Rocco Steele and Alex Mason

Alex Mason gets his 1st big test in bareback porn when he gets his wish and bottoms for the massively hung Rocco Steele. It’s the perfect match up as Alex instinctively knows his place as he plants his face into Rocco’s crotch. He worships Rocco’s huge tool knowing full well he will be riding it bareback and not soon enough… Alex opens his hole as he slides down onto Rocco’s mammoth 10×7 inch raw cock. His ass swallows his thick shaft as he bounces up and down on Rocco like a bucking bronco…Rocco flips him on his side and starts to pump his butt balls deep, leaving him gasping and breathless. Flipped onto his back with his legs over Rocco’s shoulders, Alex is impaled by his deep pounding thrusts…His talented hole is all that Rocco could handle as he breeds Alex deep and plants his seed into his guts…gripping Rocco’s shaft with his ass and feeling Rocco pump into him, Alex shoots a massive load of thick creamy cum all over himself…Rocco scoops up the load with his tongue and feeds it back to Alex as they share a hot kiss bringing this amazing sex scene to fantastic end.

Aaron Burke and Cam Christou

Cam Christou and Aaron Burke have been eyeing each other for years and they finally got the opportunity to fuck their brains out. Both loved playing with each other's hairy holes and getting them all wet for their raw cocks. Aaron was the first to give it up to Cam's raw cock but quickly flipped Cam over and showed him how he likes to get fucked. Cam was an easy learner so he gave Aaron exactly what he wanted – a nice juicy load for his slut hole!

Matt Stevens and Brock Rustin

Brock’s face is nestled in Matt’s crotch sucking, swallowing, and deep throating his stiff shaft. His ginger whiskers tease and taunt Matt’s balls as he squirms and wriggles for more. Brock spreads his bubble butt exposing his rusty colored twitching hole. He plants his ass on Matt’s face and tongue while he enjoys the rim job. Brock once again is in fine form as he is fucked and used every which way…Matt pounds his ass over the side of the bed…then taking it side saddle…then doggie…Brock never misses a beat…He mounts Matt’s cock and rides him cowboy grinding his ass cheeks onto Matt’s hips…Matt shoots his massive thick and creamy load all over Brock’s hole as he continues to breed his nut into him deep. Brock shoots all over his chest and abs as he is being seeded. Matt slides out of his raw hole as Brock slides down to taste his own ass and clean off Matt’s sloppy cock.

Tyler Reed and Dylan Saunders

Tyler Reed sure loves his slut bottoms and was eager to power fuck Dylan Saunders again. However Dylan wanted Tyler to put a condom on. Tyler had other plans. After face fucking Dylan deep and making him gag, Tyler put the condom on and started fucking Dylan's slut hole but fucked so hard the condom broke. When he blew his load it leaked out of Dylan's hole like a stream!

Max Cameron and Cam Christou

It’s raunchy…It’s nasty…and it’s a fucken hot scene between two sexy inked studs as Max Cameron is back in action with Cam Christou in this sweaty session of groping, stroking, and poking. Max is quick to bury his face between Cam’s butt cheeks getting it ready for his bare cock. Cam spreads his legs as Max slides into his bareback hole. The action heats up as Max power fucks his ass leaving Cam breathless and craving more. He fucks him in every position pounding his ass deeper and harder….Cam gets his just rewards when Max shoots his sticky seed into his gaping crack. He fucks his load into Cam just as he explodes all over himself…Max slides down and felches his load out of Cam’s ass as he slurps it up and snowballs it back to him…It’s an amazing scene that’s just too good to be missed!

Rocco Steele and Brock Rustin

A new gold standard has just been set as huge dicked muscle daddy Rocco Steele and ginger power bottom Brock Rustin are coupled together in this torrid escapade of bareback sex and passionate lust. Brock is nestled in Rocco’s crotch sucking and slurping on his mammoth piece of man meat just as he is eyeing Brock’s firm bubble butt and fuzzy ginger hole. No stranger to being poked by a horse hung top, Brock is treated to the pounding of his life when Rocco’s massive meat slams into his eager crack again and again. Rocco unleashes a total anal assault as Brock is impaled by his tree trunk shaft. He rides his cock like a champ as he unloads his thick creamy nut all over Rocco’s pecs. Ready to erupt himself, Rocco empties his balls all over Brock’s gaping hole as he seeds him deep. This scenes sizzles beyond compare and is well on its way to being a Classic.

