Men Wearing Sneakers

Aaron Aurora and Ben Cox Loosen Up In The Locker Room Before The BIG Match

Getting ready the big match, young-faced Aaron needs a quick pick-me-up from hung twink Ben, who arrives just in the nick of time! Showing off his peachy smooth ass to his team-mate is all Ben needs to rip those shorts down and get his wet tongue inside of Aaron, his hole ready and waiting for the whole length of whatever is willing to fuck him! From tongue to dick in a matter of seconds, these guys know time is limited for them, but what to have the full locker-room experience before the rest of the guys come through! Bent double and almost broken in half, skinny Aaron is submitted to Ben’s giant dick over and over, pulling out and slamming in, the fully kitted boys get exactly what both were after and Aaron’s bony frame is them splattered with creamy loads, his handsome young face smiling back up at Ben as they go in for a final kiss before the match.

Draven Torres Sucks Lex Antoine’s Huge Pierced Cock Then Goes Belly Up For Deep, Rough Slam

Lex Antoine was hanging out at the local bathhouse, waiting in the glory holes for a cock sucker to come by and give his huge meat a good servicing. He didn’t have to wait long. A hot mouth appeared on the other side of the hole and Lex shoved his cock and PA down that throat, all the while thinking it felt familiar. He came around the other side to find his buddy Draven Torres smiling cause he wanted more of that fat cock. They went upstairs to a leather couch where Draven spread his legs and exposed his used hole for Lex to bareback. This time Draven knew what to expect and took his huge cock with pleasure, stuffed, stretched and pounded just the way he wanted!

Big, Beefy Fuckers Fernando Nielson and Ben Mason Get Sweaty Fucking In Garage

These week, on WorldofMen, huge muscular bodies work up a real sweat as they work each other into a frenzy! Fernando Neilson is built like a tank, with smooth chest and abs, and the biggest pecs and arms we’ve ever seen. His lucky fuck buddy, Ben Mason, has an awesome tattoo on his bulging arms and a great dick that any guy would take pride in. Versatile fucking fills the air and assaults your senses, both guys wanting to feel each others cock slide in and out of their tight muscle butts, pounding away at hungry holes while fucked to the hilt.

Brian Davilla Feeds Dylan Saunders Big Daddy Meat Then Fucks Him Raw

Having had a taste of Brian Davilla’s huge cock, bareback bottom whore Dylan Saunders couldn’t wait to get back to it. So, for this week’s scene from BreedMeRaw, we paired them once more. With Brian leaning back in the chair, Dylan swallows his daddy meat nice and deep. It’s enough to make any Latin Papi proud, not to mention the cocksucker on his knees worshipping that huge fucker! Once Brian is ready to go, he gets Dylan on the bed and slides that meat home, further stretching Dylan’s slut hole and pounding away until he’s satisfied. Catch Brian Davilla feeding Dylan Saunders, ONLY on!

Big, Beefy and Hairy Bareback Fuckers Brad Kalvo and Shay Michaels

Like ‘em big, beefy and hairy? Then you’re going to LOVE Shay Michaels and Brad Kalvo. Big, beefy, and hairy doesn’t even begin to cover these sexy bareback hunks! The sparks between them started to fly from the moment they met in the sling room. In fact, usually a top bareback fucker, Shay was so horny that he was ready to get both his holes used by hot Colt model Brad. Shay climbed up on that fuck bench and started servicing Brad’s cock while Brad set his sights on Shay’s big hairy ass. Before Shay knew it, he was in the sling, legs up, with Brad going to town bareback on his hot and rarely used fuckhole. And we all know how this is going to end!

Big, Strapping Bo Bangor

This week we welcome Bo Bangor back to Butch Dixon. The big, strapping, sun-basted Bo is as nasty and sexually single-minded as ever. He not only looks like a perpetually horny bastard, this daddy loves dick! Pierced, tattooed and insatiable, tanned Bo shows off a fat dick and spreads his meaty arse cheeks. He loves feeling a hot, probing tongue exploring his sweaty crack — hell, who doesn’t? — and a hot throat around the shaft and head of his cock. You’d better be ready to serve this strict daddy, here on

Theo Reid Discovers First Hand Why They Call Newcummer, Shay Cruz “The Spray”

Shay “The Spray” Cruz makes his debut at UKNakedMen and its a corker! I don’t think we’ve ever filmed a scene with such a copious cum shot. Theo Reid is a confirmed top, but for a little extra cash, he sure didn’t mind taking Shay’s club cock up his hole. We got in good and close with the camera in order to see the resistance between Theo’s tight arse hole and Shay’s throbbing meat. You can see the stiff tool, pushing hard, harder, bending, then sliding right in to the hilt. Theo took it bravely and even he was surprised by the amount of spunk that squirted, splat after splat, all over his face and into his gaping mouth. Hmmm. Suddenly we’re hungry for something thick and creamy. Catch Theo Reid and Shay Cruz EXCLUSIVELY on!

