Men With A Fat Dick

Horny After The Gym, Darius Rider Pumps His Hole With Boris Orla’s Fat And Raw Piece Of Meat

Tops aren’t the only ones who get horny after a good workout. Bottoms do, too! And when they do, watch out because if you’re in their path, and you happen to be a top with a big dick, YOU’RE their next workout. Like Darius Rider. The muscle bottom cock whore is so horny in this scene that he HAD to service a hot raw cock with his mouth and hole. Fast! So he got his buddy, Boris Orla to come over and drop his shorts. Darius goes down on that thick piece of meat as if he were hungry and homeless and hadn’t seen a meal in weeks. Then again, with such a succulent slab, even some tops we know would have gone down to service Boris. But we digress. Almost as soon as Boris is fully hard, Darius sits down on that fucker and pumps the thick meat, milking it with his tightly puckered sphincter. He goes deep, taking Boris to the limit as his own cock only gets harder. After a while, Darius hops off and wraps his lips around Boris once more, tasting his own ass juice on the throbbing shaft. Except by that point, the aggressive bottom gets bossed by Boris, who orders him back on his raw cock. Until they both finish off with creamy loads. So the next time you go to the gym, if you’re bottom, make sure you have a big raw dick available because you’re going to want to go for a different sort of workout!

A Load To The Face From A Thick, Massive Cock

Buddies Ollie and Brett have been friends for a while but have never had sex. Now, they’re about to enjoy one of the most intense scenes when they finally hook up. Brett’s massively thick cock and peachy ass gets used to perfection as Ollie grinds his long cock into him. Pounding hard and fast, he gets just as much of a workout as Brett’s hole! With plenty of fucking in loads of positions and rough cock slamming, both twinks get VERY sweaty. In fact, it’s practically dripping off their hot bodies as they get close to unleashing their loads. Speaking of which, hungry for that fresh spunk, Brett gets Ollie to dump his load all over his face. Brett laps up every available drop before sharing the jizz with Ollie in a kiss, both tasting cum from Brett’s sweet, thick lips.

Realtor Riley Tess Anxious To Fill Vacancy With Monstrously Huge Sandro Sanchez

Riley Tess is desperate. He’s a Realtor trying to fill a vacancy. What kind of vacancy, you ask? What do you think, you perv? It’s an apartment that, try as he might, Riley can’t seem to get rented. Sandro Sanchez is the wily “Renter” who enjoys preying on unsuspecting Realtors. Can you say stalker? But what’s his game? He isn’t looking to profit monetarily, he just wants to get into Riley’s pants. Not that Riley puts up much of a challenge. He wants to get into the beefy, hairy stud’s pants as well. And when the pants come off…holy, fucking shit WOW! Sandro is beautifully hung, his cock big, fat, and uncut; almost rounded like a torpedo. Riley sucks Sandro’s deliciously dark slab of beef like he’s starved. The burly bear rewards Riley by fucking him like he’s never been fucked before, making him moan and writhe, thrusting deep and hard in Riley’s his achingingly, hungry hole until they each blow a huge load of thick jizz.

Alan Probe Is The New Doc In Town

Doctor P.Q. Leer might be gone but now, there’s a NEW doctor in town! And take it from us…okay, okay, take it from Jace Tyler…Dr. Alan Probe is every bit as good as the last one. Even if he does have a — pardon the pun — a peculiar name. But what’s in a name, you might ask? Well, don’t think too hard. It’s just what you would expect. Jace pays the new doctor a visit for an arm injury. Wink, wink. More like wrist strain. The good Dr. Probe wastes little time in examining Jace’s arm, moving quickly to his area of expertise…ASS! Before long, he’s got Jace’s asshole stretched wide open with a series of purple translucent butt plugs. During his anal exam, Jace opens the doc’s fly and sucks the big, fat uncut cock. Then Dr. Probe decides to use his most effective instrument on Jace’s stretched hole; his cock! Surely you didn’t think it was anything else? He gives his patient a deep and thorough fucking and, amazingly, Jace’s arm is healed in record time. No doubt he’ll spread the word to his mates and Dr. Probe’s office will soon be filled with horny guys wanting the doc’s “special” treatment.

