Men Wearing Cockrings

Jeff Kendall and Matt Stevens

And the sex gets keep getting better and better when Jeff Kendall has Matt Stevens all to himself…the raw passion that they display for one another and the look of lust that you see in their eyes is enough to keep your boner stiff and hard…but when Jeff starts fucking Matt’s bareback hole you know he’s going to be getting a deep ass pounding…hot loads are shared as Matt’s guts are loaded up with Jeff’s seed…in this scorching session of man to man sex.

Jeff Kendall and Matt Stevens

And the sex gets keep getting better and better when Jeff Kendall has Matt Stevens all to himself…the raw passion that they display for one another and the look of lust that you see in their eyes is enough to keep your boner stiff and hard…but when Jeff starts fucking Matt’s bareback hole you know he’s going to be getting a deep ass pounding…hot loads are shared as Matt’s guts are loaded up with Jeff’s seed…in this scorching session of man to man sex.

Jeff Kendall and Jessy Karson

Talk about sexual energy…There is some fantastic chemistry happening in this scene and it definitely shows. Jessy can’t get enough of Jeff’s raw cock and Jeff pounds Jessy’s greedy hole over and over again…They fuck on the couch, They fuck on chairs, They fuck on the floor standing up, They fuck all over the living room…They’re loud, They’re wild, Glistening in sweat even the neighbors can’t believe the romp that is going on next door…They each shoot huge loads of cum…with Jeff felching out his own cream pie from Jessy’ bare hole…what an awesome way to end of the scene…

Max Cameron and Jon Shield

It may have been raining and thundering outside but the real fireworks and hurricane were happening indoors when Max and Jon housesit over the weekend at a friend’s summer home. Within minutes of arriving they are stripped naked and romping around the living room…On the white leather sofa…Bent over in front of the fireplace…or face down buried in the lavender shag rug…Max and Jon sizzle in this sexy and sweaty bareback escapade. Max fucks Jon bare and loads him up with seed as Jon busts his nuts all over himself. It’s a great way to finish off the scene as Max felches Jon’s sloppy hole clean and swaps it back with him…

Jessy Karson and John Stache

John Stache’s mouth was watering at the site of Jessy Karson’s fat uncut cock and big floppy balls. John’s face was almost instantly buried in Jessy’s crotch as he worked over his loose foreskin swallowing his entire cock whole. The grazing of John’s beard and whiskers against Jessy’s low hanging nuts drives him crazy and to edge. Primed and ready, Jessy mounts his ass as he slides into John’s bareback butt. With nothing but some sweat and spit, Jessy takes full control and as he plows into his hole. John is plugged and pounded every which way…Face down on the hardwood floor, Jessy drives his dick into John as he has him pinned to ground. The relentless pounding leaves a pool of John’s precum oozing out of him and on the floor. This fantastic scene closes off with both of these guys shooting copious amounts of cum in one the most loudly and dramatic endings captured to date. It can’t be missed.

Businessmen Carlo Cox and Luca Falcini Seal The Deal With Spit, Lube, and Cum

At WorldofMen, we love the male species regardless of whether he’s clothed or naked. In this scene with Carlo Cox and Luca Falcini, though we love them naked, we’ll admit clothing does indeed make the man! With their looks and their physique, we’ve no doubt these two could sell you anything…even if you don’t need it. But they’re not here for you. They’re here to strike a deal. And it’s struck. All that’s left is to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Which is exactly what they do here as they strip off their suits. Sucking gives way to fingering, which only makes Carlo’s mouth water for a hot piece of ass and Luca has just what he’s looking for. Carlo pounds away in a frenzy at the man’s willing fuck hole before sealing their deal with spit, lube, and cum!

