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Lucas Davidson Tricked, Spit Roasted And Tag Team Fucked

Kayden Gray comes downstairs the morning after all hell broke loose only to find a note. It’s from his now former boyfriend, Zac West. Apparently he’s had all he can stand and he’s not going to put up with Kayden’s antics any longer. Pissed, but spotting another chance for hot sex, he tells Lucas Davidson about Niall getting nailed by JP the night before. Hurt and humiliated, Lucas leaves the house and heads to the bar for a respite from the drama and to be alone with his thoughts. But Kayden isn’t the type to leave well enough alone. Not when there’s a wound involved and he can take advantage of a situation. And after a while, it happens. Lucas opens his mouth and starts sucking on what is probably the biggest cock he’s ever had. The handsome young man loses himself in sex, sucking like there’s no tomorrow, only to find he’s been tricked by Kayden. Now there are TWO cocks for Lucas to suck! Not that he minds, especially now that he’s single again. Lucky Lucas is spit roasted and tag teamed fucked by Kayden and JP, his hole stretched out. And who should come around the corner just as they’re all spunking? None other than Lyle Boyce. Oh, boy. What’s a twink to do with all this drama?

Gay Cock, Straight Hole

There’s something about a straight man that drives us gay boys insane. Is it…pardon the pun…that he’s the forbidden fruit? A walking, talking case of testosterone and masculinity? Is it the fact that he’s into pussy and tits? Are we secretly craving cock that’s been immersed balls deep in estrogen? Or is it simply that we LOVE a challenge? After all, you all know the ever famous, “What’s the difference between a straight man and a gay man?” No? Haven’t heard that one? The punchline is something like, “A six-pack of beer.” Sometimes it’s a bottle of rum. Depends on who’s telling the joke. And then there are those who come off as anti-gay, putting down anything related to gay culture and professing their “straightness.” These are the ones that call for the Shakespearean line — and forgive our paraphrasing — the lady doth protest too much.

This is certainly the case, or something close to it, with the young man Eurocreme exclusive Danny Daniels sneaks into The DreamBoy. On closer inspection, it turns out Josh Jared is more gay-curious than he’d like to think as he allows himself to be persuaded by the blond cutie who says, “Just close your eyes and think I’m a girl.” Josh gives Danny 30 seconds worth of cock sucking but when the time is up, he’s thinking maybe he needs to give Danny more time before permanently blowing off guys swinging on his meat. Apparently Josh likes it. He really, really likes it! But after sucking Josh’s big, straight, military cock, Danny’s introduces him to the world of rimming by shoving his tongue in his hairy crack and priming the sweet, musky, pink starburst. From there it’s a hop, skip and a jump down butt fucking lane. Josh opens up and gets the fuck of his supposed straight life by a hung twink who truly needs Josh’s help in figuring out what happened to JP and how the former hotel manager managed to slip from his fingers. But until then, Danny and Josh just keep on fucking.

A New Manager And More Cute, Horny Guys For The DreamBoy Hotel

The previous manager of the DreamBoy Hotel has vanished under mysterious circumstances and, despite speculations, no one seems to know where J.P.’s gone. However, the sex-crazed twink has left Russian twink Billy Rubens in charge and it’s a whole new ballgame. Or is it? Join us as we take you Behind The Scenes with this EXCLUSIVE look at the next chapter of The DreamBoy Hotel where Billy, imbued with a suit and a new haircut that make him look just as hot clothed as he does naked, has to placate Darius Ferdynand with a good fuck when Darius comes around looking for J.P. You’ll also get to see how Billy handles employee troubles when Luke Desmond, once a fellow co-worker, becomes the first employee with attitude. Does Luke keep his job because he does good work or because he’s got a humongous cock? Danny Daniels is back as well and he’s brought help in order to find J.P. But first, Danny has to convince Josh that the best way to do so is by fucking with wild abandon! And then there’s a traveling American twink James Longhill, a cutie with a curved cock, sweet lips, and a vivid fantasy of what he wants a certain someone to do to him. So stay tuned for some hot new faces, loads more fucking, and different management at The DreamBoy Hotel.

Billy Rubens Gives JP Dubois Something To Remember Him By

With his past firmly entrenched up his ass and having caught up to him, JP Dubois is on his way out with former military bud Danny Daniels. But JP has one final stop to make, one last goodbye. In what is probably the most bittersweet sex of all, JP and Billy Rubens have a last fling. It’s not like they haven’t had sex before. This time, however, all the drama between them seems to have dissipated and what remains is pure lust, appreciation, and perhaps even a bit of romance. But is this really the end? Will these two get back together? We don’t know for sure but we think JP’s got something up his sleeve and at least Billy ends up managing The Dreamboy.

