Spanish Men

Satanic Gang Bang

This week, UKNakedMen brings you a scene that is so hot, yet so controversial, you’re bound to feel dirty from how turned on you’re about to get. Riley Tess is our fallen priest, at the center of a gang bang. But, as they say, in for a penny in for a pound. If he’s going to sin he’s really going to SIN. A group of masked, anonymous men — the fucking pigs! — take it in turns smashing his hungry hole to smithereens. They line up, pushing and shoving each other out of the way, anxious to get their share of Riley’s sopping fuck hole. One after another, cock after uncut cock, Riley’s hole is increasingly wet with spit, jizz and lube yet still hot and slimy from each fuck. When they’re done wrecking the priest-slut, destroying his hole as well as his vows of celibacy, they wank hot loads of jizz in his face, on his chest, on his cock and balls. And then they leave. Riley never knew who was fucking his aching hole but we’ll tell you. On second thought, we won’t. Check out Riley’s Satanic Gang Bang EXCLUSIVELY on!

Sandro Sanchez Is Pure, 100% Spanish Beef

This week, at UKNakedMen, it’s all about meat. Big. Thick. Juicy. Of course, we’re talking about cock, not what vegetarians stop eating. Although, truth be told, we have a feeling there are loads of vegans out there who’d be more than willing to eat meat again if it reminded them of one of the most amazing men to cum before us. Say hello to Sandro Sanchez. This week he looses his porn cherry to us, in total style! The man is big. Pure, 100%, unadulterated Spanish beef. He’s a good looking man with a beautiful, tattooed body and a huge, mouth watering cock that is fucking HEAVY, with lots of foreskin to cover that almighty, swollen, sensitive head. You know you’d be in safe, strong arms with this masculine guy! Sandro stands in front of an erotic painting as he disrobes, revealing his hairy chest, hard muscular arse and juicy slab of beef. Struck with a sexualised Stendahl syndrome, Sandro plays with his long foreskin, heavy balls and thick shaft until he’s shooting a creamy, thick load of cum onto the floor. Drink him in EXCLUSIVELY on!

Rough Spanish Fuckers Have Sex Outdoors After Sun Goes Down

It’s evening in Berlin and, as the sun goes down, the hard fuckers come out! Ivan Rueda and Garcia Perez are two dark-haired Spaniards, rough, hairy and full of spunk. They head to the track where they slowly strip each other down. Garcia, being a real aggressive top, can’t get enough of Ivan’s hairy ass. He eats the tempting hole deep, teasing and priming it for a hard pounding right there and then. Sliding his thick cock in and out, slow and fast, he paints a grin on Ivan’s face with his fucking that reaches from ear to ear. After stuffing his ass full of fingers and dick, Ivan spunks twice and Garcia himself coats them both in what seems like an endless spewing of jizz.

Faster. Deeper. Wait! Don’t. Stop.

UKNM frankvalencia aaronsteel preview Faster. Deeper. Wait! Don’t. Stop.

Aaron Steel comes to us at UKNakedMen, bringing his sexual fantasy along. It’s big, tanned, and toned hunk — not to mention hung! — Frank Valencia. Hairy bottom Aaron couldn’t wait to spread his beefy arse cheeks, bend over and get his hole filled and stretched to the max with Frank’s big dick. Turns out Frank’s a merciless fucker, pushing eager Aaron to the brink. Poor lad was begging for him to stop almost as much as he was begging for Frank to go faster and deeper. All in Spanish, of course, but you get the gist: Faster. Deeper. Wait! Don’t. Stop. Don’t stop! The big-dicked Spanish top is a born exhibitionist who loves to strip off and perform, just the thought of all those eyes on him. Knowing he’s being watched heightens the pleasures of this horny fucker until he absolutely cannot hold back his splattering cum. And it spews everywhere, but mostly all over Aaron’s big, hairy ass and gaping hole. Wanna see?

Aitor Crash Fucks Mixed Race Hunk Mario Delazarius

Mixed-race dude Mario Delazarius get a royal screwing from boyfriend Aitor Crash. It’s an intense session that starts off with Aitor showing off his ass, spanking himself, and putting on a show for thick hung Mario. After a bit of cock sucking, Mario grabs Aitor, pins him down, and works every last inch of the fat slab up Aitor’s hungry muscled ass. And he gets a good pounding, too! Lots of great close-up shots with big dicks pummeling hard and fast. But soon, these two swap and Aitor is the one fucking Mario, banging him until his balls are drained, his load splattered all over Mario’s hairy and meaty ass.

