Canal St. Lads: Part 1 – Phoenixxx

In Canal St Lads, local bar manager, Andro Maas, enjoys a bit of kiss-n-tell with his bar crew as they open up for the night. He tells the lads about a chance run-in with the town bicycle, Darius Ferdynand. New bartender, Mickey Taylor, claims he’s never shagged Darius and decides to skip out on all the lurid details in favor of a trip to the loo. While he’s off taking a piss, Skylar and Aaron listen as Andro describes the passionate fuck between him and Darius.

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Hot Bottom Gets A Jock Cock! – Gay Life Network

Marcus knows what it takes to please a tight twink bottom, Colby is in heaven with this jock boy as they swap hard dicks and work up some loads, but it's the fucking the boy takes when he surrenders his snug boyhole for Marcus to own that really has them both splashing their semen out. Colby unloads with that jock rod fucking him, and gets a great facial for a reward too!

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Mitch’s Rent-a-Twink Company – Bang Me Sugar Daddy

Mitch Vaughn's "Rent-a-Twink" company is booming and Chris Jett turns up on his door, looking for a piece of the action. Before he'll pimp Chris out in exchange for good grades, Mitch wants to take him for a test drive. After Chris swallows his boner, Mitch gets a taste of that twink-meat before eating his ass. He slides his dong into Chris' tight hole, fucking him doggy style before making the boy ride him, too. Chris gets the semen fucked out of him while he's on his back before taking Mitch's hot load all over his face.

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Pimped Out For Good Grades – Bang Me Sugar Daddy

This is a scene from an upcoming DVD project, Rent-a-Twink! Benjamin Riley has been pimped out by his teacher Mr. Vaughn to Brad Kalvo in exchange for avoiding summer school. The desperate little twink gets on his knees to suck Brad's pecker before the big furry daddy eats him out. Brad slips his joystick up Benjamin's ass without even bothering to take his tight briefs off. He fucks the boy hard and makes sure he earns those good grades! While riding that knob, Benjamin blows his load all over Brad's hairy chest before getting down on his knees to receive a sticky facial.

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Pillow Talk: Part 5 – My Gay Boss

The salacious rumors floating around the office are threatening to destroy the budding romance between new employee, Connor Maguire, and Jessie Colter. In the finale of Pillow Talk, Connor shows up unexpectedly at Jessie’s house and demands he clear up the gossip about Jessie’s relationship with their boss, Lance. The two argue before Connor admits that the only reason the rumors bothered him is because he’d finally decided to take their relationship to the next level. Jessie is obviously relieved, and aroused, by Connor’s confession because the two are quickly locking lips and stripping their clothes off. Their first go at makeup-sex is hot and heavy as Connor sinks his joystick into Jessie’s muscular ass, fucking him doggystyle right there on the couch. When Jessie is laid out on his back, his hole filled up and slammed by Connor, he blows his load all over his abs because he’s covered in Connor’s hot spooge, too.

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Pillow Talk: Part 4 – My Gay Boss

In part four of Pillow Talk, Jacob Durham feigns interest in buying Connor Maguire’s car in order to get himself over to the big jock’s house. His true intentions come out soon enough, though, when he ends up on his knees with Connor’s knob down his throat! The new guy at the office rims Jacob before fucking him over the hood of the car. When Jacob gets railed on his back, he blows a huge load before slipping to his knees again to get a hot facial from Connor. After they clean themselves up, Jacob “innocently� mentions that Jessie and Lance are officially together (that story just keeps getting more and more twisted, doesn’t it?) and Connor seems less than thrilled at the news…

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Pillow Talk: Part 3 – My Gay Boss

While working late with Jacob Durham, Ray Han gets Lance’s words a little twisted as he claims that their boss wants to get serious with Jessie. Hearing that Jessie and Lance are dating, Jacob says he’s going to put the moves on Connor. While they gossip, the two come to the startling realization that they’re the only two employees at Sir Velvet Press who haven’t hooked up… until now. They quickly strip down before Jacob sucks Ray’s uncircumcised pecker and eats him out, getting his hole nice and wet. Jacob fucks Ray over the desk before sitting back in the chair and giving his ass up, turning the scene into a flip flop!

