Pig Boy Fucks Jessy


The first scene for Raw and Rough from our UK & Europe director Jason Stormme - and it’s a scorcher! Sleazy rubber skin Jessy Karson is known for his aggressive topping but he’s finally met his match in Pig Boy… Jessy gets pissed over and choked with Pig Boy’s fat dick, thrown on his back and skull-fucked until he’s gagging… Pig Boy rips open Jessy’s bleachers and rams his raw cock deep inside him… Jessy takes a really aggressive hard fucking until both guys shoot over their rubber gear.



Delivery Guy Gang Bang Part 2


Time for Part 2, piggies! The beer delivery guy hasn’t had the full treatment yet. He’s in the sling and ready to take the biggest cock yet. Nick has been using his cock pump to make his cock even thicker. When he shoves it up Rand’s ass, the bottom slut squeals in pain but doesn’t complain. He just begs for more cock. While that is happening, Brad McGuire works over Tit Pig’s ass, getting the hairy stud to blow his nut for him.



Delivery Guy Gang Bang Part 1


Rand Hawlke shows up for his first day of work to deliver beer to the local leather bar. Little does he know that Tit Pig and his buddies have started their day early with some ass eating. Rand shows his disgust when he see’s what’s going on, calling the guys fags and disgusting pigs. Tit Pig, Bud and Nick grab Rand and tear off his clothes. Then they throw him into a fuck sling. They take turns fucking Rand’s ass and mouth ’til they bring him around to their way of thinking. Part 2 gets even nastier, so stay tuned piggies.



Lollipop Underground: Part 4 – Gay Life Network

As Danny’s condition in the hospital changes, PI Jacobey London has his suspicions raised when little Benjamin Riley hasn’t been completely honest with him. Benjamin goes to meet with none other than Robbie Anthony, the Pops-dealing criminal who’s been tasked with taking Jacobey down. The two start to fool around and after sucking on Benjamin’s pecker and hole; Robbie lies back so Benjamin can ride his stiff prick. The two experiment with an interesting position before finishing things missionary style, with a hot facial for Benjamin. The biggest twist of part four of Lollipop Underground comes at the end, though, as the “pillow talk� between Robbie and Benjamin takes a bloody turn.

Watch the full hardcore video at Gay Life Network!

Big, Thick, Uncut Porn Titan Alex Marte

BD alex marte solo preview Big, Thick, Uncut Porn Titan Alex Marte

If you’ve never heard of Alex Marte, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. The hairy, sexy beast is a true porn titan! Hairy, manly, with a big, thick, uncut cock. The handsome hunk is always ready to shoot a sticky, creamy load and this week’s scene from ButchDixon is no different. Here’s an intimate show featuring the very beardy, hairy and hung Mr Alex Marte. Can you say mountain man? Yeah, we knew you could. Bet you’d like that mountain man plugging away at your throat or stretching out your hole, wouldn’t you?

French Scally Lad Lucky Joe

Lucky Joe is a scally lad who likes showing off. He starts by getting his stuff together and showing us around his bedsit. With trackies and trainers all over the place, he gives us the grand tour, changing into his sports kit; football shorts and socks. He lets his big hard dick hang out for us to enjoy, stroking himself as he gets his trainers on. Joe then takes us down to the basement of his building — still sporting that huge bulge — where he shows us the mattress he used on a previous encounter. Apparently it was a hot experience as the memory makes his dick quiver and ooze pre-cum as if it were flowing from a tap! Blowing smoke into our faces, this filthy Frenchman slaps and pulls his cock and balls for us until he shoots, leaving the floor covered in spunk. If that’s not love, we don’t know what is.

Smoking Fags, Inhaling Cock, And Taking It Up The Ass

Standing outside in his shorts, Saxon West is smoking a fag and nursing a semi. When Dean Wyatt walks past and catches his eye, the newcomer stops and asks for a cigarette. Saxon happily obliges and the pair walk off together. They’re soon at Saxon’s place, in his living room, getting better acquainted on the couch. The two men strip each other down and Dean works his hungry mouth all over Saxon’s cock. After returning the favor, Saxon is bent over with Dean eating out his ass. The slender power bottom soon gets his wish when Saxon becomes aggressive and dominates Dean. Saxon, also a power bottom, enjoys being top with Dean, taking his hole, using it, and pounding it fast and deep until both shoot huge loads of cum. Dean leaves one VERY satisfied, happy, and dominated bottom!

