Men With A Fat Dick

Greedy Cock Whore Sandwiched and Double-Fucked Out On The Dunes

Cute Andy O’Neill, and mates Brett Carter and Will Jamieson, take a trip to a nearby mountaintop and the fuckfest begins! All three have toned, smooth bodies and an insatiable thirst for hard fucking!! Brett’s super-thick dick is slicked up by Andy’s hot lips as Will grinds into his ass, before an awesome fuck that will leave your balls empty. Andy takes Brett’s huge cock up his ass and, not wanting to be left out, Will comes up from behind. He thrusts into the already stretched butthole, stuffing Andy full of cock in a double penetration. The super cock hungry bottom whore moans and groans in pleasure, loud, as he’s double fucked atop the deserted mountain. Andy’s pumped hard and left flooded in spunk.

Merciless Fucker Michel Rudin Pounds Cock Hungry Ulysse Full Of Big Dick

This week, ButchDixon features two incredibly sexual beasts: Michel Rudin and Ulyssee. And let’s just get one thing straight. Nobody loves dick like Ulysse. He’s only ever filmed for me at ButchDixon and I couldn’t wait to get him back. This hairy hunk’s got a big, uncut swinging dick and it slaps and flops about as Michel Rudin fucks him so hard he’s falling off the bed. Ulysse sucks, slurps and bends over for hairy Michel’s fat uncut dick, and Michel pounds him mercilessly; just as I told him to! I love hot, Italian men and here are two for your money. They have the longest, most elastic foreskins in Europe, and I know how much you love uncut cock.

Fucked By A Monster Cock And Drowning In Cum

On holiday in Spain, Nathan Cox finally gets some action, and with super hung Matt Hughes! It’s been frustrating for poor, cock hungry Nathan but well worth the wait. He starts off enjoying some oral action with Jak Williams but once they spy Matt, jerking off his enormous monster cock in the near distance, they invite him over. Matt joins in and a hot three-way ensues. Jak gets everything Matt’s got to offer shoved straight up his ass, his hole truly, deeply, and well-used. Matt grinds every last inch until he’s ready to blow. The cum soaked twink gets a face full of spunk from both hot lads, with Nathan letting out an impressive stream of cum straight towards the camera! Having had his way, hung Matt leaves the two guys fully sated under the trees, fucked by a monster cock and drowning in cum.

Satanic Gang Bang

This week, UKNakedMen brings you a scene that is so hot, yet so controversial, you’re bound to feel dirty from how turned on you’re about to get. Riley Tess is our fallen priest, at the center of a gang bang. But, as they say, in for a penny in for a pound. If he’s going to sin he’s really going to SIN. A group of masked, anonymous men — the fucking pigs! — take it in turns smashing his hungry hole to smithereens. They line up, pushing and shoving each other out of the way, anxious to get their share of Riley’s sopping fuck hole. One after another, cock after uncut cock, Riley’s hole is increasingly wet with spit, jizz and lube yet still hot and slimy from each fuck. When they’re done wrecking the priest-slut, destroying his hole as well as his vows of celibacy, they wank hot loads of jizz in his face, on his chest, on his cock and balls. And then they leave. Riley never knew who was fucking his aching hole but we’ll tell you. On second thought, we won’t. Check out Riley’s Satanic Gang Bang EXCLUSIVELY on!

Sandro Sanchez Is Pure, 100% Spanish Beef

This week, at UKNakedMen, it’s all about meat. Big. Thick. Juicy. Of course, we’re talking about cock, not what vegetarians stop eating. Although, truth be told, we have a feeling there are loads of vegans out there who’d be more than willing to eat meat again if it reminded them of one of the most amazing men to cum before us. Say hello to Sandro Sanchez. This week he looses his porn cherry to us, in total style! The man is big. Pure, 100%, unadulterated Spanish beef. He’s a good looking man with a beautiful, tattooed body and a huge, mouth watering cock that is fucking HEAVY, with lots of foreskin to cover that almighty, swollen, sensitive head. You know you’d be in safe, strong arms with this masculine guy! Sandro stands in front of an erotic painting as he disrobes, revealing his hairy chest, hard muscular arse and juicy slab of beef. Struck with a sexualised Stendahl syndrome, Sandro plays with his long foreskin, heavy balls and thick shaft until he’s shooting a creamy, thick load of cum onto the floor. Drink him in EXCLUSIVELY on!