JP goes down on Billy and makes a meal out of his juicy cock and those large balls. But Billy isn’t one to kick back and enjoy all the work. He’s grown quite fond of JP, as well as his cock, and he spends quite a bit of time sucking down JP’s piece before getting something he’s never had before. A rim job. Yes, that’s right! JP gets his tongue inside Billy’s sweet hole. Lucky SOB! JP isn’t the only one enjoying the tongue fuck and, although there’s nothing else going up inside Billy’s ass, the mostly straight Russian twink lays into JP with a deep, rough, hard, and at times almost loving fuck that ends up with a HUGE cum facial. In fact, this is probably the biggest load we’ve ever seen and we have to say, if Billy had to give JP something to remember him by, we’re glad it was this. We’re pretty sure JP seems to think so as well.

Guerrillas In The Mist

Though Don’t Ask Don’t Tell might now be a thing in the past, with US soldiers serving proudly in the military, our brethren in Latin countries might not have it as easy. Especially if the country is a dictatorship or a less than democratic government. Now, we don’t know for sure what army young Tozar and Garzon are enlisted. All we know is that these two are sexy as fuck! Tozar is out in the early morning, still patrolling his assigned perimeter. Except it’s cold and when his buddy Garzon shows up, the two go about a most unique way of warming up and keeping each other company. By kissing. Making out. Sucking cock. And Garzon has a HUGE fucking cock! It’s curved, uncut, and borders on monster-sized.

Much to Tovar’s pleasure, because he’s truly a dick whore and enjoys sucking a big slab of meat, the young man winds up trading blowjobs with Garzon. Tovar takes a big cum facial from his buddy, gladly eating some of his seed, before bending over — still in his boots — and taking it raw. Yes, Garzon slams bareback into Tozar, fucking the bareback sex freak, then having him ride his cock naked in the grass where no one, not even the rain, can stop that oncoming gush of young soldier cum. And that, as how guerrillas fuck in the mist when there’s no one around to watch them.

Billy Rubens Gets Wet

After participating in a threeway with JP Dubois and Lucas Davidson, Billy Rubens leaves the office to answer a service call. Lloyd Adam’s shower isn’t functioning properly and hasn’t been since the lights went out. But since Billy is preoccupied with what might be happening between him and JP, he’s not focused and winds up getting all wet. His expression is priceless and Lloyd does his best to make Billy feel comfortable. In fact, he persuades the mostly straight young jock out of his clothes for them to dry properly. While Billy wrings out his wet clothes, Lloyd zooms in, pulls the Russian towards him by his underwear and starts to suck his cock. Enjoying the job perks, buff Billy is soon returning the favor and Lloyd enjoys what is obviously a delicious blowjob. Except Lloyd needs something else and is soon asking Billy to fuck him.

Using Lloyd like any port in a storm, Billy takes his ass and uses the sweet tight hole being offered. Sinking balls deep inside the tall, skinny twink, Billy’s cum-laden balls swell and slap against Lloyd as the bottom gasps with pleasure, taking everything Billy has to give him — on his back, on his side, standing up and bent over — until Billy delivers a mouth-watering, lip-smacking load that hits Lloyd right in the face, lips, and tongue. Heavy sigh. Hang on. Waiter? More cream for my coffee, please.

Masculine Stud Nathan Price Fucked By Hung Uncut Frenchman Will Helm

Will Helm is probably one of the most beautiful young jocks we’ve ever seen. Not only does he have luminous eyes and thick, luscious lips. He’s got a fantastic body with washboard abs and a huge, uncut cock. But don’t let this French boy’s looks fool you. His tattoos aren’t just for decoration. He’s got an edge to him and bald, bearded Daddy Nathan price finds out Will is definitely one to be reckoned with. Eager, noisy cocksuckers, the two take turns swinging on each others meat before Will takes control of Nathan’s ass. With a deep, spit-filled tongue fucking, he lays into the “older,” slightly bigger man with a vengeance. Digging hard and rough, Will plows every single inch of his throbbing tool inside Nathan’s tight fuckhole. Even when Nathan begs for Will to stop and give him a breather, the stud just keeps on plowing until he’s ready to spew his load all over Nathan’s face.

Masculine Stud Nathan Price Fucked By Hung Uncut Frenchman Will Helm

Tattooed Young Jock Joe Bond Fucks Victor Crave’s Throat And Ass

We always want what we can’t have. But, guess what? Sometimes, we CAN have what we want! Especially if what you want is straight cock in the form of a hottie like Joe Bond. Suited-up power bottom Victor Crave is getting ready to open his new business when the blue-collar worker shows up to give him an estimate. It’s hard to remain focused but Victor pulls it off then goes for what he wants. Joe’s cock. Down his throat, buried deep up his ass, and spraying cum all over his belly. The trick, apparently, is to recognize a horny straight man when you see him!