Weapon Of Mass Seduction Adrian Toledo

UKNM adrian toledo solo2 preview Weapon Of Mass Seduction Adrian Toledo

As series one of “Fuck Loving Criminals” comes to an end, who better to take us on a tour of the highlights than Antonio’s very own weapon of mass seduction, Adrian Toledo? The smoking hot Spaniard is dressed to kill as he surveys the site and can’t resist slipping out of his suit to release his achingly hard cock. And who can blame him? There’s something about an abandoned warehouse that’s sexy and hot even in it’s abandoned sadness. We get a good look at Adrian’s perfectly toned body from every angle while he works himself up to a big climax. Adrian lets loose with a big load that coats his tight abs. And that’s just the guide! Now, sit back, unzip, and enjoy the rest of the ride.

Adrian Toledo, The Hunk From Madrid

UKNM solo Adrian Toledo Preview640x360 Adrian Toledo, The Hunk From Madrid
Sometimes, a man’s voice is enough to send you over the edge the moment he speaks. Sometimes, it’s the things he says but other times it’s how he says it, or his accent that make you hard and get your juices flowing. Then there are men like Adrian Toledo. Sexy, smoldering, exhibitionist in nature. He might not speak much English but, with just one look, this super sexy young man will have your motor revved. He’s lithe, tanned, toned and nicely hung. And the best thing yet? He gets off on putting on a show and enjoys being watched. So grab hold of your favorite lube men because Adrian is about to give you the thrill of a lifetime as he lovingly shows off his tight hole, his gaze unwavering, the camera lens like a caress over the butt cheeks he holds apart. This scorching hot sub boy with the winning smile is going to take you there with him until you both explode with a hot, hot creamy load.

Sleazy Basement Stroking

Lucky Joe is the type of scally lad we’d all love to get to know without letting others know. He’s sexy, piggy, and hot as fuck. And you know you want him. The dirtier, more depraved, the better the sex. He shows off his fetish: sneakers, socks, underwear. Even shorts, sweats and trackies turn him on! Then again, with a cock like that and such a dirty mind, it’s no wonder he’s excited to take us down to the basement of the building where he lives, at council estates. He’s been there before and once, when he was so horny he had to do it right on the spot, he found a dirty mattress where he had a previous encounter. Ahhh, memories. Giving us a tour of the basement and his favorite spots to jerk off, Lucky Joe plays with that thick, curved, and mouthwatering cock. Big and uncut, you’ll be drooling by the time you see him piss himself then finish off with a beautiful load that splatters to the ground. And what can you do at that point but walk away? Of course, we know a few of you would probably drop to your knees to lick up all that cum from that filthy floor. You ARE a dirty cock whore, aren’t you?

Cruising The Woods Of Berlin

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city that has a cruisy area, count your blessings. Although, sometimes those spots aren’t exactly the safest. They are frequently outdoors or somewhere that leaves you somewhat vulnerable, exposed, or both. Of course, there are times when a spot becomes cruisy simply by sheer luck. It starts off with a couple of guys in need of getting off, then it increases and, next thing you know, the cops are there raiding the back alley of a bar or the parking lot between a supermarket and a gay bar. Trust us when we say, we speak from experience on these cruising points. In this scene from Bulldog Pit, we take you back to a time when cruising was just that. Cruising. Like ships in the night. Two men, getting off, usually in the dark. And risky hot! So sit back, grasp your cock in hand and enjoy Macho Bull and Pier Latte.

Pier was decked all in leather, smoking and pissing in a Berlin wooded area. That’s when Macho showed up, catching him in the headlights. They tease each other at first, but when it becomes clear they’re interested, Pier is soon in Macho’s car, sucking his cock. Next thing you know the beefy hunk has his ass up in the air and Macho is making a meal out of that hairy fuckhole. But when it comes down to the fucking, it’s all outdoors, and the only light is what they have from the headlights. Filmed with the grit you might usually find with a quick public hook-up, the two men fuck like bulls, rutting and sweating as Pier gets slammed repeatedly. There’s even an anonymous walk-on! Another man in leather, stroking a big uncut dick comes near but leaves as Macho pounds the hell out of Pier and the sweating bottom unloads all over the hood of the car. We’re pretty sure this scene will take many of you back to some fond memories!

