Men Wearing A Harness

Sex Shop Trio Pharo, Duke Michaels and Tony Massala

Beefy muscle men Duke Michaels and Tony Massala are behind the counter at a local leather/sex shop. They’re busy watching Pharo, a hairy-chested customer getting his leathers on. Except that, as they watch, Duke and Tony get horny for the Egyptian’s sweet little ass. They soon unleash their huge cocks onto and into him! Working their cocks, Pharo sucks for all he’s worth, taking as much of one of the thickest cocks he’s ever seen — or had — into his mouth. Getting rammed by both loosens him up as they keep on plowing. He’s soon spunked on and blows all over a huge smooth chest. You could just eat it up and get going yourself!

J. Salaz and Moises Franco Make A Sticky Mess In The Kitchen

model187 640x360 J. Salaz and Moises Franco Make A Sticky Mess In The Kitchen

Humpy, hairy, bearded muscle bear Moises Franco has hired J. Salaz to come over and clean his kitchen. But instead of cleaning, J.Salaz is getting horny looking at a porn magazine. Mind you, it’s probably Moises fault. It’s his kitchen, after all. He probably left the magazine laying on his counter. Naturally, J. Salaz is going to be curious. Now, Moises is angry because J.Salaz isn’t working at all! When he confronts the housecleaner, J.Salaz surprises Moises by pissing in his jeans. Then on Moises! Now the Spanish muscle bear gets his revenge by fucking J.Salaz for being disrespectful. J. Salaz and Moises make one hell of a sticky mess in the kitchen so, enjoy the return of piss to Jalif Studio!

Punch Fisting Countdown

model184 640x360 Punch Fisting Countdown

JalifStudio, the Kings of Fetish — from the most innocent of kink to the most intensely graphic — have returned with a scene that’s bound to make a splash. Featuring Alfa Jota, the Daddy/Master of submissive whores, and Antonio Bermudas, dressed only in a jockstrap, socks, and boots. Oh, and how can we forget the mask? From the start there’s a bit of suspense as Antonio peruses the pictures he’s found in his Master’s apartment… pictures of men trussed up, legs splayed, with gaping holes. It’s apparent this is what Antonio wants and Alfa, knowing a true and willing sub when he sees one, moves in to give Antonio what he wants. Between the spitting, kissing, and cock sucking, viewers will not doubt be wondering what’s going to happen next as they stroke their own cocks and watch. You won’t have long to wait. Alfa proceeds to Antonio’s hole very quickly and what follows as an incredibly intense session of extreme anal play. Rosebuds and punch fisting with a countdown — or perhaps a count up? — to see just how much Antonio can take. Curious to see just how much this manhole cunt can take? Go ahead, take a look if you’re man enough for this fetish. We dare you. Yeah. These kinky fuckers are definitely back!

Tony Thorn Preps Blue Bailey For A Slam Fuck

UKNM tonythorn bluebailey preview Tony Thorn Preps Blue Bailey For A Slam Fuck
Whether you like your men big and hairy or short and smooth, contrast is frequently one of the hottest things in porn. This week, UKNakedMen features a perfect example: Tony Thorn and Blue Bailey. Tony is dark, uncut and handsome versus Blue, who’s smooth, insatiable and cut. Tony couldn’t wait to get up to his nuts in Blue’s hot little hole, slobbering and pushing spit into his arse with his tongue, prepping him for a slam-fuck. Stretching Blue’s clenched hole with his wet fingers and slapping his ass, Tony gets Blue even hornier. From the look on Blue’s face, it’s clear he loves riding Tony’s thick, dark dick. And when asked where he wanted Tony to shoot his pent-up, creamy load, there was no hesitation. “In my mouth!” Tony happily obliged the greedy pig, feeding Blue freshly churned cum straight into his mouth. What are YOU waiting for? Get on your knees, open wide, and stick your tongue out for Tony. So, join us. You’re next!

