is enjoy what the hung Italian stallion gives him, taking it all hard and fast. He might be overwhelmed with Antonio’s desire but, as Antonio spreads Darius’s cheeks apart to expose the smooth pink hole, it drives them both crazy. Especially Antonio, who uses his tongue and fingers to loosen up Darius. The hung Italian Daddy pushes Darius to his limits, working out his ass until he’s ready to spew, his load coating the smooth slender twink in all his spunk, as proof of his satisfaction.

Jake Wildes Slides Raw Goals Deep Into Rugy Receiver Travis Rush

Jake Wilde and his buddy Travis Rush are on the same rugby team. After a game, they get home still hot and bothered, in need of release. Travis wastes little time in getting Jake to take off his shirt. Enjoying his ripped body, Travis licks, kisses and teases his nipples before moving on to his bulging cock. With his hand inside Jake’s underwear, Travis teases his jock buddy by stroking his hot, throbbing shaft before opening his mouth and devouring him. Jake loves getting serviced so he kicks back to enjoy the afternoon blowjob. But when he decides to go for more he lays Travis out, ass up in the air, sliding his raw cock home to fuck the bottom bareback. Jake uses Travis like the whore that he is, making him moan and sigh until both explode with creamy loads. And THAT’S how you relieve tension after a game, by sliding a couple of raw goals deep into your receiver!

Gay Couple Seduces Straight Buddy With Monster Cock

One of the biggest conquests in a gay man’s life is the seduction of a straight man. Guess sometimes we want what is unobtainable, the forbidden fruit, as it were, and that which we know isn’t good for us. However, couple Ricky and Nathan know that what THEY want is VERY good for them. And what they want is straight boy Matt Hughes. Stealing him away and taking him back to their place after a night out, the gay couple seduces their straight buddy with the monster cock. It doesn’t take much. He’s already horny and they just push him over the edge with some straight porn. Meanwhile, Nathan sucks Ricky’s huge dick. What else can Matt do but cave between watching porn and the live show before him? Especially since he knows all he has to do is lay there. They’ll do all the work. And for a cock like Matt’s, EVERYONE we know would be willing to do all the work for him! There’s plenty of dick sucking going on with great bottom Nathan loosening up his ass with Ricky before Matt takes a turn and TRULY stretching his hole with every inch of massive meat sliding deep inside. Spit-roasted and tag teamed, Nathan takes both dicks, at each end, and proves himself to be quite the cock hungry lad who can’t get enough. Ricky and Matt both spunk all over Nathan and he mixes their jizz with his own load on his cum-drenched body.

Rocco Banks Gives Pup A Deep Fuck With Huge, Fat, AND Curved Cock

Rocco Banks usually prefers big, butch, masculine men. Every once in a while, though, he’s been known to break in a pup or two with that humongous, fat, curved cock. With Marco Di Lucca, it was Rocco’s thick slab of uncut meat that spoke. Rising hard and fast upon seeing the pert ass and sweet, cock-sucking lips, Rocco pursued the smooth hottie, stretching his throat and pink hole with one then two fingers. And finally, that amazing slab of beef. But not before an incredible amount of piggy hole priming took place. In fact, squatting over Rocco’s face, Marco gets the sort of rimming that makes the eyes roll back into his head. Then he slides down on Rocco’s shaft, impaling himself and taking as much cock up his ass as he can take before both spew with fresh loads of jizz.

Twink Top Billy Rubens Discovers His Inner Bottom With Hunky Daddy Dirk Caber

Continuing with our Daddy-On-Twink roleplay fantasies, this week Eurocreme features Russian twink extraordinaire Billy Rubens and huge muscle man Dirk Caber. Billy, who many of you will remember from his days playing the hotel manager from The Dreamboy Series, has been predominantly top with rare exceptions. However, since his solo scene with a dildo we’ve been wanting to get a cock up that boy’s ass. We succeeded, to a degree, but now, it’s finally happened. Billy gets taken and he fucking loves it! All the young tattooed stud needed was a Daddy to show him the ropes. Dirk was more than willing. The bearded hunk pushes Billy down onto the bed and starts to strip him. As Dirk peels his tight black shirt off and shows his hairy chest, smooth Billy can’t help but reach up to stroke his bulging hairy muscles before scooting to fill his mouth with cock. Enjoying the taste of that stiff dick and hairy daddy balls in his mouth, it seems Billy’s found a new side to him he thought never existed. But we knew. Rock hard throughout, especially during the deep, harder fuck, Billy’s eyes are truly opened — and so is that sweet pink hole — to a new world of sexual adventure and pleasure, by a man who knows how. An experienced Daddy who took Billy by the hand and allowed him to discover his inner bottom. By the end of the scene Billy is caught in a shower of cum and sweat and finds himself filled with a happiness not unlike nirvana.

3-Way With A Straight Boy

There isn’t a gay guy we know that doesn’t love a straight man. Especially if that guy has been curious for a while, like blond and scruffy Justin. He’s friends with Bailey, who already has a boyfriend, and Jordan B, who’s single but has been trying to get into Justin’s pants. Since the three of them work together there’s usually quite a bit of sexual banter between them. And now it’s time for them to put their friendship, as well as Justin’s straightness, to the test. Bailey has sneaked out of his apartment, where he lives with his boyfriend, to join Justin and Jordan at a local club. Each is horny so it takes very little to get them going. Stripped naked, Justin and Bailey soon have Jordan bent over. Baily shoves his solid meat into his mouth as Justin kneels to taste that peachy smooth ass, licking his tight sweet hole and getting it ready to be stretched out with his thick throbbing cock! Spit-roasting the horny twink and fucking him hard, they leave him covered with spunk from every angle.


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