Lyle Boyce Takes 8-Inches Worth Of Spanish Culture

For some people, Sunday are made for sleeping in late or running out for brunch with friends and family. For others, like Lyle Boyce, Sundays are good some along time and quiet introspection in a museum taking in some good culture. In this, the final scene of “A Weekend With Lyle Boyce,” the tall, slender ginger happily trots off to his local museum. Alas, he’s all alone with no one to wander about, admiring some classic artists. But fear not! This adorable shy twink can never be alone for long. And by the time he’s ready to leave, he’s got Bruno Fox in tow. Apparently the impressionist artist has made quite an impression on Lyle’s tender, hungry soul. Bruno has invited Lyle back to his place where, amidst some great artwork, he exposes Lyle to some hot, intense, and throbbing Spanish culture. To be precise, 8-inches of thick, fat, uncut cock culture pounding his pretty face and sweet twink hole. Lyle takes Bruno with the skill of someone who’s been in the industry for decades. Then again, if you’ve been keeping up with Lyle over the past few scenes here on Eurocreme, you already know this has been a roller coaster of sex from start to finish!

Weapon Of Mass Seduction Adrian Toledo

As series one of “Fuck Loving Criminals” comes to an end, who better to take us on a tour of the highlights than Antonio’s very own weapon of mass seduction, Adrian Toledo? The smoking hot Spaniard is dressed to kill as he surveys the site and can’t resist slipping out of his suit to release his achingly hard cock. And who can blame him? There’s something about an abandoned warehouse that’s sexy and hot even in it’s abandoned sadness. We get a good look at Adrian’s perfectly toned body from every angle while he works himself up to a big climax. Adrian lets loose with a big load that coats his tight abs. And that’s just the guide! Now, sit back, unzip, and enjoy the rest of the ride.

Three’s Company

It’s been said that two’s company but three’s a crowd. All we know is that whomever said that was obviously NEVER in the middle of a hot 3-way! In this scene from Butch Dixon, three’s a party with lucky Bruno Fox getting his birthday and Christmas wish all rolled into one. The sexy tattooed Latino has two holes to satisfy, fucking each in turn. First with Sergi, then with Georgi. As Bruno fucks Sergi, Georgi slurps on Sergi’s cock, all in a voyeuristic frenzy, in front of a mirror with three cameras. As a result, we’re treated to every licking stroking, sucking, rimming and hole pounding action before the horny men geysers of cum loads all over each other.

A Fistful Of Man

Aitor Crash is a man on a mission. A mission to improve himself, as well as his body. Not that you can improve much on perfection. Between the muscles, tattoos, and smoldering sensuality, this brooding bearded Spanish hunk is sex personified. But in order to remain that way, Aitor has to work hard and one of the things he does to stay fit is run. Several miles. Each day. Even while on vacation. Sometimes running takes a lot out of him and he frequently has to stop for water in order to remain hydrated. Luckily, there are kind strangers along the way. One of those is Butch Grand, a hot, humpy, hairy hunk from the word go. When Aitor asks for water, Butch can’t possibly say no. The trouble is, Aitor senses the man’s desire and, instead of continuing his run, decides to play. He douses himself with water, allowing it to drip down his body. Before you know it, Aitor and Butch have locked lips. The two men kiss noisily, sloppily, with Aitor as the aggressor, spitting in Butch’s mouth, cock, and hole.

After they’ve each had a chance to suck each other’s fat pieces of meat, Aitor goes to town all over his benefactor’s hairy ass, spreading cheeks, and shoving his tongue in the greedy fuckhole. Butch goes crazy. Then again, we’re pretty sure if you had Aitor priming you with that devil tongue, you’d be going crazy, too. Between tongue, spit, and fingers, Aitor gets Butch open and ready for his cock. But after pounding Butch full of meat and skewering him like an angry bull, Butch then turns around and rims Aitor. No dick for Aitor, however. This man is all about the sensations of fingers penetrating puckered rosebuds and probing. One by one. Until Butch has his entire fist up Aitor’s ass and got himself a fistful of man!

Revenge Sex, Sweet And Sticky!

