Pau Kbron Licks Cum Off Manuel Roko’s Boot

When it comes to fetish sex and exploring their fantasies, no one beats the men of Jalif. Manuel Roko is no different. He follows Pau Kbron and gives the masculine, bearded bottom exactly what he needs. And that’s a big stiff cock down his throat, then balls deep up his hungry, eager ass. We were there to capture every gritty detail, from the kissing to the sniffing, sucking and fucking. Manuel can tell just by looking at a man if they’re pigs, sluts, or both. He knows how to push a whore’s buttons and that’s what he does Pau. He might even push some few of your buttons! Make sure you watch this scene is you’re into mansmells, boots, and rough fucking. Because if you get off on licking boots and sniffing hot, sweaty leather, you’ll wish you were in between Manuel and Pau.

manuel_pau_collage-w Pau Kbron Licks Cum Off Manuel Roko’s Boot