Testosterone Filled Trio Rocco Banks, Carlo Cox and Trojan Rock

Rocco Banks attempts to cheat Carlo Cox and Trojan Rock but the two muscle hunks are on to him. They give the tattooed stud his just desserts by turning the otherwise top guy into a sniveling, cock hungry bottom! They do their job well and Rocco enjoys every moment of his so-called “punishment.” Spit roasted between the two, with beefy Trojan rimming his ass and Carlo ramming his thick cock down his throat, Rocco is well and truly used in the horniest sense of the word! Tag teamed fucked until they blow their loads, Rocco is going to think twice before trying to cheat anyone else. Then again, if the men he tries to cheat are anything like Carlo and Trojan, maybe he WILL want to do it again?

Pumped From The Gym, Justin Lukas Pumps Sven Stone Full Of Big, Fat, Raw Cock

There are some guys, like Justin Lukas, who prefer their bottoms to be on the smaller side. That way, they can completely dominate their pink slut holes, meant for one thing and one thing only: fucking. When Justin gets home he’s all pumped from the gym and ready to go. And with buddy Sven Stone sitting there waiting, willing, and ready, Justin wastes little time. He has Sven peel off shorts to expose his huge, uncut cock then shoves his cock in the whore’s mouth right off the bat. The bottom sucks his cock, servicing the throbbing shaft until Justin is ready to spread the greedy cock pig’s fuck hole. But first, he offers up his hairy hole for a good rim job, bent over, stretched out, and stuffed. Raw cock. Pumping bareback. Thick and creamy loads. Is there anything better after a good workout? No. We didn’t think so.

Hung Italian Daddy Antonio Garcia And Super Twink Darius Ferdynand

Everyone loves a hard daddy. Then again, we don’t know a single daddy who doesn’t enjoy a smooth twink, either! Super hard fucker Antonio Garcia loves a good twink from time to time so we paired him with Darius Ferdynand to play with. Neither can believe their luck. Antonio is all over Darius like a rash, kissing, licking, and taking him any way he can. In fact, Darius becomes like a human doll, flipped and pulled and fucked every which way, certainly harder than Darius has ever been fucked before. And all Darius can do is enjoy what the hung Italian stallion gives him, taking it all hard and fast. He might be overwhelmed with Antonio’s desire but, as Antonio spreads Darius’s cheeks apart to expose the smooth pink hole, it drives them both crazy. Especially Antonio, who uses his tongue and fingers to loosen up Darius. The hung Italian Daddy pushes Darius to his limits, working out his ass until he’s ready to spew, his load coating the smooth slender twink in all his spunk, as proof of his satisfaction.

Riley Tess Challenged By Hung, Merciless Fucker Daniel James

In the past, UKNakedMen has pushed Riley Tess to his limits. However, it seems that each time he’s reached capacity, he only wants more. So this time we called the Jonnostore and ordered “The Big Gun.” Monster hung Daniel James is paired in this scene with cock-hungry Riley and we just love that tight foreskin and pale slab of meat! Insatiable, super-bottom Riley takes on not only Daniel’s big-uncut tool but one of the biggest dildos we’ve every used. Daniel is huge and a merciless fucker as he stretches Riley with his monster cock, certainly more than Riley’s ever been stretched before! He loosens Riley using his dick then ruins his hole with the huge toy. It’s clear Riley struggles with the big-dicked, merciless fucker but it’s also obvious he loves that stretching feeling. The pig STILL wins!