Fucking In The Dark, In And Out Of The Car

It’s a lucky day when you’re horny and cruising for sex in Berlin and your headlights land on a harnessed Pier Latte taking a piss in the woods. MachoBull can’t believe his luck and relaxes in his seat, thick dick leaking pre-cum as Pier puts on a show. Macho grows harder than ever and ready for a car-top fuck! Pier’s hot strapped body, trimmed hair and the look of pure sex on his face are more than enough to get MachoBull to beckon. He’s soon face fucking the hell out of Pier, pulling his hairy ass apart, and plunging his cock deep inside with only headlights to let us see the hardcore action between them that will leave the car bonnet coated with streams of jizz.

Silver Daddy Jake Marshall Takes Charge Of Porn Newbie Kevin McDonough

BD jakemarshall kevinmcdonough preview Silver Daddy Jake Marshall Takes Charge Of Porn Newbie Kevin McDonough

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must submit to another. For some, it happens early enough in life, shaping their future as a top, bottom, or versatile gay man. Some, however, are born to be bottoms. Others, like silver daddy Jake Marshall, are born and raised to be top. This is a man who is not only handsome, he’s distinguished looking with a confident air about him that lets you know, HE knows exactly what YOU want and need. Definitely a man who knows what makes another man tick. Since this was Kevin McDonough’s first time in the industry, we decided there was no other man we wanted to pair the porn newbie than with Jake. Right from the start, though Kevin’s been dominated by other men before, we all knew this was going to be something special; to the point where Kevin was trembling with excitement as he was cuffed to a nearby tree, then played and used outdoors. Kevin was certainly eager to impress, which only helped as Jake took charge of the muscular pup, leaving him a pulsating mess. Kevin’s raw holes were claimed by Jake and used by the rock-hard daddy to satisfy his thick slab of bare meat. Now, Kevin is spoiled for any other man that might come along hoping to claim him.

Newcummer Timmy Treasure Surrenders To Delta Kobra On The Wheel Of Misfortune

UKNM deltakobra timmytreasure preview Newcummer Timmy Treasure Surrenders To Delta Kobra On The Wheel Of Misfortune

Fans of Delta Kobra are going to be drooling long before they’re done watching this scene, paired with newcummer Timmy Treasure. Delta is an incredibly sexy and hot man. But so is Timmy…in a different way. Just watching Delta slip into a pair of boot socks, then his boots, harness and leather cap, will be enough to get you hard if not dripping. Just wait until you see lucky Timmy — or unlucky, depending on your perception — on what some call the unholy Wheel of Misfortune. Timmy surrenders completely to Delta, strapped as he is to the Wheel. Delta, the wonderfully sadistic fucker, grips Timmy from every angle: from playing with his foreskin, sucking his dick and teasing his nipples, to feeding him cock. There’s even some borderline CBT, complete with tugging on balls, slapping cocks, and applying ever so much pressure…just enough to make it feel wicked good! And even when Timmy is released from the Wheel, it’s far from over. How much more can this poor submissive bottom endure in his UKNakedMen debut? Plenty! Delta sits his big, muscular hairy ass down on Timmy’s face then turns him over, stretches him wide and pounds him full of uncut dick before squirting a fat load of spunk all over the slut’s face.

Flip Flopping Fetish Fuckers

UKNM mishadante alfiestone preview Flip Flopping Fetish Fuckers

One of the bendiest, stretchiest, and flexible men in town has got to be stunningly handsome Misha Dante. And now he’s here, on UKNaked Men in his very first SIZZLING duo! When he spreads for Alfie Stone, this horny fucker REALLY spreads! Which only makes Alfie just as eager to slam his dick into Misha’s hole as he is to take Misha’s thick, uncircumcised dick into his own cock hungry, yearning man-cunt. After plenty of anal play, cock sucking, and hole rimming, Misha slam fucks Alfie until he can no longer hold back. He shoots his steaming seed in Alfie’s face but…WOAH! He’s not finished yet. After shooting his wad, the fucking continues. This time with Alfie relentlessly pounding Misha before unloading his own creamy goods all over Misha’s taut, hairy belly. And the entire time? Misha is rock hard. The true sign of a completely filthy cock whore!