Pale, White Scally Lads Service Big Black Cock

Hanging out in his new sex den after getting fucked by fellow scally buddy, Lee Well, blond Justteen can’t help but show off his latest break-in. The chav reaches out to his mates, Drew Brody and Skylar Blue, inviting them over to chill and add to the spray paint masterpiece on the walls. Once they arrive, the posing continues, snapping one another on their phones and recording the act. Horse-hung Drew slaps his meaty monster cock against Jus, eager for him to drop to his knees…and it doesn’t take long! Growing bigger — seriously, can that thing get any larger? — Drew’s almighty dick is serviced by both the cute lads as they playfully fight over it, wanting the thick slab rammed down their throats. We’re pretty sure you’ll wish you were on your knees before Drew, too! There’s some awesome cock and ball worship from these Rudeboiz and it fuels Drew’s pent-up sexual needs. Blond Skylar becomes the center of attention as the other two spit-roast and tag team fuck the twink, giving him a good jaw and ass stretching. Skylar’s smooth tight ass is licked, rimmed and finger fucked, enough for donkey dicked Drew to pound hard. We would tell you that the type of fuck Skylar receives is nothing short of abused but you can’t really take that much advantage of a horny, hungry, greedy fuckhole. Skylar is insatiable as he’s shared by Drew and Jus, until his face is well and truly coated in thick, ropey, scally spunk. Hmmm. Slurrrppp! Bet you’d like to have that load of jizz splattered on your face right now, wouldn’t you? But you probably can’t go out and hunt for cock so, do the next best thing and treat yourself to these three piggies. You’ll feel much better after blowing off some steam…and a hot load!

Rough Spanish Fuckers Have Sex Outdoors After Sun Goes Down

It’s evening in Berlin and, as the sun goes down, the hard fuckers come out! Ivan Rueda and Garcia Perez are two dark-haired Spaniards, rough, hairy and full of spunk. They head to the track where they slowly strip each other down. Garcia, being a real aggressive top, can’t get enough of Ivan’s hairy ass. He eats the tempting hole deep, teasing and priming it for a hard pounding right there and then. Sliding his thick cock in and out, slow and fast, he paints a grin on Ivan’s face with his fucking that reaches from ear to ear. After stuffing his ass full of fingers and dick, Ivan spunks twice and Garcia himself coats them both in what seems like an endless spewing of jizz.

French Scally Lad Lucky Joe

Lucky Joe is a scally lad who likes showing off. He starts by getting his stuff together and showing us around his bedsit. With trackies and trainers all over the place, he gives us the grand tour, changing into his sports kit; football shorts and socks. He lets his big hard dick hang out for us to enjoy, stroking himself as he gets his trainers on. Joe then takes us down to the basement of his building — still sporting that huge bulge — where he shows us the mattress he used on a previous encounter. Apparently it was a hot experience as the memory makes his dick quiver and ooze pre-cum as if it were flowing from a tap! Blowing smoke into our faces, this filthy Frenchman slaps and pulls his cock and balls for us until he shoots, leaving the floor covered in spunk. If that’s not love, we don’t know what is.

Cyclist Jerks Off In Park

Pierre Mucker is usually a quiet man who likes to go about his own business, never bothering anyone. As a personal trainer, it’s important for him to work out and stay fit. Which is why he likes to ride his bike everywhere. Not only is it good for the environment, it’s good for his legs, and ass. There’s only one problem. When he works, Pierre experiences a rush of endorphins that leaves him unbelievably horny. We catch up with Pierre after one of his evening workouts and he invited us to follow along with him. After getting an eyeful of those big, muscled thighs, then rubbing his crotch on the handlebars of his bike, we said, what the fuck? We were already wishing we were the seat of his bike so he could sit on our faces! Wearing his skintight Lycra and black shorts that shows off the full package, Pierre finds a semi-secluded spot at a nearby park, stop to stroke his fat, uncut dick, and tease us as we watch, film, and drool. As night falls, Pierre becomes bolder, lifting up his shirt and playing with his furry chest while tweaking his nipples. Sadly, we couldn’t find anyone free to at least suck his cock, so we had to do with a solo. But when we saw him unleash that huge load all over the seat of his bicycle, we were glad we had him all to ourselves.