Chad Brock Experiences Bareback Monster Cock Magic Taking Rocco Steele

What do you get when you pair up two bareback giants like Chad Brock and Rocco Steele? Pure and unadulterated raw lust! With this week’s scene, Chad bottoms for Rocco, a super hot, big and butch, bearded masculine fucker of a Daddy. Chad pays his respects to Rocco’s monster cock, slobbering all over the massive tool before working the balls into his mouth. Tugging and sucking on Rocco’s baby makers, he drives the über hung stud to the edge. Chad is soon on all fours, his hairy ass rimmed by Rocco’s hungry tongue before taking every single inch of the thick, throbbing shaft in his hole. Slowly, Rocco teases and works Chad open with the immense tool, picking up speed, thus allowing him to eventually sink the entire length of his cock inside the bareback whore. It’s clear Rocco can cause some damage wrecking hole but it’s also obvious Chad is truly in “the zone,” whether he’s on his belly getting slammed, on top riding the enormous slab of manmeat, or on his back getting royally plowed. You can practically see the adrenaline and hormones racing through Chad’s veins, experiencing the raw passion and euphoria that comes from being well, truly, and thoroughly fucked by the most intense Top he’s ever had. This is one that is NOT to be missed!

Fetish And Bareback Sex Pigs Burthard Roth, Thomas Lindner and Wolfgang Dembeck, Part 2

moodel183 640x360 Fetish And Bareback Sex Pigs Burthard Roth, Thomas Lindner and Wolfgang Dembeck, Part 2

It’s late afternoon as the bareback sex and fetish pig party comes to a close. Hosts Thomas Lindner and Wolfgang Dembeck are probably exhausted but well sated as they’ve sucked, fucked, and fisted their way through from the evening before, into the wee hours of morning, and beyond. The cast of German sex pigs — this time with Burthard Roth, Thomas and Wolfgang — are connected in a way that can only be achieved by letting go of their reservations and giving in to their animal lust, pure and primal. Holes have been stretched and filled and, regardless of whether it was cock or a good-sized fist that held the gaping holes open, there’s still a bit more fun and action to be had before they bid farewell. Join the fetish-loving cock and ass whores as they have a few more tricks yet up the proverbial sleeve. Enjoy a bit more hand puppetry, a really huge cock, and a big load of jizz delivered straight into a bottom cock pig whore’s mouth!

Debauched, Depraved and Double Penetrated Bareback Sex Pig

model180 640x360 Debauched, Depraved and Double Penetrated Bareback Sex Pig

When it comes to sex, we’ve Germans are among those who take getting off quite seriously. At Jalif, we don’t know if that’s 100% true and we certainly don’t want to be accused of spreading rumours OR stereotypes. However, if Michael Lange, Thomas Lindner and Wolfgang Dembeck are any indication, there just might be some validity to the statement. Whether it’s vanilla or kinky — preferably fetishist — these men are all about letting go of fear and judgment, living in the present, and fucking like the true animals that they are. What started off several weeks ago with sucking cock and jerking off, then jumped past regular old raw fucking to playing with toys and fisting holes, the debauched depravity now continues. This time, it’s all about cock in hole, cum eating, and one very hungry bottom getting a double penetration. Oh, and don’t even THINK the bottom is only that.  A bottom. This tattooed, blond and pierced bareback sex pig is more than just a bottom. He’s a whore. And this whore can dish it out as well as he can take it. Just ask his top!

Lex Antoine Bangs One Out Into Dylan Saunders

Dylan Saunders is a major cock whore. Once he gets a glimpse of Lex Antoine’s enormous piece of meat, all Dylan can think of is getting that cock buried deep inside his hungry fuckhole! And just when he thought things couldn’t get any better, Dylan notices the P.A. hanging from the tip of Lex’s dick. Dylan immediately goes in for the kill. Starting off in the shower, the two bareback sex pigs grope at each other before Saunders drops to his knees, devouring Antoine’s cock to the base. As things heat up, the whores make things steamier by heading into the sauna. There, Dylan impales himself on Lex’s rod, riding the massive slab of beef before Lex takes charge and fucks the sense out of him, loading up the greedy bottom with his seed. Knowing he’s milked the prize, all Dylan needs is a few strokes of his own cock and he blows a healthy load onto his stomach and chest, making it a hot time for all.