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Pillow Talk: Part 2 – My Gay Boss

In part two of Pillow Talk, Lance Luciano and his assistant Ray Han leave a few stains on the hotel sheets during a business trip. Lance tongues Ray’s hole and Ray returns the favor by teasing his foreskin before they get into the fucking. Ray rides him in reverse, giving Lance a perfect view of his big schlong sliding deep into his hole, and the two jerk off before blowing their loads. During their post-coital cuddle, Ray presses Lance to confess who he was with the other day. After fessing up, Lance suggests he’s not quite ready to give Jessie up while also spilling the beans about him and Connor. Of course, Ray promises not to tell anyone…

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Pillow Talk: Part 1 – My Gay Boss

The employees of Sir Velvet Press spend as much time spreading gossip as they do publishing and Jessie Colter knows this all too well. He reminds his boss, Lance Luciano, to keep his mouth shut about their little tryst and insists this is the last time they're fucking. He doesn't want any office gossip spoiling his budding romance with the new guy, Connor Maguire. Lance promises to keep his lips sealed and also makes sure their last fuck is a good one. Jessie hungrily sucks down Lance’s fat uncircumcised dong before Lance tongue-fucks his hole. They fuck like they’re trying to break the bed; Jessie’s a top notch power bottom and he takes Lance’s hard fucking until he’s laced with their semen!

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3 Twinks And A Shark: Part Five – Im Your Boy Toy

The only thing more fickle than luck is fate, and neither are working in the three little hustlers favor in the final scene of 3 Twinks and a Shark. Ryker Madison unknowingly brings loan shark Jeremy Stevens back to their house for a hot fuck. All goes well until Jeremy spots his beloved gold switchblade and connects the dots. Andy, Ian, and Ryker find themselves taking one last gamble and this time it's with their lives...

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3 Twinks And A Shark: Part Four – Im Your Boy Toy

It's not all "work" and no play for the three little hustlers, and when their friend DJ Pornstar (Dominic Pacifico) comes into town, Ian Levine and Andy Taylor invite him over for an intense threesome. Dominic works their eager holes over with his tongue, fingers, a big black double-ended sex toy, and his fat uncircumcised dong! In episode four of 3 Twinks and a Shark, the boys have no idea that the house is about to demand all debts be paid!

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3 Twinks And A Shark: Part Three – Im Your Boy Toy

It's always wise to cash out while you're ahead, because sooner or later your luck runs out. After fucking another high-roller, Andy thinks he's hit the jackpot when he steals away with a million dollars in poker chips and a shiny gold switchblade. But in part three of 3 Twinks and a Shark, the three little hustlers have no idea that Andy has shared a bed with another kind of Sin City predator: a loan shark by the name of Jeremy Stevens.

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3 Twinks And A Shark: Part Two – Phoenixxx

In part two of 3 Twinks and a Shark, the three little hustlers have been hooking up and cashing out; this time, it's Ryker Madison ensnaring Mitch Vaughn, another big-spender from out of town. They're not interested in any penny slot johns, but Mitch is just the kind of man they're after: horned up and willing to put his money where his joystick is!

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3 Twinks And A Shark: Part One – Im Your Boy Toy

Andy Taylor, Ryker Madison, and Ian Levine were three little hustlers living off the high-rollers who come through Vegas looking to spend money on a good time. They're too young to gamble, but old enough to take you for everything you've got and then some. The fast and sleazy lifestyle catches up to them, eventually... But first, Andy Taylor is going "all in" with Christopher Daniels in the first episode of 3 Twinks and a Shark!

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Perfect Hospitality From Stuart – Bang Me Sugar Daddy

Dominic certainly found the perfect place to stay with this kind of personal service! Twink host Stuart knows how to keep his guests happy, sucking on the stars hooded meat and offering his sweet little ass for some pounding. With the spooge well and truly fucked out of him, he gets some of his own jizz in his aching hole before Dominic jerks out his own. This is what I call room service.

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