Glamour Shots – Leo Forte and Race Cooper

leo race glamour01 Glamour Shots – Leo Forte and Race Cooper

leo race glamour02 Glamour Shots – Leo Forte and Race Cooper

leo race glamour03 Glamour Shots – Leo Forte and Race Cooper

leo race glamour04 Glamour Shots – Leo Forte and Race Cooper

leo race glamour05 Glamour Shots – Leo Forte and Race Cooper

When I discovered a way to get up onto my roof, I suddenly had a new location to shoot glamor shots. Early afternoon on a clear day can produce some amazingly beautiful skies over the San Francisco skyline. When you add a couple muscle-bound porn stars in skimpy clothes up on the roof, you get some fashion magazine style gorgeousness. Enjoy Leo Forte and Race Cooper on my roof.


The Double Headed Raven Tail

BD matteovalentine aletedesco preview The Double Headed Raven Tail

Tats, toys, gear and a hell of a lot of ass play. Do these things sound appealing to you? They sure do to Ale Tedesco and Matteo Valentine! When Ale comes to visit, he always brings new gear. We’re always happy with black leather and steel, but Ale’s colorful pig-play gear’s a welcome change from the tried and true. Pig play is Ale’s specialty and since Matteo loves his sex piggy and sleazy who better to pair up? We knew this scene would practically shoot itself. Matteo is as hairy, sexy and horny as ever and even though his perma-stiff dick is nice and juicy and does the job right, he’s brought along his wicked raven tail sex toy, an ass ripper of a double ended dildo if we ever saw one. He uses it to loosens Ale’s infamously hungry ass in preparation for a good, hard fuck. Nobody loves dick like Ale. The anally obsessed slut truly can’t stuff enough man-meat in his hole. Matteo does his best to satisfy the whore, using every trick at his disposal, but Ale needs more, more, more!

Big Fat Daddy Dick For Cocksucking Pig Boy

14 DillonPress ScottCampbell 640x360 Big Fat Daddy Dick For Cocksucking Pig Boy

Scott Campbell is harnessed, booted, and already on his knees long before we get the cameras rolling. He’s stroking his cock while servicing Dillon Press’s big, fat dick. Scott crams Dillon’s head into his crotch, shoving that throbbing piece of meat all the way down Scott’s open throat. Frankly, we’re not sure which one of them is luckiest. But just as we started to wonder that, Scott sits down and lets Dillon work on his cock. After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gooseling, right? With Scott’s legs spread wide, Dillon helps himself to a hefty, tasty helping of Scott’s greedy fuckhole. Stroking the puckered entrance while sucking on Scott’s cock, Dillon eventually shoves a finger in deep, driving Scott crazy. By now, Scott’s begging. He’s like a whore who just won’t quit. And do you blame him? Just take a really good look at his “Daddy” and his big fat daddy dick! That slab of beef was totally meant for cock sucking pig boys like Scott. Dillon obliges Scott’s desires by him around and kissing and eating the stretched open hole. He continues to drive Scott crazy, driving a thumb in, followed by more tongue. When Scott’s butt is primed, Dillon works his throbbing shaft inside and pounds the ever loving hell out of Scott, making the cock pig moan and continue to beg for more. After getting hungry Scott on his back, Dillon slowly pulls in and out of Scott then works up toward a fevered pitch. When he eventually pulls out, Dillon blows his load right into Scott’s mouth before getting down on his knees to help drain Scott of his seed.

Young Master Seeks Pup. No Experience Necessary. Will Train.

256769 640x360 Young Master Seeks Pup. No Experience Necessary. Will Train.

Remember the days before the internet, when hooking up meant perusing your local paper for the most perverted sex ads you could find? Well, in some parts of the world, meeting other men to satisfy your needs still happens pretty much the same way. Through the local gay rags. Especially if you’re a closeted young pup like Andre Schimit. The handsome, sexy 24-year-old virgin is looking to get his cherry popped. The harder and rougher, the better. To make his hunger even more pronounced, he wants a dominant leather master to break him in and treat him like a dog. When he finds THE ad, he knows he must to call. It’s a Master, looking to train a submissive bottom. Andre picks up the phone and speaks with the man who placed the ad.