Flip Fucking Daddy/Son Duo Mickie Collins and Eddie Kordova

After finding out Eddie Kordova likes a dominant Daddy, we paired him up with Mickie Collins for some daddy/son roleplay and light bondage under the Florida sun. Of course, Mickie’s main goal is to stuff his throbbing cock into Eddie’s super tight hole but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a bit of fun doing it. Blindfolded and tied up, Mickie makes good use of Eddie’s cock, clad in a sock-like jockstrap, as well as his meaty ass. Burying his face in the stud’s hunky ass, Mickie follows through with his cock. Of course, Eddie’s cock-squeezing asshole presents a challenge for Daddy Mickie…at first. But he knows how to relax his bottoms, sliding home and deep and hard. For an extra surprise, however, Eddie flips Mickie and slides his huge fat piece into Mickie’s hairy ass. Covered in sweat, the pair fuck like rutting animals, until they can’t hold back any longer and have to release their pent-up loads.

Aitor Crash Fucks Mixed Race Hunk Mario Delazarius

Mixed-race dude Mario Delazarius get a royal screwing from boyfriend Aitor Crash. It’s an intense session that starts off with Aitor showing off his ass, spanking himself, and putting on a show for thick hung Mario. After a bit of cock sucking, Mario grabs Aitor, pins him down, and works every last inch of the fat slab up Aitor’s hungry muscled ass. And he gets a good pounding, too! Lots of great close-up shots with big dicks pummeling hard and fast. But soon, these two swap and Aitor is the one fucking Mario, banging him until his balls are drained, his load splattered all over Mario’s hairy and meaty ass.

Gay Couple Seduces Straight Buddy With Monster Cock

One of the biggest conquests in a gay man’s life is the seduction of a straight man. Guess sometimes we want what is unobtainable, the forbidden fruit, as it were, and that which we know isn’t good for us. However, couple Ricky and Nathan know that what THEY want is VERY good for them. And what they want is straight boy Matt Hughes. Stealing him away and taking him back to their place after a night out, the gay couple seduces their straight buddy with the monster cock. It doesn’t take much. He’s already horny and they just push him over the edge with some straight porn. Meanwhile, Nathan sucks Ricky’s huge dick. What else can Matt do but cave between watching porn and the live show before him? Especially since he knows all he has to do is lay there. They’ll do all the work. And for a cock like Matt’s, EVERYONE we know would be willing to do all the work for him! There’s plenty of dick sucking going on with great bottom Nathan loosening up his ass with Ricky before Matt takes a turn and TRULY stretching his hole with every inch of massive meat sliding deep inside. Spit-roasted and tag teamed, Nathan takes both dicks, at each end, and proves himself to be quite the cock hungry lad who can’t get enough. Ricky and Matt both spunk all over Nathan and he mixes their jizz with his own load on his cum-drenched body.

No Holes Barred Pig Dalton Hawg

This week Butch Dixon presents a sexy, piggy guy with a no-holes-barred attitude to sex. Say hello to Dalton Hawg, a man with an insatiable appetite for daddies with big dicks. Bald and bearded, Dalton looks like the type of mean fucker you wouldn’t want to cross. But he’s a truly great guy, and friendly. It was great spending an intimate couple of hours together, just him, me, and my camera lingering on his incredibly, deliciously, and — no doubt — painfully thick cock. No matter how many times I do it, I LOVE asking a hairy, masculine man to jack off and cum for you and me!

Darius Ferdynand And Rough Giant Rogan Richards

Dressed as a sailor and looking every bit like a walking, talking Billy Doll — the first out, proud, and anatomically correct gay doll — sexy, hairy beast Rogan Richards has a problem. He’s got an extremely tight foreskin and needs the good doc’s help in loosening it up. Naturally it gets tighter as Rogan gets hard but Doctor PQ Leer –Darius Ferdynand — is well up for the challenge. His wandering hands might get him struck off anywhere else in the civilised world – but not here. Thank goodness! After inspecting Rogan’s tight foreskin, the smooth, muscular doctor decides a bit of spit would help. He goes the extra mile, slurping on that juicy, uncut, joint and deep throating as much as he can. Once hunky Rogan is fully hard Darius spreads his beautiful ass and begs for that uncut tool deep into his hot, moist fuck-hole. Rogan pumps the lad’s ass, stuffing him full of dark meat, with the camera getting in good and close. Rogan gets in up to his balls in, re-arranging the Doc’s guts until they each spew. And what do you know? Rogan no longer has that tight foreskin problem! Seems like the fuck did the trick. Good ‘old Doctor PQ Leer to the rescue, yet again!

