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Hanging out in his new sex den after getting fucked by fellow scally buddy, Lee Well, blond Justteen can’t help but show off his latest break-in. The chav reaches out to his mates, Drew Brody and Skylar Blue, inviting them over to chill and add to the spray paint masterpiece on the walls. Once they arrive, the posing continues, snapping one another on their phones and recording the act. Horse-hung Drew slaps his meaty monster cock against Jus, eager for him to drop to his knees…and it doesn’t take long! Growing bigger — seriously, can that thing get any larger? — Drew’s almighty dick is serviced by both the cute lads as they playfully fight over it, wanting the thick slab rammed down their throats. We’re pretty sure you’ll wish you were on your knees before Drew, too! There’s some awesome cock and ball worship from these Rudeboiz and it fuels Drew’s pent-up sexual needs. Blond Skylar becomes the center of attention as the other two spit-roast and tag team fuck the twink, giving him a good jaw and ass stretching. Skylar’s smooth tight ass is licked, rimmed and finger fucked, enough for donkey dicked Drew to pound hard. We would tell you that the type of fuck Skylar receives is nothing short of abused but you can’t really take that much advantage of a horny, hungry, greedy fuckhole. Skylar is insatiable as he’s shared by Drew and Jus, until his face is well and truly coated in thick, ropey, scally spunk. Hmmm. Slurrrppp! Bet you’d like to have that load of jizz splattered on your face right now, wouldn’t you? But you probably can’t go out and hunt for cock so, do the next best thing and treat yourself to these three piggies. You’ll feel much better after blowing off some steam…and a hot load!

Rudeboi Lee Well Splatters Justteen’s Face With Cum

Tracksuit wearing Rudeboiz Lee Well and buddy Justteen are out on the streets of South London, spray cans in hand, hunting for trouble or their next blank canvas; which ever comes first. What they end up finding is an abandoned office block. Jackpot! Breaking in, these hung fuckers quickly get to work destroying the place and making it look like a secret crack den. This only serves to turn them on as they’re soon posing in front of their creations. Lee gets his ass out, turning on his mate Justteen so much that he’s spun round and that huge dick is sucked dry! Peeling off hoodies and trackie bottoms, both lads show off their dicks to each others phone cameras, forever capturing some horny twink fucking. Handsome pretty boy Lee has one of the hottest cocks we’ve ever seen…solid, with low hanging balls. He’s got an appetite for ass and that’s exactly what Justteen wants. Pulling down a skanky mattress, both get a proper eating out, their holes rimmed with deep tongue fucking in amazing closeups. Lee slides home and fucks his mate incessantly. The twinks have some amazing stamina, as you’ll soon see with all that ball slapping, ass pounding action. Jus drains his balls, leaving him empty of juice, so Lee tops him up with a squirt to the face, splattering jizz all over that pretty mouth of his. So why not take a break from your day and take a look at Lee Well and buddy Justteen? You’ll be getting some much needed relief and firing off a steamy load before heading back to work!

The Thrill Of Breaking And Entering

After watching their neighbors come and go, J.D. Daniels and buddy Ricky Parker are used to their schedule. They wait for just the opportune moment to break in and enter. They’ve gotta do something to raise money…FAST. But while they’re inside, the thrill of breaking and entering has them both turned on and horny. So, instead of searching the rest of the place, Ricky unzips J.D. and sucks his huge black cock while J.D. simply throws his head back and grooves on the service his curved piece of meat is receiving. Pushing it further, J.D. decides to return the favor but soon has Ricky bent over instead. And over the edge of the couch, legs up in the air like a crab for a full-depth penetration. But it’s riding J.D.’s big dick that does it for Ricky, pushing him over the edge as he, then J.D., blow their loads against their sweaty brown skin. Clean-up, anyone? Better make it fast, though. The neighbors just MIGHT come back and catch them in the act!

When The Bookie Comes Looking For His Money

Hot Boi is the neighborhood thug and bookie. But he’s not a bad guy. Not as long as he’s happy and you pay back what you borrow. That’s when he gets nasty. Naturally, when he goes looking for the money he lent one of his girlfriends, he’s upset. Unfortunately, she’s gone but Justyn Blade is there. When Hot Boi demands payment and Justyn doesn’t give it to him, there’s hell to be paid. Hell in the form of sucking big black cock and a little matter of interest, which Justyn happily pays off be offering up his sweet tight ass for Hot Boi to fill, stretch, and pound. But somehow, we get the feeling that next time Justyn just might be the one to borrow money from Hot Boi and not pay him back. Especially now that Hot Boi knows Justyn is such a willing cocksucker and bitchboy for his big dick!