Decked out in a leather harness, cap, and boots, Dennys Cult barks at the young man to come over. But Andre gets nervous about following through and hangs up. However, Dennys does not know the meaning of the word NO. And uncertainty, to him, is only an opportunity to push the bottom into the abyss. Andre readily agrees and within minutes is at the Master’s home. When he spots Dennys, he knows this is the one. The man who’s going to break him in. Seconds later he’s collared, gagged, and on his knees getting his ass spanked with a riding crop. Dennys takes good care of the submissive bottom, shoving his cock into the boy’s mouth and feeding him. But there’s no need to urge or even train Andre. The pup is a natural born cocksucker and instinctively knows what to do. It’s as if he were born to be a Master’s whore. When Dennys tears into the tight pink fuckhole with his fat, raw dick, Andre knows his life has changed forever. He will be Dennys’ dog and wait at his side, patiently, until his Master is ready to reward him for his loyalty with more bareback fucking.

More Images From Dungeon Werk 2

Here are a few more images from my new DVD, “Dungeon Werks 02″, but you can see each of the scenes from that movie IF you are a member of Lavender Lounge.

spencer reed conner habib01 More Images From Dungeon Werk 2

Hairy muscle man Spencer Reed towers over bear cub Conner Habib.

josh west tober brandt3 More Images From Dungeon Werk 2

Tober Brandt can’t wait to stick Josh West’s giant cock in his mouth.

ethan ayers blake oscar01 More Images From Dungeon Werk 2

Ethan Ayers loves getting his cock sucked by boyfriend Blake Oscar so much it hurts.

These shots are just a taste of what’s inside Lavender Lounge!

Thinking Man’s Kink – Dungeon Werk 2

box dungeon werk02b800 Thinking Man’s Kink – Dungeon Werk 2



Sometimes kink is as much in the mind as it is in the groin. In this scene featuring two legendary porn stars, there is something subversive going on that isn’t quite explained.

It’s a bright sunny day and Josh West is reading the morning paper. Checking his watch, he sees it’s time to go into action, so he pours a cup of coffee and takes it down to the dungeon. Tober Brandt is there tied to beam wrapped in cellophane. Woken by Josh pouring a shot of caffeine down his throat, we’re left to wonder why Tober is tied up and for how long? What does Josh have in mind wearing that frightening-looking rubber butcher’s apron? What kind atrocities happened the night before?

Carefully slicing open the cellophane around his crotch area, Josh stimulates Tober’s massive meat. Careful not to get poked by the sharp metal point attached to Tober’s Prince Albert, Josh stirs the juices in his submissive subject.

We soon become aware that these two are both kinky bastards cause it’s all consensual. Removing the remaining restraints shows that Tober was totally turned on by the bondage. Continuing the bondage effects, Josh puts Tober on his knees with his outstretched arms chained to the beams while he services Josh’s giant cock.

While still in chains, Tober gets bent over at the waist to get his ass rimmed and ready for fucking. Josh loves teasing the hole by rubbing and slapping his fat cock against it.

Retiring to the sling, Josh plays with Tober’s ass some more, licking and fingering it teasingly. The moment of penetration is shown clearly as that massive cock slowly enters, but the thrusting soon intensifies to a feverous pitch. The two hairy muscle studs are a perfect match, and completely comfortable with each other. No direction is needed as they know exactly what each other likes. The result is sweaty, manly and powerful.

Conner has been chained and blindfolded in the basement and he’s not too pleased. Spencer enters wearing a leather jockstrap and carrying a leather strap. After checking out the merchandise, the bearded muscleman gives Conner’s perky round butt a good spanking while Conner moans with delight for nearly 10 minutes. (I worked with Conner the next day and he still had bruises!)

With the chains removed, but still blindfolded, Conner begs to suck Spencer’s big dick. Spencer knows he’s got a hot body and throbbing cock and doesn’t mind making Conner work for it, but Conner’s enthusiasm is contagious, and Spencer gets down to taste Conner’s cock, too.
With butt cheeks still ruby red, Conner gets on all fours to let Spencer lube up his hairy hole with his tongue, as he talks dirty. But Spencer was so anxious to stick his dick in Conner’s ass, he didn’t even wait to put up the sling. He kept him bent over on the floor and shoved it in. After they got warmed up, we did set up the sling to get a good clear shot of the action. These two hairy beasts looks incredible from an aerial view of Spencer’s dick plowing that hungry ass.

