Twinks With Big Balls

Aaron Aurora and Ben Cox Loosen Up In The Locker Room Before The BIG Match

Getting ready the big match, young-faced Aaron needs a quick pick-me-up from hung twink Ben, who arrives just in the nick of time! Showing off his peachy smooth ass to his team-mate is all Ben needs to rip those shorts down and get his wet tongue inside of Aaron, his hole ready and waiting for the whole length of whatever is willing to fuck him! From tongue to dick in a matter of seconds, these guys know time is limited for them, but what to have the full locker-room experience before the rest of the guys come through! Bent double and almost broken in half, skinny Aaron is submitted to Ben’s giant dick over and over, pulling out and slamming in, the fully kitted boys get exactly what both were after and Aaron’s bony frame is them splattered with creamy loads, his handsome young face smiling back up at Ben as they go in for a final kiss before the match.

French Twink Leo Marco Rammed By Workman McKenzie Walker

Sexy young French stud Leo Marco is waiting at home for the workman and gets a horny surprise when McKenzie Walker finally turns up! Hot and sweaty, the twink skinhead stud gets naked and wipes himself down in the bathroom, with Leo watching and loving every minute. So, Mckenzie decides to give Leo what he wants! He pushes his impressively large dick deep into Leo’s tiny, tanned and smooth ass, pounding him relentlessly, bent over a table before making him cum…screaming!

Playing Cupid For Hung Twink Fuckers Jordan Jacobs And Alfie Bee

As we dig a little deeper into Lyle Boyce’s life, we discover he has a bit of matchmaking skills. Although, in this scene, featuring Jordan Jacobs and Alfie Bee, Lyle hasn’t acted alone. He’s in cahoots with a female friend, who also believes the two twinks need to be together. So Lyle and his friend start scheming. How to get a couple of horny, shy guys together without making it look obvious or spending a lot of money? Flash mob? No, definitely too contrived and way too much work. Lyle is more the old-fashioned type so he plans a movie night. When Jordan and Alfie realize what’s going on, they don’t mind as they obviously feel a connection. As they watch the movie they start getting closer together until, eventually, they disappear into Lyle’s bedroom to make-out and suck some of the biggest cocks we’ve ever seen on suck small and skinny twinks. Alfie is hung like a horse and Jordan makes a meal of his cock but makes a pig of himself by fucking the blond bottom practically into the mattress! When they’re done, they leave behind a room filled with the scent of their sex, and sweat on the sheets for Lyle.

Cum Basted Fuck Hole Drips Juice In The Kitchen

TP07 scene4 640x360 Cum Basted Fuck Hole Drips Juice In The Kitchen

Denis Reed and Armando Cirlio pay Mario Cortez a visit. The three have made plans to go out and party but, instead, end up having a private party. Mario and Armando make out while blond hunk Denis looks on. Soon, however, Mario is naked with Denis and Armando taking turns on his big dick and heavy balls. The young men get into their sock and sneakers fetish, playing with them and taking deep whiffs. From there, the move on to what matters most: sweet, pink fuck holes stuffed with fat uncut cock and basted with cum. Armando is spit roasted and tag teamed fucked before taking Mario’s raw seed in his bare hole. And after basting the inside of his freshly pumped and stuffed pucker, he lets the juice out. It drips from his hole in a way that will bring out the cum lover in all of you. All that meat and all that cum, dripping and oozing from the perfectly pink, puckered rosebud. It’s as succulent as a prime cut of beef marinading in au jus. Jaime Oliver couldn’t serve it up any fresher, better, or hotter than this!

Lyle Boyce Chokes On 9 Inches Of Stud Meat But Takes It All Up The Ass

The gang arrive at the cottage and are shown to their rooms by sexy French boy Leo Marco. They’ve barely just arrived and already there’s an air of discord among the couples. Poor, baby-faced Lyle Boyce is caught right in the middle of muscled young stud Kayden Gray and cute twink Zac West’s relationship angst. Relaxing and left alone on their first night there Lyle lets it slip how sexy he finds Kayden. Always a cocky player with an over confident swagger, Kayden picks up on it and moves in on the slim pale young boy. Kayden flops out his solid 9-inch meat, thick enough to choke Lyle. It’s definitely a struggle for him to even fit it all in his mouth, but that’s not going to stop him! Not this oinker of a twink. Getting face fucked hard by the dark and handsome Kayden, Lyle is practically split in two when he’s pulled on top of that monster dick and lowered onto it. Lyle is filled and stuffed with more dick packed up his tiny hole than he’s ever had in his entire young life! And do you think Kayden stops? Hell no! But that’s okay because we don’t want him to. And neither does Lyle. The entire time, CottageBoy Leo is at the window, enjoying the show from the cover of darkness outside. He watches and wanks intently until he creams all over the ivy as, inside, Kayden squirts a massive load all over Lyle. The poor single thing is freshly fucked and very sore but he’s left with the broadest grin on his face ever.