Suited bottom Victor Crave sucks tattooed workman Joe Bond then gets fucked by the young stud

Sean Knight Stretches Miles Racer’s Hungry Fuck Hole

You know how when you really like a guy and want to have sex with him, you’re always hard or on the verge of getting hard? And you know that unbelievable excitement when he walks through the door, sits beside you and you start making out? Maybe you’ve secretly placed a porno in the DVD player already and you’re just waiting for the right moment to hit play. Well, take all that, put into a scene with Miles Racer and Sean Knight, and THIS is what you get. Hot dick sucking, hungry fuck holes getting rimmed and stretched with thick, huge, uncut cock, and a clear dildo that’s almost as fat as Sean Knight’s cock. Sean is a newcummer to porn and he’s paired with insatiable cock whore, Miles Racer. Miles is stretched from fore to aft with Sean’s amazing slab of extremely hard meat before getting fucked rough with a clear dildo.

Miles Racer breaks in newcomer Sean Knight by giving up his ass then getting fucked with a dildo

Tattooed And Pierced Brazilian Enzo Marino Strokes Huge, Curved Uncut Dick

Like your men swarthy, sexy, and with a big dick? Then you’re in luck because you’re week is off to a GREAT start! Say hello to Enzo Marino. This hunky Brazilian is pierced and tattooed and enjoys showing off his fat, uncut meat that’s nicely curved, challenging even the best of cock suckers. Enzo enjoys energetic bottoms and fucking in acrobatic, inventive positions. But you won’t just want to drop to your knees and worship his mouth-watering slab of beef. You’ll be learning something as you watch him jerk off, too. Little words, mind you, but if you’re into the educational aspect of porn you’ll learn that Enzo is a gostoso, sexy papi as he mutters things like caralho, pinto, and a few other choice words you’ll want to commit to memory. For the next time you wind up in bed with a Brasilero. Just saying.

Tattooed and pierced Brazilian Enzo Marino plays with his huge, curved, uncut cock

Romeo Courtois Sucks Kameron Frost And Gets Fucked Outdoors

Ever fantasize about sucking off a straight guy? Romeo Courtois did. Still does, in fact. Then again, this cock-hungry pig lives to service men whether they’re straight or gay and it doesn’t matter whether they want to use him for his holes or simply want to take him out. In this instance, it’s all about getting used. Good thing Romeo is such a cock whore! Then again, with Kameron Frost, we figured either way we were safe in getting Romeo to get Kameron off. You see, the poor, angel-faced blond is ALWAYS horny. On top of which he’s straight. Mostly. He does like a guy sucking his fat dick because, as he confessed once, guys TRULY know how to suck dick. Romeo certainly enjoyed getting fucked outdoors, by the pool, then taking a hit of Kameron’s jizz to the face! Ahhh, thank heaven for cum-hungry pigs. What ever would we do without them?

Romeo Courtois sucks Kameron Frost outdoors then gets fucked near the pool

Pablo Nunez Gets A Birthday Bukkake

When we heard Pablo Nunez would be celebrating a special birthday, we knew we had to do something big for him. But the trouble was we didn’t know exactly what. He already has a closet bursting with clothes and a dresser with more sex toys you can possibly think of! Then it came to us. Eleven of the hottest, muscular, hung men in the industry, including hunks like Gio Cruz, Harley Everett and Issac Jones. You see, Pablo has always had this fantasy of servicing as many men as possible and drowning in cum. And what better way to spend your birthday than with all that cock and cum? Won’t you help him celebrate in his birthday bukkake? Trust us. He’ll enjoy every single drop.

Pablo Nunez sucks off eleven hung, tattooed, and muscular men and gets a birthday cum bukkake

Scott Wakes Sunny With A Blowjob


Scott wakes Sunny for mutual cock sucking, rimming, and bareback fucking

Adam Dacre Plays With His Long, Curved, Uncut Dick

You know how sometimes you want something for so long but can’t seem to decide if you should go for it? You might think on for years before you actually do anything about it, if you ever do. That’s how Adam Dacre was. He kept thinking he’d like to break into the adult industry but wasn’t sure how or whether he would even be considered model material. But once he made up his mind, he sent in some pictures to us and we’re very glad he did! Adam’s been busy using all that “thinking” time to work out, eat right, and keep his slender body lean and toned. But this handsome man with chiseled features has something you’re going to love. Green eyes. Yeah, that’s it. That’s what you’ll love about him, not that long, uncut, curved and mouth-watering cock that’s perfect to deep throat.

Adam Dacre shows off his ass, his hole, and plays with his big dick until he unloads

Kane Rider Takes Danny Lopez For A Deep, Hard Fuck

Think of a meaty, hot round ass then think of an incredibly thick, curved black cock. We’re talking J-Lo booty and beer can fat piece of meat. That’s Danny Lopez and Kane Rider. Danny is always hungry, eager and willing to take a raw dick up his ass and Kane…well, let’s just say that he’s equally happy on the bottom or top; especially since he’s letting out his inner Top as of late! Personally, we’re glad he’s doing that. With a dick like his, Kane was born to be barebacking tight deep fuck holes and taking them hard. And judging by the mewling sounds Danny was making, we seem to think he thinks so, too!

Danny Lopez sucks Kane Rider’s big black cock then gets his underwear ripped and his hole fucked raw


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