When the time was right, both of these muscle cubs shot big plumes of jizz straight up in the air.

In real life, Ethan Ayers and Blake Oscar are having a long-distance affair. Ethan was only in town for a week, so they wanted to have their kinky sex scene documented.

Blake is ushered into the dungeon in a blindfold. Though he is turned on by the thought of what’s coming up, he is unaware of what might happen next. Blake gets his hands bound with chains as he gets his ass eaten. Ethan bends him over to get his cock sucked between passionate kisses and butt licking. With Blake still blindfolded, his hands are released so Ethan can maneuver him better to suck Blake’s dick and get his armpits sniffed. But once the blindfold is removed, Blake really gets down to the business of sucking dick and rimming Ethan’s ass.

With both of these hot leather men on all fours, Ethan starts to prepare Blake’s ass for a major pounding. Free to “go with the flow”, Ethan and Blake change positions at will, performing whatever sex act feels good at the moment, whether it’s sucking rimming, fingering, kissing or 69ing.
Ethan can’t wait to set up the sling, so he shoves his big cock into Blake while still on the dungeon floor, fucking passionately in several positions. But when the sling does get set up, Ethan’s own hungry hole needs attention, so he straddles Blake laying in the sling and bounced up and down on his playmate’s hard cock.

But now it’s Blake’s turn to respond to his own hungry hole as Ethan dons rubber gloves and begins that slow, sensuous task of shoving his fist up Blake’s ass. Blake is an expert at getting fisted and knows just what he likes. Blake strokes his hard cock feverishly with Ethan’s hand inserted well past the wrist, cumming profusely.

With Blake squeezing his nipple, Ethan blasts a huge load all over Blake’s chest then comes around to the side to have Blake suck every last drop out of his long, fat, curved cock.

Dungeon Werk 2 Now On DVD

box dungeon werk02f800 Dungeon Werk 2 Now On DVD


While the brain is undeniably the body’s largest sex organ, most porn is focused exclusively on visual interpretation and/or repetition of pre-conceived rules of what gay porn should be. In this second edition of the “Dungeon Werk” series, Lavender Lounge Studios thinks outside the box, with emphasis on the thinking part. The world of kinky sex is too diverse for pre-set rules regarding top/bottom, dominant/submissive, and pain/pleasure. “Dungeon Werk 2″ deserves deeper analysis and repeated viewing to appreciate its subtleties.

“Allowing models to choose their scene partners is the prime directive of Lavender Lounge Studios,” says Producer/ Director Mark Kliem. “If the guys are truly into each other sexually, the scene directs itself and all I have to do is point the camera.”

The pairing of real life fuck buddies Josh West and Tober Brandt allowed us to explore a meditative bondage experiment with the emphasis on pushing one’s limits while being completely consensual and submissive. These muscle bears can take you on a head trip – but only if you have the awareness of what’s going on in their heads.

Given the challenge to choose his ultimate fantasy fuck, Conner Habib chose hairy muscle beast Spencer Reed. Blindfolded and dwarfed by the much larger muscleman, Conner not only submits to abuse with a paddle but begs for his throat to be filled with Spencer’s giant cock to fulfill his blind date fantasy.

As long-distance lovers in real life, Ethan Ayers and Blake Oscar wanted to take full advantage of their limited time in San Francisco. Pent-up longings outweighed traditional sex roles and porn formulas. In the heat of the moment, top man Ethan Ayers surprised us all as his mounted Blake’s hard cock while preparing to fist Blake in the sling. Blake did get his ass fisted later, but only after plenty of unscripted kinky love making.

“Dungeon Werk 2″ in High Definition from Lavender Lounge Studios is available on DVD exclusively through, however each scene is also available individually through, with additional bonus scenes and photo galleries.


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