Ricky Boy

Sometimes You CAN Learn About Life In A Classroom!

It’s been said that you can’t learn about life in a classroom. Ricky Boy, Mario Richy and John Smith are here to prove you wrong. You see, part of learning in that environment is that you get to observe and put practical experience to use in a demonstration. Mind you, Ricky and Mario, freshly enrolled in college, are having a bit of a problem with their studies. But their also having a problem with their cocks. Mario just can’t stop getting a hard-on in class and since he has a thing for their professor, he’s playing with himself. When their teacher takes note he decides to give them a life lesson in the classroom and demonstrate what he’s always believed. That sometimes the best lesson is one with a hands-on experience.

John immediately starts sucking Mario’s big dick while Ricky looks on, stroking his own juicy cock. The lesson then progresses to one of sucking cock all around. Each young man sucks and gets sucked. In fact, Ricky, who is usually top and aggressive, actually lays down on his back and gets his face fucked by Mario while his own fat dick is expertly serviced by their scruffy teacher who hungers for the thrill of life, the joy of learning, and the extreme connection of bareback sex! He’s soon the one between Ricky and Mario, his holes used the way he wants them to be used, full of cock, spit-roasted, and tag team fucked. He’s left spent with his load on the floor, a cum facial, and a big load slowly dripping all over his ass.

One Twink’s Bareback Fantasy

If you’ve ever run across a man that made you stop and shudder from the sheer pleasure of being in his presence, even if you didn’t know him, you’ll be able to relate to adorable Peter Scot. Paired in this bareback fantasy with Ricky Boy, Peter first sees Ricky in the park. The tattooed, tanned jock is rollerblading and has such an intense reaction on Peter that the twink starts fantasizing about sex with Ricky. The rest of the scene is a fantastic ode to all those times you ever laid in bed, stroking furiously while imagining all the things that were done to you, or that you were doing to someone else. Except this one is all real. And watching the look on Peter’s face as Ricky rims his sweet hole, then gets fucked raw, will make you want to pump your jizz on the spot!

Peter Scot sucks off tattooed jock Ricky Boy then gets fucked bareback

Simon Clay And Ricky Boy Fuck Clive Barker’s Beefy Little Ass Raw

Simon Clay and Ricky Boy just can’t help themselves. They’re just college pranksters, seniors in fact, who want to carry on the tradition of dorm room hazing and fraternity initiations. We can’t say we blame them either! Not after getting a look at Clive Barker, whose compact body sports a beefy little ass that would make anyone’s mouth water and their cocks spring to attention at the thought of what heated-up wonders exist inside him. Naturally, the freshman has to suck their cocks. Ricky has a nice big one which Clive immediately starts to slobber over. But never fear, the seniors remember what it was like and return the favor. Clive enjoys his cock sucked by each of his new dormmates and frat brothers in turn, then gets skewered by them in a spit-roasting, tag team fucking that leads to a double cum facial. Nice to know Clive will now have older frat “brothers” to keep an eye on him.

Ricky Boy and Simon Clay initiate college freshman Clive Barker into group bareback sex

Outdoor Bareback Afternoon Delight With Todd And Ricky Boy

There’s nothing like the great outdoors and fresh air to stimulate you into hunger, clear the mind, and make you feel creative. It can even get you horny and have you craving sex. Especially if the sun is out and you’re walking along with a sexy friend. That’s what happened with Ricky Boy and his fuck buddy Todd. Both young men are quite healthy, with beautiful bodies, smooth and toned. As they walk along the railroad tracks, it becomes clear to both that they have the same thing on their minds. They stop their trek and detour offsite a bit in order to start making out right there in the open. Letting themselves unwind, Ricky and Todd strip down and take turns trading blowjobs. Ricky then bends Todd over and works that sweet tight hole until he’s got the entire length of his cock inside him. Both get a good aerobic workout as Ricky pounds Todd repeatedly with some great close-ups of his cock pumping easily in and out of Todd’s hole.

Ricky Boy and Todd Have An Outdoor Bareback Afternoon


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