Sex Shop Trio Pharo, Duke Michaels and Tony Massala

Beefy muscle men Duke Michaels and Tony Massala are behind the counter at a local leather/sex shop. They’re busy watching Pharo, a hairy-chested customer getting his leathers on. Except that, as they watch, Duke and Tony get horny for the Egyptian’s sweet little ass. They soon unleash their huge cocks onto and into him! Working their cocks, Pharo sucks for all he’s worth, taking as much of one of the thickest cocks he’s ever seen — or had — into his mouth. Getting rammed by both loosens him up as they keep on plowing. He’s soon spunked on and blows all over a huge smooth chest. You could just eat it up and get going yourself!

Direct Skin-To-Skin Contact With Christian Matthews and Bruce Jordan

BD christianmatthews brucejordan preview Direct Skin To Skin Contact With Christian Matthews and Bruce Jordan

It was only a matter of time before we at Butch Dixon dipped our toes into the roiling, never-still waters of bareback porn. And with Christian Matthews begging for Bruce Jordan’s raw, uncut length in his hot hole, well, how could we resist? He begged so sweetly! After mutual cocksucking and grooving on man scents, Bruce fucked Christan. HARD. The bottom American cock whore howled for more and got it big style. Direct, skin-on-skin contact, leaving Christian’s hole gooey with dripping, thick cum. EXCLUSIVELY on!

French Scally Lad Lucky Joe

Lucky Joe is a scally lad who likes showing off. He starts by getting his stuff together and showing us around his bedsit. With trackies and trainers all over the place, he gives us the grand tour, changing into his sports kit; football shorts and socks. He lets his big hard dick hang out for us to enjoy, stroking himself as he gets his trainers on. Joe then takes us down to the basement of his building — still sporting that huge bulge — where he shows us the mattress he used on a previous encounter. Apparently it was a hot experience as the memory makes his dick quiver and ooze pre-cum as if it were flowing from a tap! Blowing smoke into our faces, this filthy Frenchman slaps and pulls his cock and balls for us until he shoots, leaving the floor covered in spunk. If that’s not love, we don’t know what is.

Flip Fucking Daddy/Son Duo Mickie Collins and Eddie Kordova

BD mickiecollins eddiekordova preview Flip Fucking Daddy/Son Duo Mickie Collins and Eddie Kordova

After finding out Eddie Kordova likes a dominant Daddy, we paired him up with Mickie Collins for some daddy/son roleplay and light bondage under the Florida sun. Of course, Mickie’s main goal is to stuff his throbbing cock into Eddie’s super tight hole but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a bit of fun doing it. Blindfolded and tied up, Mickie makes good use of Eddie’s cock, clad in a sock-like jockstrap, as well as his meaty ass. Burying his face in the stud’s hunky ass, Mickie follows through with his cock. Of course, Eddie’s cock-squeezing asshole presents a challenge for Daddy Mickie…at first. But he knows how to relax his bottoms, sliding home and deep and hard. For an extra surprise, however, Eddie flips Mickie and slides his huge fat piece into Mickie’s hairy ass. Covered in sweat, the pair fuck like rutting animals, until they can’t hold back any longer and have to release their pent-up loads.

Twink Top Billy Rubens Discovers His Inner Bottom With Hunky Daddy Dirk Caber

Continuing with our Daddy-On-Twink roleplay fantasies, this week Eurocreme features Russian twink extraordinaire Billy Rubens and huge muscle man Dirk Caber. Billy, who many of you will remember from his days playing the hotel manager from The Dreamboy Series, has been predominantly top with rare exceptions. However, since his solo scene with a dildo we’ve been wanting to get a cock up that boy’s ass. We succeeded, to a degree, but now, it’s finally happened. Billy gets taken and he fucking loves it! All the young tattooed stud needed was a Daddy to show him the ropes. Dirk was more than willing. The bearded hunk pushes Billy down onto the bed and starts to strip him. As Dirk peels his tight black shirt off and shows his hairy chest, smooth Billy can’t help but reach up to stroke his bulging hairy muscles before scooting to fill his mouth with cock. Enjoying the taste of that stiff dick and hairy daddy balls in his mouth, it seems Billy’s found a new side to him he thought never existed. But we knew. Rock hard throughout, especially during the deep, harder fuck, Billy’s eyes are truly opened — and so is that sweet pink hole — to a new world of sexual adventure and pleasure, by a man who knows how. An experienced Daddy who took Billy by the hand and allowed him to discover his inner bottom. By the end of the scene Billy is caught in a shower of cum and sweat and finds himself filled with a happiness not unlike nirvana.