Time To Pay Up Or Put Out

Sexy, charming Kamrun has a problem. A big problem. He likes to gamble. That wouldn’t be a bad thing necessarily but it’s getting out of control. The good thing for him is that most times, he winds. The bad thing is that when he loses, it’s just as big. This last time he borrowed money from neighborhood thug Cuba Santos, promising to pay him back quick. Especially since Cuba’s loans carry a VERY high interest rate! And wouldn’t you know it? Kamrun lost. So he bailed on Cuba, leaving him extremely pissed off. Now Cuba’s found out Kamrun’s hiding place and it’s time to pay up. Except Kamrun doesn’t have any money to pay Cuba. And with no money to pay, there’s only one thing he can do now. Put out. Lucky for Kamrun Cuba’s got a soft spot for a hot black man with a beefy ass and a tight hole!

A Game Of B-Balls

It seems roommates Aron Ridge and R-Devil are big into sports, especially basketball. R-Devil, in particular, is a huge fan and likes to play as often as he can. Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t meet the height requirement. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop him from playing with his buddies. Now, after making plans to play against Aron, it seems R has been stood up. When he goes back to their place to find out what the problem is, he finds Aron still in bed. The big, beefy, do-rag wearing mulatto offers R-Devil a different game to play, instead. But it’s not a game that can be played with one ball. You need two. And if more are involved, well, let’s just say that it’s a pair of balls each. R-Devil has no problem with that and gets down with Aron almost immediately, sucking the man’s huge, fat cock. And just wait until you see R-Devil’s lips wrapped around that huge mushroom head! These two black men throw themselves into sucking cock in a 69 as easily as they throw themselves into a game of b-ball; or in this case, b-balls. Lucky R takes on Aron’s big dick and lives to tell the tale after getting fucked royal by the hung black top. But all good things must come to an end, and so does their session, as they lie side-by-side jizzing all over themselves.

Amateur Thug Takes an 11″ Cock Up His Black Ass

ThugBoy Brandon Smith and Marquez Davis Big Black Cock 55 Amateur Thug Takes an 11 Cock Up His Black Ass

ThugBoy is out with a hot new video today.  Brand and Marquis are hanging out in the hood playing video games when Marquis finds a magazine at Brandon’s crib with naked men on the cover.   Brandon is embarassed that he forgot to put it away, but Marquis is more curious about it.   These two hot black studs start making out with some deep heavy kissing and then they feel each other up   Brandon pulls down his pants and shows off his huge 11 inch big black cock and Marquis immediately starts to suck that big black cock.   Next, Brandon bends Marquis over and starts eating that hot black ass and getting that hole ready for his big black cock.   Brandon rams his big piece of black meat up his buddy’s hole.  Maquis gets so excited that he shoots his load of cum all over Brandon’s cock which he uses to cum himself.  Marquis then starts eating the cum from the tip of his friend’s cock and then they share the cum with a hot kiss.   Wow!!!  Black guys snowballing — so hot.   Click here to download the full length HD video and hundreds more at ThugBoy.

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Wanted Fucked Over Raw By Mister Pipe ‘Em

In the world of compact and wiry black man, Wanted, sometimes gay sex is on the down-low. And the one thing you can be sure of is that a lot of the sexy black men have together is bareback. Wanted prefers his men to go raw. He likes feeling that bare cock sliding deep into his hole. Except he wasn’t counting on Mister Pipe ‘Em to be so well-hung. The tattooed, skinny, dreadlock wearing hunk might not be as thick as Wanted expected but he reached deep and far, fucked Wanted rough, and in the end left him with an enormous cum facial. We thought the poor guy would drown under the weight of all that thick, splattering jizz!

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Raw Black Breeders Trapboyy and Skinny Pimp Fuck Bareback

Sometimes, when you’re in the mood to bottom like Skinny Pimp, you have no choice in how you’re going to take that cock. He fingers his ripped jeans a bit nervously when the director tells Trapboyy he wants to see pain. He doesn’t want it to be easy for Skinny Pimp. Even though he appears nervous, sexy midnight beauty Skinny Pimp just turns his baseball cap around and chows down on Trapboyy’s 8.5-inch dick, taking it down to the balls. After all, Skinny’s hungry and hasn’t dick in a while. And now, with the prospect of getting fucked rough, he wants it bad. Soon, he’s backing his tight little ass up on Trapboyy’s raw dick and begging him to seed him deep. Trapboyy obliges, fucking Skinny Pimp rough and shooting a river of jizz that drips from Skinny Pimp’s freshly fucked hole. Then, when Trapboyy asks Skinny if he’s ready for another, he merely sits Skinny Pimp down on the couch and the light-skinned young black man sprays a second hot load that streams across Skinny’s face in a beautiful cum facial. The dick hungry black boy sucks the head of Trapboyy’s cock to make sure he gets every drop, tasting the juice as he fires off his own load of cum all over his belly.

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