Tony Duque

After Whoring In A Dark Room Manu Perronash Gets Fucked By Tony Duque

For those of you who’ve been to a bathhouse or sex club, you’ll recognize the cock hunger in this scene featuring Manu Perronash and Tony Duque. It’s a hunger that possesses your soul and drives you to near acts of sexual desperation. After traipsing through a dark room where group sex with 8 men is rampant, Manu is exposed to cock sucking everywhere, men in jockstraps, and huge uncut pieces of meat. There’s even a bit of watersports with a sex pig sitting on the floor getting pissed on. You might recognize yourself as Manu walks through, groped and groping, until he gets to the other side. There, out in the open and 1-on-1, Manu is claimed by Tony Duque. The eager, willing bottom gets his face and ass fucked. He even sucks Tony’s toes, licking the bottom of his foot while taking the uncut dick up his tight manhole. Sweaty and panting, Tony delivers a huge cum facial, which Manu tastes before jerking off and popping off a load of his own.

Manu Perronash Has Group Sex In Dark Room Then Hooks Up With Tony Duque=

Mechanic Tony Duque Fixes David Torres With A Good Fuck On His Bike

David Torres is hungry for cock. He needs a good fuck and to get pissed on but he’s got a problem. He usually rides his bike around Spain but it’s with the mechanic, in need of repairs. This isn’t good because that’s how David gets around town and picks up guys. So, with a hungry hole and a strong desire to get used by a good, hard, and hairy Spanish top, David goes off to find out what’s keeping the garage. When he gets there, he finds Tony Duque hasn’t even lifted a finger to start the repairs. In desperate need of cock, David gives up his holes for Tony to use and abuse any way he wants. We’d have to say that’s a pretty good incentive, don’t you? Except that after all that face fucking, cock sucking, rimming, butt fucking and pissing, maybe Tony knew that if he didn’t do anything about the motorcycle, David would come sooner or later. What a dirty little fucker.

David Torres Gives Up His Hole For Tony Duque To Fix With A Fuck=

Strippers And Sex On A Pool Table With David Novak, Ivan Alonso, Tony Duque and Yenier

Want to know what a hot stripper with a huge cock and big balls has in common with three masculine, hairy men who wind up having sex on a pool table? Absolutely nothing! Actually, no. That’s not true. Ivan Alonso is a stripper who jerks off on stage, fucks himself with the handle of a tennis racquet, and sucked off by a patron at a club. Meanwhile, in the game room of the same club are David Novak, Tony Duque and Yenier. They’re playing a spirited game of table football but you know how men get when there’s even the slightest competition involved. Testosterone erupts, the game is put to rest, and out come three very big Spanish cocks — totally uncut — and some very eager assholes. Yenier and David’s hairy ass are bent over the pool table. They each get rimmed and fingered by Tony and, after mouth-watering cock sucking, the three Spaniards start up a fuck train on the pool table that leaves the masculine studs gasping. Oh, and just so you know, cocks, tongues and fingers aren’t the only thing meant for tight hungry fuckholes. What else are you going to do with the other end of those cue sticks? Yeah. These men are THAT hungry to be stretched!

Pool Table 3-Way With David Novak, Ivan Alonso, Tony Duque and Yenier =

Bearded Top Tony Duque Fucks And Fists Intense Sex Pig Aitor Crash

Some sex scenes are pretty. They’re safe and vanilla. They offer you innocent-looking young men who act like boys but know nothing of what it means to be a man. We, on the other hand, bring you two men who have been around the block, are full of testosterone and have what it take to put the pressure on and keep you gasping until the very last second when you finally cum. Say hello again to Aitor Crash, an intense, tattooed versatile leather God anyone would be willing to worship. He’s paired up with bearded Spanish stud Tony Duque, who knows that if he’s going to top Aitor, he needs to crawl into his head and give him a good mind-fuck. So, as you watch the scene open, then unfold, think back to all the dark, kinky and forbidden places you’ve ever been to where you went looking for sex. That’s the mindframe as Tony, who’s ripe for fisting someone, lures Aitor to the dark side, feeds him cock, then leads him to the sling where his fists will do all the talking.

;”>Aitor Crash Fisted And Fucked By Tony Duque=


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