Behind The Scenes Of CottageBoy

The French countryside has a certain allure and it’s calling to a group of 5 young city slickers from London: Zac West, Kayden Gray, JP Dubois, Niall Roberts, and Lyle Boyce, two couples and a single sexy young man. Staying at a remote bed and breakfast, owned and run by French beauty Leo Marco, the cottage becomes a hot-bed of illicit sex, broken relationships and even the blossoming of a very unexpected love story, all in the midst of super-charged libidos, bruised egos, and questionable morals. Paradise is definitely lost almost immediately as super-stud Kayden invites Niall’s ex JP, who turns up out of the blue. Tensions that have been slowly bubbling suddenly combust and overflow in front of everyone. Not one is left unscathed, not even Leo, the CottageBoy himself. We invite you to come along on this EXCLUSIVE Behind The Scenes footage, then follow this blockbuster storyline as we weave between couples, old and new. Complete with fit young bodies, huge cock, and gorgeous countryside surroundings, this will be some of the hottest twink sex you’ll see anywhere!

Milo Taylor’s Cherry Popped At Job Interview

Milo Taylor is definitely gay. He knows he likes men. The only problem is that, when this scene was filmed, he had yet to act upon his desires. Naturally, when he walked into the office and saw that his interviewer was none other than hung twink JP Dubois, Milo could scarcely keep his focus. His mind kept wandering and before you know it, the suit and tie wearing Scouse was hard. Which is fine because so was JP. In fact, he even makes mention of how he wants to fuck Milo! Nervous and uncertain of how to react — it’s not everyday you go on an interview and get told your future boss wants to bend you over — Milo watches as JP strips and reveals that thick long piece of meat. What else can he do but start sucking? It’s Milo’s first time and after trading blowjobs, he ends up rimmed and fucked, his cherry popped by JP. Don’t you wish all your interviews could be like this?

Billy Rubens Pops Liam Strider’s Cherry

Billy Rubens is hanging out at Liam Strider’s place one evening. Their friendship has been carefully cultivated by the blond, scheming twink, ever since he first took not of Billy moving in with his cousin. In fact, Liam used to spy on Billy when he’d jerk off in the bathroom. While playing video games and, after raiding Liam’s parent’s bottle, our little porn superstar takes his mate on in a game of what they call dirty dare. Between their horsing around, their ramped up sexual tension, and the crazy shit they each suggest, the boys are stripped down, dick in mouth. Billy even dares Liam to rim his hairy butt! Ummm. Can’t you just imagine that? But we digress. Turns out this is Liam’s first time getting blown by another guy, his first at sucking cock, and his first time getting fucked. Yes, Billy takes Liam’s cherry and pops that hole with great fervor! Then, he spurts his thick and creamy load all over Liam’s face. And judging by the way Liam chows down on the jizz, we have a feeling we’re looking at the next up-and-coming twink whore!

Sweet, Innocent Paul Ravages Chris Blond

PD05 Blond scene05 640x360 Sweet, Innocent Paul Ravages Chris Blond

Having already gotten it on bareback with one of his neighbors, Chris Blond is still hungry for more cock. He invites a new friend over and, when Paul arrives, the sex hungry blond goes off for a shower. When he returns, the twinks start making out before Chris devours Paul’s sweet young dick. The innocent looking young man enjoys the deep throat service and soon returns the favor, treating Chris to an almost innocent blowjob. Suddenly, Paul turns into a different person. As his lust grows, so does his desire to fuck a tight hole. The adorable twink puts Chris in positions some of us have never experienced, sliding his tasty, uncut piece home. Paul then tears into Chris, ravaging the twink and taking his raw hole. Stuffed full of twink cock, Chris strokes himself towards climax and shoots a hot load all over himself as Paul keeps on fucking the cum out of him. The dark-haired lad follows almost immediately after, with Chris eagerly tasting the freshly churned cream and eating some of Paul’s spunk.

Blond Twink Takes On Hung Jock

PD05 Blond scene04 640x360 Blond Twink Takes On Hung Jock

Tanned, muscled jock Ennio Guardi has a thing for his blond next door neighbor, Chris Young. He invites the twink over but it’s soon clear they have far more than on their minds than just being friend. After making out, Ennio offers up a fat piece of meat for Chris to gorge on. The twink does so eagerly. He’s been hungry for cock and has had his eye on Ennio. Jock and twink trade blowjobs then get into a 69 before sweet Chris rims Ennio’s beefy, muscled ass. But it’s Chris who gets fucked, riding the thick, uncut cock, raw. Ennio then takes over, fucking the pink starburst deep and hard before spraying his load all over the twink’s ass, with Chris delivering a huge load of his own, all over Ennio’s chest.

