David Harr Gets Double Penetration From Dan Steele and Saul Maxwell

Dan Steele is a fuck machine. But what would you expect from a handsome Eastern European jock? His best buddy/sex partner, Saul Maxwell and he are entertaining a new friend. Celebrating the occasion with David Harr and a drink, Saul and Dan are soon manhandling their new-found skinny friend. The cock-hungry bareback twink doesn’t mind. He’s horny for them both and his stiff erection is all the proof Dan and Saul need to spin him around and share his cock between them. Jock and twink suck David’s dick and get into a 3-way cock sucking session. Each of them samples the other like the greedy sex pigs that they are. Dan starts teasing David’s tender hole, fingering, licking, and stretching the hole open with Saul’s help. Both insert their fingers inside David’s tight little hole at the same time. Saul then takes over the finger-fucking and filling David’s pink starburst with spit while Dan fucks David’s face as if he were fucking his ass. After stretching David with three fingers, Saul sucks David while David rides Dan. The jock’s thick, juicy cock is buried balls-deep inside the hungry bareback bottom. David is soon spit-roasted from either end, tag-teamed and best yet, double-fucked. It’s David’s first double-penetration and he takes it like a trooper, his body flushed and covered with a slick sheen of sweat before popping his load and getting a double cum facial from Dan and Saul. Aren’t fuck buddies great?

dan_david_saul_collage-w David Harr Gets Double Penetration From Dan Steele and Saul Maxwell