Pale, White Scally Lads Service Big Black Cock

Hanging out in his new sex den after getting fucked by fellow scally buddy, Lee Well, blond Justteen can’t help but show off his latest break-in. The chav reaches out to his mates, Drew Brody and Skylar Blue, inviting them over to chill and add to the spray paint masterpiece on the walls. Once they arrive, the posing continues, snapping one another on their phones and recording the act. Horse-hung Drew slaps his meaty monster cock against Jus, eager for him to drop to his knees…and it doesn’t take long! Growing bigger — seriously, can that thing get any larger? — Drew’s almighty dick is serviced by both the cute lads as they playfully fight over it, wanting the thick slab rammed down their throats. We’re pretty sure you’ll wish you were on your knees before Drew, too! There’s some awesome cock and ball worship from these Rudeboiz and it fuels Drew’s pent-up sexual needs. Blond Skylar becomes the center of attention as the other two spit-roast and tag team fuck the twink, giving him a good jaw and ass stretching. Skylar’s smooth tight ass is licked, rimmed and finger fucked, enough for donkey dicked Drew to pound hard. We would tell you that the type of fuck Skylar receives is nothing short of abused but you can’t really take that much advantage of a horny, hungry, greedy fuckhole. Skylar is insatiable as he’s shared by Drew and Jus, until his face is well and truly coated in thick, ropey, scally spunk. Hmmm. Slurrrppp! Bet you’d like to have that load of jizz splattered on your face right now, wouldn’t you? But you probably can’t go out and hunt for cock so, do the next best thing and treat yourself to these three piggies. You’ll feel much better after blowing off some steam…and a hot load!

Father Figure Fantasy Cums True For Kris Irons With Alex Marte

This week, Butch Dixon features Daddy Alex Marte, a big, burly bugger with newcummer pup Kris Irons. The youngster has had a father-figure-fantasy for a while now so we decided to make it come true. No “Blah Blah” for these two, hairy studs. Just straight down to horny, unrestrained Man-on-Man action right there on the sofa. Kris truly wants Alex’s uncut length inside him but it’s a whopper of a fat piece of meat for such a tight ass. He puts on a brave face during the initial attempts but he perseveres. And once Alex spit-lubes his tight fuck-hole, pressing that fat dick inside him, Kris is riding the large pole like a pro. Never mind that he was walking bow-legged when the scene ended. When we asked Kris where he wanted Alex’s steaming load he begged to take it on the face. And he sure GOT IT! Check out Kris Irons and Alex Marte, EXCLUSIVELY on!

Rough Spanish Fuckers Have Sex Outdoors After Sun Goes Down

It’s evening in Berlin and, as the sun goes down, the hard fuckers come out! Ivan Rueda and Garcia Perez are two dark-haired Spaniards, rough, hairy and full of spunk. They head to the track where they slowly strip each other down. Garcia, being a real aggressive top, can’t get enough of Ivan’s hairy ass. He eats the tempting hole deep, teasing and priming it for a hard pounding right there and then. Sliding his thick cock in and out, slow and fast, he paints a grin on Ivan’s face with his fucking that reaches from ear to ear. After stuffing his ass full of fingers and dick, Ivan spunks twice and Garcia himself coats them both in what seems like an endless spewing of jizz.

Cutler X Fucks His First Bareback Hole

They said it would never happen, that it was impossible. But when you want something bad enough, sooner or later, it WILL happen. Cutler X, the sexy black man with thick, massive monster cock, has crossed over to do bareback porn. And who better to pair him with than super bareback cock whore Adam Russo? The hungry cock pig was ordered to his knees almost immediately, in the locker room. There, the submissive slut swallowed Cutler’s huge uncut cock and deep throats the fucker until he choke and gags. And even then, Cutler just fucks Adam’s face and throat, balls swinging. But since this is Cutler’s first bareback hole, he soon turns his attention to what seems like an incredibly tiny entrance. The puckered starburst is stretched out and left gaping as Cutler works that raw monstrosity of a black cock inside Adam, bent over a bench and completely plowed. Cutler shows no mercy, making Adam moan loud and hard, practically making the lockers shake! When all was said and done, Adam was completely destroyed, his hole wrecked by Cutler’s monster cock. We had to carry him out as he couldn’t walk off set. But you know what the bareback hoe said? He couldn’t wait to take it all over again! Yeah. Seems Cutler marked that hoe, claiming it for himself and spoiling Adam’s hole for any other man. So what are you waiting for? Bend over, spread that ass, and start stroking your cock as Cutler slam fucks that slab of meat deep inside YOUR bareback hole!

Sole Worship With Paul Walker and Bruno Fox

This week, UKNakedMen is pleased to feature Bruno Fox and Paul Walker. We explore one of Bruno’s long-term fantasies about servicing a hot, hung straight boy. When he found out who he would be filming with, the super-sexed foot fetishist jumped at the chance to play bottom to the stunning Paul. Then again, take a look at his stiff, veiny cock. Even the strictest of tops would have difficulty saying no to flipping for the sexy young hunk! Bruno bends over double and spreads his tight hole for Paul’s mighty meat. Oh, yes. He struggles to take the entire length…at first. But with Paul gently thrusting deeper and deeper into his hungry, hot hole, Bruno relaxes and Paul slides home. Once inside, Paul builds up steam, his hips grinding into and against Bruno. Hot skin on hot skin, pumping, writhing and sweating, until Paul can no longer hold back all that hot-straight-boy seed. Want some? Check out Paul Walker and Bruno Fox in this exclusive scene from UKNakedMen!