Silver Daddy Jake Marshall Takes Charge Of Porn Newbie Kevin McDonough

BD jakemarshall kevinmcdonough preview Silver Daddy Jake Marshall Takes Charge Of Porn Newbie Kevin McDonough

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must submit to another. For some, it happens early enough in life, shaping their future as a top, bottom, or versatile gay man. Some, however, are born to be bottoms. Others, like silver daddy Jake Marshall, are born and raised to be top. This is a man who is not only handsome, he’s distinguished looking with a confident air about him that lets you know, HE knows exactly what YOU want and need. Definitely a man who knows what makes another man tick. Since this was Kevin McDonough’s first time in the industry, we decided there was no other man we wanted to pair the porn newbie than with Jake. Right from the start, though Kevin’s been dominated by other men before, we all knew this was going to be something special; to the point where Kevin was trembling with excitement as he was cuffed to a nearby tree, then played and used outdoors. Kevin was certainly eager to impress, which only helped as Jake took charge of the muscular pup, leaving him a pulsating mess. Kevin’s raw holes were claimed by Jake and used by the rock-hard daddy to satisfy his thick slab of bare meat. Now, Kevin is spoiled for any other man that might come along hoping to claim him.

Butch Bloom Rewards Draven Torres With A Steamy Load

After a hard day at work, Butch Bloom and Draven Torres are looking forward to hitting the showers. But once the two hot, compact and sexy fuckers got naked, they sprang boners that needed immediate attention. Each takes his turn on his knees, going down on throbbing cocks. When Butch got greedy and needed more than just a blowjob, the horny bastard took Draven into the dry sauna where he proceeded to bareback Draven’s cock hungry ass on the bench. In no time at all, these two get sweaty, which only helps drive a raw cock deeper into a tight slut hole. So, with sweat for lube, Butch fucks Draven bareback, pounding the dick whore then rewarding him with a steamy load.

Draven Torres And Dylan Saunders. Battle For Bottom?

There are times when putting two bottoms together can be disastrous, especially if you’re expecting one to take the lead as the aggressor. We weren’t sure what would happen with Draven Torres and Dylan Saunders. It was definitely a gamble! Still, because we’ve seen Draven top in the past, we suspected he would be the one to come out on top. And we were right! Then again, it wasn’t exactly a battle for bottom position. Not when Draven is such an ass whore, enjoying his tongue buried in a deep fuckhole. And with Dylan, well, let’s just say that we thought he might be ass up, face down in no time. But first, they got acquainted in the the dungeon room with plenty of dick sucking and rimming of hairless hole. And once Draven got all up in Dylan’s ass, it was all raw, intense, and sweaty with the sexy, bearded and tattooed Latino pounding the ever loving FUCK out of our latest bottom cock whore. Both blow a much anticipated load and we have a sneaky feeling YOU will, too!

Saunders And Bloom Have A Scrub ‘N Fuck

Dylan Saunders and Butch Bloom can’t resist their sexual desires for long as they slick each other up in the shower, getting ready for a scrub ‘n fuck. In no time at all, cock-hungry Saunders is on his knees, taking Bloom’s dick down to the root in slow strokes. This causes a shaved-bald and bearded Butch to go rock hard and spring into action. The two swap blowjobs, as well as rimming and ass eating, before ditching the shower. Taking their lust to the bedroom, Butch works his cock inside Dylan and fucks the whore bareback, in ways that allow his cock to reach that one spot…the one spot Butch knows will turn Dylan into a trash talking verbal bottom. Flipping Saunders on his back, Bloom drives deeper and deeper until they spew, ending up sweaty and panting but drained and satisfied.


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