Rocco Banks Gives Pup A Deep Fuck With Huge, Fat, AND Curved Cock

Rocco Banks usually prefers big, butch, masculine men. Every once in a while, though, he’s been known to break in a pup or two with that humongous, fat, curved cock. With Marco Di Lucca, it was Rocco’s thick slab of uncut meat that spoke. Rising hard and fast upon seeing the pert ass and sweet, cock-sucking lips, Rocco pursued the smooth hottie, stretching his throat and pink hole with one then two fingers. And finally, that amazing slab of beef. But not before an incredible amount of piggy hole priming took place. In fact, squatting over Rocco’s face, Marco gets the sort of rimming that makes the eyes roll back into his head. Then he slides down on Rocco’s shaft, impaling himself and taking as much cock up his ass as he can take before both spew with fresh loads of jizz.

Andy West Worships Ennio Guardi’s Fat, Raw Cock With His Hungry Hole

Ennio Guardi invites his gym buddy over for a bit of a workout and some muscle worship. When Andy West appears, the bulging biceps and posing begins, each admiring the others body. But after tossing around some free weights in the living room, muscle worship turns into cock and hole worship. Andy and Ennio get sweaty as they take turns sucking each other, their ripped, muscular bodies glistening to perfection. Andy, in particular, loves sucking cock and takes as much of Ennio down his throat as he possibly can. But Ennio wants more. MUCH more. So he dives face first into Andy’s meaty ass, burying his tongue in the puckered ring then sliding his cock home. Andy loves getting fucked and there’s no better way he prefers getting fucked than bareback and raw, with plenty of spit and sweat for lube. Fully primed, Andy gets his slut hole whored to the max and, when it comes right down to it, his hungry hole worships Ennio’s fat, raw cock before taking an explosion of cum to the face. What a trooper!

Twink Top Billy Rubens Discovers His Inner Bottom With Hunky Daddy Dirk Caber

Continuing with our Daddy-On-Twink roleplay fantasies, this week Eurocreme features Russian twink extraordinaire Billy Rubens and huge muscle man Dirk Caber. Billy, who many of you will remember from his days playing the hotel manager from The Dreamboy Series, has been predominantly top with rare exceptions. However, since his solo scene with a dildo we’ve been wanting to get a cock up that boy’s ass. We succeeded, to a degree, but now, it’s finally happened. Billy gets taken and he fucking loves it! All the young tattooed stud needed was a Daddy to show him the ropes. Dirk was more than willing. The bearded hunk pushes Billy down onto the bed and starts to strip him. As Dirk peels his tight black shirt off and shows his hairy chest, smooth Billy can’t help but reach up to stroke his bulging hairy muscles before scooting to fill his mouth with cock. Enjoying the taste of that stiff dick and hairy daddy balls in his mouth, it seems Billy’s found a new side to him he thought never existed. But we knew. Rock hard throughout, especially during the deep, harder fuck, Billy’s eyes are truly opened — and so is that sweet pink hole — to a new world of sexual adventure and pleasure, by a man who knows how. An experienced Daddy who took Billy by the hand and allowed him to discover his inner bottom. By the end of the scene Billy is caught in a shower of cum and sweat and finds himself filled with a happiness not unlike nirvana.

Matt Stevens and Isaac Hardy Have Two Very Big, Fat Cocks For YOU To Enjoy!

Mean, bald fucker Matt Steven’s is back by popular demand, this time with fresh-faced Issac Hardy. Two distinctly different but equally hot men with very big, fat cocks for you to enjoy! Playing on a fantasy that many men have, you know the one where you’re sitting in that barber chair and the man cutting your hair brushes his crotch against your fingers? Well, in this revved up, scenario, Matt’s forgotten his wallet and, since he can’t pay with money, he pays a different way. These beefy guys get down to some nasty cock sucking, ass licking and flip-fucking. We bet you that the next time you go to the barber shop, you’ll be thinking of these two!


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