Load Collecting Cum Whore Gets Creampie

Tyler Reed was on his smartphone, cruising through a hookup app. He REALLY needed a cock slut cum whore to stop by his hotel room and take some jizz. He found Dylan Saunders. Having already fucked the pig before, Tyler invited him over. Dylan readily agreed but got rough with Tyler, ripping his underwear. Now, for any of you who might have met Tyler in the past, you probably already know that he’s fairly easy-going. He’ll put up with just about anything but one thing you DON’T do is show signs of aggression because he’ll go berserk all over your ass. Then again, Dylan probably already knew this, which would explain his actions. As a result, Tyler got upset and flipped the slut over.  He ripped off Dylan’s underwear and powerfucked the bottom whore fast and furious. Little did Dylan know that, hidden in Tyler’s bathroom, was Orlando Ink, a bareback top buddy waiting for just the right moment to come out and take turns tearing into Dylan’s hole, tag teaming and spit roasting the mancunt. Between the two they turned Dylan into their bitch, begging for cock, crying for cum, and rewarded with an awesome cream pie.

Spit Roasted, Tag Teamed Cock Whore Gets Double Penetration

From the very start, it was clear Dylan Saunders would be the spit roasted, tag teamed cock whore in a three-way with Tyler Reed and Lex Antoine. And since Dylan enjoys being the bottom host with the most, Tyler and Lex got more physical than any of them probably anticipated. But this only aroused Dylan even more than he already was. The two tops throw the muscle bottom around like a rag doll. And what does the slut do? He eggs them on! Obviously the bareback pig wanted them to go deeper and pound harder. So Tyler and Lex give Dylan a double penetration that leaves him wailing, craving more, and with two huge loads of cum in his freshly fucked, stretched out, well-used hole.

Draven Torres And Preston Johnson Suck Cock For Bottom Position

When you put together two cocky versatile bottoms in the same room, it can be an explosive combination. 5’5″ bodybuilder Draven Torres walked into the room thinking he was going to fuck Midwestern farmboy Preston Johnson. The trouble was that Preston thought the same thing. So, with each vying for top position, the sparks began to fly. It was decided that whomever gave the best blowjob would be the one to throw his legs up in the air. But once the action got started, it soon became obvious who was going to get fucked. The competition was thrown out the window and the pissing match became what it was supposed to be: the biggest whore taking raw cock and getting seeded. Can you guess which of these two bareback sex freaks was the bottom? Surprised? We weren’t!

Tattooed Muscle Jock Trains Bareback Twink At The Gym

TP08 Hungry for BoySex scene05 640x360 Tattooed Muscle Jock Trains Bareback Twink At The Gym

Jock-in-training Danko Bell wants to leave twinkhood behind. So he hires tattooed muscle hunk Antonio Rinaldi to be his personal trainer. There’s only problem. Antonio turns him on so much he gets a hard on just thinking about him! It’s no better at the gym where Antonio parades around wearing nothing sneakers and a skimpy pair of shorts. To emulate him, Danko has taken to doing the same. Except that now, as the scene progresses, Danko’s hard-on is quite obvious, sticking out of his shorts. Antonio takes notice and immediately drops to service the young jock. After a while Antonio stand and present his own hard cock for Danko to suck on. Soon, Antonio is turning up his hot and hairy ass, presenting the beefy butt for Danko to inspect and rim. But dick isn’t what Antonio wants not and Danko, willing to take anything from his trainer, ends up getting fucked. Raw. Deep. Hard. Right there in the gym. Neither of them care as they get blinded to their surroundings by their mutual bareback lust. After slamming Danko full of fat dick, Antonio ends up spraying his load all over Danko’s freshly fucked and gaping hole. And once he’s seeded, Danko strokes his thick uncut tool only to give himself a cum facial, ass upturned and cummy from Antonio’s juices.


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