Walking The Streets With George And His Hard-On

There’s something about a man so confident and cocky in his approach that it’s a huge turn on to sometimes just watch them in action. If the guy is hot and super horny, you don’t even care that it’s just him you’re following. Or, in this instance, his cock! Take George. Boasting a sexy swagger, he’s an exhibitionist of the highest order as we follow him on the streets at night, getting himself hard, and whipping his dick out. He’s huge, hung, and uncut. AND he loves to show off. And frankly, with a piece like his, who wouldn’t want to show it off? Goodness knows we love to watch so, watch we did. And film, of course. For your pleasure. But don’t let that fool you. We enjoyed every second of every minute of George lurking from one doorway to the next, slapping his erection down on the hood of a car, and even slinking off into an alleyway between two dumpsters, just feet away from the street! And then there’s the open stairwell where he ended up, with us following, as he continued masturbating, stroking that mouth watering piece as people walked by, until he let loose with a big juicy load that wound up flicked to the ground. Such a waste. But, hey. He had others to capture with his erection and lure into dark alleyways. And he DID let us film him so, we can’t complain.

Alfa Jota Goes Deep And Wide With His Fist Inside Carlos Perez

Carlos Perez is insatiable with a hungry hole that can open deep and wide for the one thing he enjoys most: fisting. With pure fetish in mind, this scene picks up where the previous one with Alfa Jota and Carlos left off. Alfa opened Carlos open using huge dildos and now the young Spaniard is ready to be Alfa’s human puppet. For those who aren’t into fisting, we suggest you leave now. However, if you enjoy watching a hot pair of asslips all puffy and swollen, peaking to where they look a volcano ready to erupt, grab hold of your favorite lube, kick back, and get off on Alfa manhandling Carlos’ fuckhole. In fact, we’d take it a step further and call it a manpussy because by the time Alfa is done with Carlos, the sexy Latin definitely has child-bearing lips! The very thought has sent several of us to separate corners to jerk off. As you watch, and edge, wait until you see the load of cum that erupts from Carlos’s huge, fat, uncut piece of meat! Into pissing? We’ve got a little something for you, too. You just have to see Carlos through all the way to the end. Now, open wide and say…aaahhh!

Andres de Maria Gags On Billy Baval’s Cock, Gets Pissed On, Then Fucked Outdoors

Just outside of Barcelona, amongst the ruin and rubble of an old aqueduct, men cruise the woods in search of cock or a willing hole to fuck; regardless of which end. Billy Baval, shirtless and sweaty, is horny, hungry for hole, and needs to take a wicked piss. He finds his way to a secluded spot notorious for outdoor cruising and the bearded Brazilian finds tall and lanky Andres de Maria. Positioning himself to his advantage, Billy makes sure Andres can see him as he starts playing with his uncut cock. And like all good cocksuckers, Andres is soon on his knees before Billy, worshiping the sweaty man, his cock, and balls. But after getting his face fucked and feeding on the rough man’s juicy curved dick, Andres then gets a face full of hot piss. In fact, Andres is so horny for anything Billy has to give him that he opens his mouth and has a drink!

When all is said and done, however, it’s all about the fucking. It’s all about a hard throbbing cock penetrating a tight fuck hole and slamming away until it’s ready to burst with a thick juicy load. But Billy’s got stamina and Andres has to work to earn his load. He not only gets fucked by the man, like a cheap whore waiting to collect two dollars. Andres rims Billy’s musky asshole, licking like a pro until Billy is ready to give him more cock. That’s when he lays down and Andres has to straddle him, riding fast, deep, and rough until Andres lets loose with an enormous, runny load of cum that splatters all over Billy’s stomach and chest. But Andres doesn’t stop there, he scoops up a good portion of his own cum and licks it off his fingers, swallowing it down before taking Billy’s own juice on the face for a steamy facial.


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