Bent Over A Tub By A Blond And Stuffed Full Of Cock

PD05 Blond scene03 640x360 Bent Over A Tub By A Blond And Stuffed Full Of Cock

Ali Montero is new in town and looking to make friends. When he spots Patrick Davidson next door, he invites him over to check out his Roman tub. The tall, slender blond jock is quick to say yes. Soon, however, all pretense is dropped and the two are naked. As they wet each other down, they stroke each other then go straight to what matters most: sucking cock. Each has a go at servicing the other, then Ali buries his tongue in Patrick’s sweet, rarely used pink fuckhole. But it’s Ali who gets fucked bareback, energetically riding the blond hunk until Patrick bends him over the tub. Their balls sway hypnotically as Patrick pounds Ali, stuffing him full of raw meat. The dark-haired young man ends up sprays a load all over Patrick’s chest then eagerly awaits for the jock to cum in order to taste his load.

Defiling The Blond Next Door

PD05 Blond scene01 640x360 Defiling The Blond Next Door

When a cute and sexy blond moves in next door, Tommy White takes it upon himself in welcoming the twink to the neighborhood. He’s delighted when Chris Blond invites him in for a “getting to know you” encounter in his still bare kitchen. Making out and trading blowjobs, these two are soon stripped naked. Then, on the marble counter, Chris offers up his ass for Tommy to bareback with his big, uncut dick. But turn about is only fair — and the neighborly thing to do — so, after fucking the sweet, pink fuckhole Tommy rides Chris until they both let loose with loads they each get to taste and savor with a parting kiss. There might not be any coffee of cake involved in this neighbor-to-neighbor session but the twinks certainly have enough cream!

Fucked On The Floor Like A Pig

IE44 scene 02 640x360 Fucked On The Floor Like A Pig

Having heard Justin Johnson have sex with his buddy, Kevin Ateah is hungry for a piece of the action. When he spots Justin by the pool, he wastes little time in luring the hot blond over to his room. There, the two horny young men start making out. Soon, twink and jock are kissing and sucking cock outdoors on a chaise lounge. Both twinks are deliciously hung, with juicy pieces of meat. Justin rims Kevin’s sweet hole for a bit before getting into a 69. When they’re ready to fuck, they take the action indoors. That’s where the bareback fun begins. Kevin gets his tight raw hole fucked and spread wide open with Justin’s big, uncut dick. Fucked on the floor like a rutting pig, Kevin gets the cum fucked out of him then takes a huge cum facial that Justin sprays all over his face.

Bareback Fun In The Sun with Timothy Nixon and Joe Parkes

IE43 scene 04 640x360 Bareback Fun In The Sun with Timothy Nixon and Joe Parkes

You’d think an innocent looking twink like Timothy Nixon would be all sugar and spice and everything nice. The truth is that deep down inside he’s a little bareback slut and we love him for it! In this scene he’s relaxing outdoors and laying on a chaise, ass up. Enter Joe Parkes, who obviously can’t help oiling Timmy up. Then again, who can resist such a delectable sight? After kneading and massaging the plump buns, Joe’s fingers stray, playing with that deepest and most treasured spot: Tim’s pink, puckered, tight raw hole. Before you know it, Tim’s had enough butt massaging so he rolls over, giving Joe access to his fat, uncut cock. Getting sucked makes Tim hungry for some dick of his own and Joe feeds him a beauty! Then it’s legs up in the air so Joe can fuck Timmy’s raw, tender hole. Tim soon straddles Joe and it’s hot to watch the look on his face, as well as his fat dick sway back and forth. His big balls bounce up and down as he keeps riding Joe’s fat dick, making you wish you were right there with them, nursing them in your mouth. Tim gives Joe a cum facial then laps up his load after he shoots all over his belly. The two handsome twinks then taste their own loads in a sticky wet kiss before parting.

Ronny Howard Gets A Cummy Asshole

If you’ve ever been in a sauna, then you know how hot they can be. This one, with Ronny Howard, Billy Webster, Sam Brooks and Carl Baxter, is probably the hottest one you’ll ever step into. The four horny twinks are in there, taking a steam bath and thinking the heat will zap them of their horniness. But the opposite is actually true. Once inside, the young men get even hornier! Sam pairs up with Billy for a sweet and sensual make-out session that includes mutual masturbation, the occasional swap with Carl, and plenty of reciprocal cocksucking. Meanwhile, beside them, Ronny and Carl have paired off for some hole play. Ronny throw his legs up and Carl takes advantage of the willing hole, poking and fingering and sucking his cock.

After a while, though, the heat DOES get to them and they’ve only got one thing in mind. Bareback fucking. So they leave the sauna, head for a nearby sofa, where Ronny’s hungry hole takes on Billy and his big, fat cock first. Carl and Sam look-on, kissing and stroking their own impressive meat while they wait their turn. But Ronny is hungry and the bareback twink then takes on Sam, riding the adorable young man until he needs yet another cock, Carl. The hung, uncut, tattooed beauty slides into Ronny’s already stretched out hole and winds up fucking the cum out of the greedy bareback twink. Billy, Carl, and Sam soon follow with huge loads of their own that splatters all over Ronnny’s sweet, raw, freshly fucked pink hole. The eager, happy twink is left quite satisfied and with one very messy cummy ass.


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