The second part of our ‘Studio of Sin’ series has a little bit of everything — all the things we hold near and dear to our hearts — intrigue, double-crossing boyfriends, sticky revenge and plenty of sex! If you remember, Antonio Garcia’s session with Johnny Hazzard was interrupted by Lucio Saints, who then dragged Johnny away for a good tongue lashing. That’s when Johnny’s partner comes looking for him. Jason Stark discovers Johnny riding hard on Lucio’s uncut monster meat. Fueled by a lustful desire and a thirst for getting even, Jason storms back into the studio and finds Antonio alone on set. He promptly jumps on the hung and hairy Italian Daddy and, since Antonio is already horned up, what’s a man to do when such a hot guy is clearly his for the taking? Exactly. That’s what we thought. So Antonio does what he does best. He takes. And trust us when we say that he takes more than most! With his throbbing cock thrusting home, Antonio rams mercilessly in and out of Jason’s hole until it’s gaping. Begging for a shower of cum, Jason is then left drenched and satisfied. But unbeknownst to him, Johnny’s friend Valentin Alsina, has been lurking in the shadows, watching. And jerking off. He steps out of the shadows and surprises Jason. He’s sprays his hot load all over Jason’s pretty face and says, “That’s for cheating on Johnny!” Aaahhh. Isn’t revenge sweet? And sticky, too!

Adrian Toledo, The Hunk From Madrid

Sometimes, a man’s voice is enough to send you over the edge the moment he speaks. Sometimes, it’s the things he says but other times it’s how he says it, or his accent that make you hard and get your juices flowing. Then there are men like Adrian Toledo. Sexy, smoldering, exhibitionist in nature. He might not speak much English but, with just one look, this super sexy young man will have your motor revved. He’s lithe, tanned, toned and nicely hung. And the best thing yet? He gets off on putting on a show and enjoys being watched. So grab hold of your favorite lube men because Adrian is about to give you the thrill of a lifetime as he lovingly shows off his tight hole, his gaze unwavering, the camera lens like a caress over the butt cheeks he holds apart. This scorching hot sub boy with the winning smile is going to take you there with him until you both explode with a hot, hot creamy load.

The Men From The Red Light District

I meet Sergio Moreno and Fenand Dutch at the most famous Amsterdam canal of them all. Visitors to this fair country will know I’m talking about the canal with all the nice girls in their windows, trying to make a living. But after a few bad looks from the girls — and their bodyguards! — we decided to make our way back to the flat. Once we got there the men from the Red Light District wasted no time in getting down to business. They kiss passionately but, at the same time, Sergio’s hands get quite busy playing with Fenand’s smooth white ass. Clearly, Sergio has only one thing on his mind. Which was fine because so does Fenand. In fact, his hole is SOOO welcoming Sergio bends him over to rim and finger him on the spot. Fenand turns around and sucks Sergio’s thick cut cock before presenting his own cock for servicing. Sergio returns the favor but his attention is soon back to Fenand’s hole. The two horny, gorgeous men move upstairs to the bed where, after a bit more sucking and ass play, Sergio places himself behind Fenand — who is on all fours — and pushes his hard cock balls deep inside him. Sergio fucks him hard and deep before they stand up and Fernand gets fucked against the wall. Sergio ends up making Fenand come by thrusting 4 fingers up his mate’s ass. Fernand narrowly misses me with his load before they switch places and Sergio unloads on Fernand’s face and chest. Whew! Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Please, Sir. May I Have A DP?

There are fantasies, and then there are steaming hot scenes that fulfill the most twisted of pleasures. Except that the most eager of bottoms sometimes makes it look TOO easy. Spanish bottom, Koltes, is one of these. Together with Luke Desmond and Billy Rubens, the young Latino is playing out a roleplay fantasy of being snatched and taken rough, ridden like a whore, and basically used like a cheap slut. But he’s so eager at sucking dick it’s hard not to imagine him saying, “Please, Sir. May I have s’more?” In this instance Koltes not only gets more, he gets a double penetration that will make the most hardcore of fuck pigs go, “OUCH!”

Billy barks the orders and Koltes obeys all of them as the two dominant tops spit roast the cock pig, tag teaming his holes until they’ve stretched him sufficiently to give him a double fuck that sends him to the edge. But after a while, they pull out and use an arsenal of toys to stretch him out even further. And some of the toys are fucking HUGE! Riding bigger and bigger toys, Koltes is definitely pushed to his limits until Luke sprays a load all over his ass and Billy showers him with a humongous cum facial.