Flip Fucking Daddy/Son Duo Mickie Collins and Eddie Kordova

After finding out Eddie Kordova likes a dominant Daddy, we paired him up with Mickie Collins for some daddy/son roleplay and light bondage under the Florida sun. Of course, Mickie’s main goal is to stuff his throbbing cock into Eddie’s super tight hole but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a bit of fun doing it. Blindfolded and tied up, Mickie makes good use of Eddie’s cock, clad in a sock-like jockstrap, as well as his meaty ass. Burying his face in the stud’s hunky ass, Mickie follows through with his cock. Of course, Eddie’s cock-squeezing asshole presents a challenge for Daddy Mickie…at first. But he knows how to relax his bottoms, sliding home and deep and hard. For an extra surprise, however, Eddie flips Mickie and slides his huge fat piece into Mickie’s hairy ass. Covered in sweat, the pair fuck like rutting animals, until they can’t hold back any longer and have to release their pent-up loads.

Matt Stevens and Isaac Hardy Have Two Very Big, Fat Cocks For YOU To Enjoy!

Mean, bald fucker Matt Steven’s is back by popular demand, this time with fresh-faced Issac Hardy. Two distinctly different but equally hot men with very big, fat cocks for you to enjoy! Playing on a fantasy that many men have, you know the one where you’re sitting in that barber chair and the man cutting your hair brushes his crotch against your fingers? Well, in this revved up, scenario, Matt’s forgotten his wallet and, since he can’t pay with money, he pays a different way. These beefy guys get down to some nasty cock sucking, ass licking and flip-fucking. We bet you that the next time you go to the barber shop, you’ll be thinking of these two!

Draven Torres Stuffed And Pounded By Daemon Sadi

Draven Torres proves himself to be one of the biggest cock whores in the industry. Not that we ever doubted it for a moment. All you have to do is look at his work and see the way he throws himself completely into his passion: bareback sex. Whether it’s giving or taking it, Draven enjoys the connection between raw hole and throbbing meat. The one thing Draven loves more than anything else, especially lately, is servicing a big fat cock. And it doesn’t matter who it’s attached to. Turns out Draven is an equal opportunity cocksucker, turning into a true whore when someone like Daemon Sadi whips out a big black cock from his pants. Once Draven got a load out of the large piece of meat, he was all but dripping cum. Goodness knows he was certainly ready! Dropping to his knees, the tattooed Latino serviced every inch of Daemon’s slab with his greedy throat, taking him down to the balls for a deep throat cock sucking session that left Daemon jonesing for hole. But first, he wanted to return the oral favor. Only then could Daemon allow himself to spin Draven around and devour that tight pink ring of flesh. Then, using nothing but spit, Daemon slides home, pumping Draven raw, stuffing him full of black meat and pounding him rough, the way slut cock whores should be!

Muscle Bound Top Hunk Returns To Porn As A Pig Bottom

The incredibly sexy, horny, and versatile Dolan Wolf returns to Butch Dixon in order manhandle one hot and beefy muscle bound hunk. We last featured Joe on Butch Dixon in 2010, when the hot fucker was strictly a top. And now he’s back — re-born as it were — as JP Hawkes, exploring his passive side. With Dolan at the wheel, he’s in for a great ride! With plenty of fur, muscle, sweat, spunk and a hell of a lot of GRRRRowling, these two have everything they need for a great scene. And we’ve no doubt long-term fans will remember him from his distinctive stomach tattoo. Now, settle in as JP and Dolan get ripe while kissing, sucking, and balls deep fucking!

The Art Of Distraction

Josh Charters is expecting an escort and is surprised to see his regular guy has been replaced. But he’s not entirely unhappy. Kayden Gray, the replacement, is handsome, toned, and has the most beautiful cock Josh has ever seen. What he doesn’t know is that Kayden’s been sent because he’s the best at what he does. Skilled at the art of distraction, Kayden uses whatever means necessary to keep Josh happy and distracted, long enough for Tony and Hayden to do what they need to do. Josh’s thick, uncut cock pushes into Kayden’s downy ass to the hilt, each thrust making Kayden’s cock bounce off his tight abs and the pre-cum ooze over them. As the sun slowly sets, the cum starts to fly and Kayden’s wet body, slick with both loads, glistens in the golden light.


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