Michel Rudin and Delta Kobra

Big Bad Delta Kobra couldn’t wait to take on the hairy, hung, all-man Michel Rudin. Two sexy guys, with two long foreskinned cocks. As Delta fucks the beejezus out of Michel — yes, that’s right, he goes bottom! — their hairy bodies thrust against each other. Writhing and sweaty, hairy chest against sweaty hairy chest, Delta and Michel shoot steamy, creamy loads before Delta pisses all over the exhausted, sated stud. Thirsty yet? Don’t worry. You soon will be. Check out Michel Rudin and Delta Kobra in this EXCLUSIVE scene, only on ButchDixon!

Super Hung Aggressive Fucker Pete Coast Solo

This week, WorldofMen features a sexy, handsome stud you just might recognize. Pete Coast, a.k.a. Peto Coast, laces up his leather boots and invites us to join him on the rooftop. Decked out in motorcycle gear, biker guy Pete is wearing all the right colours. Not that it matters what this stubbled fucker wears. He can take us anywhere! But he has us follow him up to the roof where, overlooking London, where he proceeds to show us an amazing view…of his impressive thick cock! He works the juicy piece of meat, getting it hard for the camera, and staring straight down the lens at us as he strokes himself. Leaning back and relaxing, Pete builds towards climax, his balls twitching as he spurts load after load; all of it for your pleasure, and ours!

Big, Thick, Uncut Porn Titan Alex Marte

If you’ve never heard of Alex Marte, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. The hairy, sexy beast is a true porn titan! Hairy, manly, with a big, thick, uncut cock. The handsome hunk is always ready to shoot a sticky, creamy load and this week’s scene from ButchDixon is no different. Here’s an intimate show featuring the very beardy, hairy and hung Mr Alex Marte. Can you say mountain man? Yeah, we knew you could. Bet you’d like that mountain man plugging away at your throat or stretching out your hole, wouldn’t you?

Faster. Deeper. Wait! Don’t. Stop.

UKNM frankvalencia aaronsteel preview Faster. Deeper. Wait! Don’t. Stop.

Aaron Steel comes to us at UKNakedMen, bringing his sexual fantasy along. It’s big, tanned, and toned hunk — not to mention hung! — Frank Valencia. Hairy bottom Aaron couldn’t wait to spread his beefy arse cheeks, bend over and get his hole filled and stretched to the max with Frank’s big dick. Turns out Frank’s a merciless fucker, pushing eager Aaron to the brink. Poor lad was begging for him to stop almost as much as he was begging for Frank to go faster and deeper. All in Spanish, of course, but you get the gist: Faster. Deeper. Wait! Don’t. Stop. Don’t stop! The big-dicked Spanish top is a born exhibitionist who loves to strip off and perform, just the thought of all those eyes on him. Knowing he’s being watched heightens the pleasures of this horny fucker until he absolutely cannot hold back his splattering cum. And it spews everywhere, but mostly all over Aaron’s big, hairy ass and gaping hole. Wanna see?

Leather Biker Hotel Hook-Up

A few weeks ago, WorldofMen featured beefy personal trainer, Pierre Mucker, in a hot solo wearing a pair of lycra shorts that emphasized his thick, muscled legs and meaty ass. Now he’s back and he’s hornier than ever. Pierre hooks up with an online buddy in a hotel. The leather biker, Joachim, arrives for some fun, the type only fetish-loving motorcycle-gear fans can appreciate. Except they don’t get far. Joachim is stripped down and the two are soon making out, hard and powerfully. In the bathroom, Joachim removes the last of his leather and devours Pierre’s delicious dick. After taking turns, Pierre soon gets Joachim to put his leather jacket back on and slides his dick into him as Joachim pushes down onto it. Harder. Faster. Both men get hot and sweaty, the smell of man-sex making their nostrils flare and pushing them over the edge as Joachim covers Pierre’s hairy chest with spunk.

Tony Thorn Preps Blue Bailey For A Slam Fuck

Whether you like your men big and hairy or short and smooth, contrast is frequently one of the hottest things in porn. This week, UKNakedMen features a perfect example: Tony Thorn and Blue Bailey. Tony is dark, uncut and handsome versus Blue, who’s smooth, insatiable and cut. Tony couldn’t wait to get up to his nuts in Blue’s hot little hole, slobbering and pushing spit into his arse with his tongue, prepping him for a slam-fuck. Stretching Blue’s clenched hole with his wet fingers and slapping his ass, Tony gets Blue even hornier. From the look on Blue’s face, it’s clear he loves riding Tony’s thick, dark dick. And when asked where he wanted Tony to shoot his pent-up, creamy load, there was no hesitation. “In my mouth!” Tony happily obliged the greedy pig, feeding Blue freshly churned cum straight into his mouth. What are YOU waiting for? Get on your knees, open wide, and stick your tongue out for Tony. So, join us. You’re next!


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