Insatiable Spanish Fuckers

Ivan Rueda and Garcia Perez are bicycling in Berlin. As the sun goes down, the dark-haired Spaniards are fueled by their strong desire to fuck hard and outdoors. After finding a solitary spot that can still expose them, the two men go at it like pigs; rough and hard. Excited by the possibility that anyone can watch, especially since they’re near the train tracks, these aggressive and insatiable Spanish fuckers take turns sucking on some very big pieces of meat! Garcia, in particular, with his hairy chest and incredibly fat dick, can’t get enough of Ivan’s hot and hungry hole. After trading blowjobs they get down to business. FUCKING! And Ivan wants it deep. As rough as Garcia can give it which, as it turns out, is pretty hard. Just think of that incredibly fat, curved piece of meat pounding away at your hole. It’s no wonder Ivan yells out, disturbing nearby dogs who set off barking. After nearly being discovered, they retreat to a slightly more secluded spot, but no less dangerous, and Ivan gets his hole stretched, stuffed, and pounded. Garcia claims the insatiable bottom as his personal fuckhole, ending only when both piggy Spaniards fire off endless jets of freshly churned jizz.

Sexy Spaniard Macanao Torres In Tag Team Sucking And Fucking 3-Way

Latin men are very sexual. Spanish men, on the other hand, are beyond sexual. They seem to be in touch with their inner animal lust like no other men in the world and are complete über pigs. And Macanao Torres is no exception. The sexy, bearded Spaniard is horny and in search of a hole to stick his cock into. Clad only in a jockstrap the hairy hunk soon ends up with Juan Lopez and Elio Guzman in a 3-way filled with mutual dick sucking and kissing. However, the true cock pig reveals himself to be Elio, who gets to bounce back and forth from Macanao to Juan, greedily sucking and suckling, gorging himself and deep throating some juice pieces of meat! The whore keeps on sucking even as the doorbell rings and other patrons enter the bathhouse. As they’re watched, Macanao uses his expert tongue to rim Elio, spit-roasting him onto Juan’s cock. And as in all bathhouses, another sex group springs up. While the other threeway gets started, Macanao and Juan spit-roast Elio, tag-teaming the bottom until they let loose with freshly churned cum.

Alfa Jota Goes Deep And Wide With His Fist Inside Carlos Perez

Carlos Perez is insatiable with a hungry hole that can open deep and wide for the one thing he enjoys most: fisting. With pure fetish in mind, this scene picks up where the previous one with Alfa Jota and Carlos left off. Alfa opened Carlos open using huge dildos and now the young Spaniard is ready to be Alfa’s human puppet. For those who aren’t into fisting, we suggest you leave now. However, if you enjoy watching a hot pair of asslips all puffy and swollen, peaking to where they look a volcano ready to erupt, grab hold of your favorite lube, kick back, and get off on Alfa manhandling Carlos’ fuckhole. In fact, we’d take it a step further and call it a manpussy because by the time Alfa is done with Carlos, the sexy Latin definitely has child-bearing lips! The very thought has sent several of us to separate corners to jerk off. As you watch, and edge, wait until you see the load of cum that erupts from Carlos’s huge, fat, uncut piece of meat! Into pissing? We’ve got a little something for you, too. You just have to see Carlos through all the way to the end. Now, open wide and say…aaahhh!

Master Papi Alfa Jota Gives Sylvan Lyk A Rosebud

Rosebud. The one word is such a mystery in the classic Orson Welles movie, “Citizen Kane.” Naturally, when many think of a rosebud that’s the first thing they might think of, if they’re a movie fan. If they’re a romantic at heart, they’ll think of the unopened beauty of a single red rose. But there’s one more type of rosebud that we know of, and are quite familiar with. And no matter how we put it, it just won’t look or sound pretty. Ass lips. Mancunt. Manpussy. When they’re completely and utterly worked over to the point where they’re beyond puffy from use, you end up with a huge, wet, shiny, red rosebud. And the men that get — and give them — are as much a mystery as the one word uttered in the Orson Welles movie.

Men like Sylvan Lyk just don’t come along that often. But when they do, you have to act upon the situation because you don’t know when it might come again. You see, Sylvan wanted to play with Jalif for a long time. In fact, he was willing to fly into Spain from France on his own dime, just for the chance to get his hole stretched and possessed by the bald Daddy. In this scene, after stretching himself out in a previous one with huge dildos, Sylvan gets exactly what he wanted: Alfa Jota practically up to the elbow, fisting his entire hole and soul, leaving the sexy, bearded Frenchman with the most fascinating rosebud we’ve ever seen. This may not be for everyone but if you’re into extreme anal play you will NOT want to miss this one!


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