Men Giving A Massage

Hot Aussie Woody Fox Massaged Inside And Out

UKNM wooodyfox danbroughton preview Hot Aussie Woody Fox Massaged Inside And Out

Woody Fox is the type of guy who is simply put, irresistible. Up to now, the adorable and sexy Aussie has been top. But in this fantasy scenario — straight from Woody’s sometimes pervy mind — his massage takes an unexpected turn and Woody ends up on the bottom, massaged inside AND out! It’s a “massage gone bad,” as if that could ever be, with stunning, big-dicked guy-next-door Dan Broughton. Woody offers up his toned sexy body and very tight hole to Dan’s talented fingers, tongue and big, fat uncut cock. Woody’s brave, eager struggling is incredibly sexy as he squeezes that big tool inside him. And it all ends in a gloriously sweaty, gummy, sticky mess. Woody might be an inexperienced bottom but he seems to be getting the hang of it.

Masseur Dan Broughton Rewards Client Mark Coxx With A Cum Facial

UKNM danbroughton markcoxx preview Masseur Dan Broughton Rewards Client Mark Coxx With A Cum Facial

Danny Broughton is a stunning boy-next-door. We couldn’t wait to get him on our massage bench. Nor could big, long-dicked Mark Coxx. Of course, you know where this is going. Who could remain professional with that muscula playground laid out in front of you? Mark’s hands wander and Dan is appreciative of the attention, judging by the rapid stirring of his uncut pole. Mark wraps his full lips over Dan’s dick and takes the shaft as deep down his throat as he can as Dan moans in ecstasy. We know where Mark really wants it and when his hole is good and open — spit-lubed with Mark’s probing tongue — Dan bends his handsome friend over the bench and slides his long uncut dick inside the lad. They’re on the bench and over the bench and the cameras are ‘right in there’ as Mark’s arse opens and Dan’s foreskin unfurls. That must have really hit the G-spot because Mark just can’t hold back any longer and cums a hot load as Dan pushes deeper, deeper, and deeper. And for a tight arse like that, lucky Mark is rewarded with a Broughton cum facial and loves every drop.

Hung Daddy Masages The New Kid On The Block

UKNM giocruz markcoxx preview Hung Daddy Masages The New Kid On The Block

Gio Cruz is a talented masseur with strong, probing fingers that are almost as sensitive as his thick, curved cock and warm, hot tongue. Mark Coxx, a relative new comer, is a lithe, toned, BIG dicked young man with a big appetite for hot studs, foreskins, and stiff tools. Is it any wonder then that he takes so well to Gio? What’s not to love? Gio can’t stop his wandering hands — that’s the horny Latin in him — and his oily fingers slip and slide into every slick crevice of Mark’s beautiful body. The young stud is getting much more than he bargained for as Gio over familiarizes himself with the eager bottom. But Mark’s not complaining. Who can he? Not with Gio’s dark, oily dick in his hand! Gio’s pushes strong fingers into Mark’s aching, twitching, hungry hole as we welcome the new kid on the block. We’re told Gio’s customers never refuse him and this handsome young man is about to become yet another notch on Gio’s massage table. Now, where did we leave our wallets? We need to schedule an appointment NOW!

Ken Ten Massages Brandon Jones And His Prostate

Massages are always a great way to relax and release the pressure. Especially if you’re masseur is toned, muscular, and tattooed, Ken Ten. This bi-racial stud is sharp, masculine, and sexy as hell. And with that fat, huge, uncut cock, he’s a perfect “Ten.” When he walks into the room, Brandon Jones knows he’s hit the jackpot and, after getting oiled and kneaded with Ken’s big hands, he finds himself with a thick, long finger up his ass, probing and massaging his prostate. And since Brandon is such a bottom, who is he to say no? Especially as Ken really knows how to work an ass and make the hungry manhole practically beg for meat! Shoving his cock deep down Brandon’s throat, Ken then mounts his client and lays into him. He puts Brandon in all sorts of positions, all of them affording him the opportunity to bury his throbbing shaft as deep as humanly possible, making Brandon groan until he splatters a load of cum all over himself. To reward him for being such a good client, Ken pumps his cock and feeds Brandon a thick load of hot semen. Hmmm. Yummm!

Happy Endings With A Big Finish

There are lots of things about twinks that turn us on. Heading the top of the list is their ability to drop what they’re doing and have fun, their stamina, and their passion for big cock and bareback sex. They don’t usually get stressed out about much but when they do, they get SO damn tight! Like Timmy Monroe. He’s super knotted up and needs to get massaged desperately. So he heads over to Tony Elliot who has magic hands. The moment Timmy gets on Tony’s table, it’s all about relaxation and the twink starts to unwind. But as he loosens up, Timmy starts to get hungry for dick. He’s heard Tony’s got a big one but it isn’t until he sees it first hand that he realizes THAT’S what he needs to get fully stretched out and completely loose.

Tony plays with Timmy’s ass, his hole, and then his cock before getting on the table with his client in a 69. Each sucks a huge uncut dick, getting their throats fucked before Tony dives for Timmy’s tight fuckhole. Giving it a good tongue lashing and rim job, Tony then works his huge dick inside the hungry bareback bottom and gives him a good fuck. As he pistons faster and faster, Tony’s cock massages Timmy’s prostate, thus fucking the cum out of him. Now THAT’S a massage with a happy ending and one VERY big finish in the form of an enormous cum facial!

Trojan Rock Gets An Unexpected Facial

There’s no doubt about it. When it comes to men, Trojan Rock likes exactly that: MEN, with a capital “M.” And there’s no finer specimen of manliness than Thunder, the bald, muscle bear daddy who’s been working out with Trojan at the gym. The man is huge, tall with broad shoulders, massive chest, and a quiet, unassuming air about him. Naturally, once Trojan set his eyes on the man, he invited the hirsute bodybuilder back to the studio for a full-body massage. And who would possibly say no to that? With Thunder’s sore muscles, he certainly wouldn’t.

When the towering mountain of a man showed up, Trojan was as giddy as a school boy and immediately set about making Thunder feel comfortable on the massage table. Then, with hot oil in hand, Trojan made him feel even better once he started kneading the man’s muscles. The session turns into a full appreciation of the male form, from Thunder’s broad, massive back down to the amazingly round, beefy ass and well-shaped, muscular legs. Trojan wastes little time in burying his tongue in Thunder’s ass, then flips him over to reveal a fat, meaty, uncut cock that’s positively mouth watering. Trojan soon has his lips wrapped around Thunder’s big dick, trading blowjobs and servicing the man until he blows a huge wad. Poor Trojan winds up getting quite the unexpected facial!

How To Massage Your Prostate

If you’ve ever gotten a massage, you already know how good they feel. On the flip side, they can also be so intimate and erotic that you wind up walking away with a hard-on or, at the very least, the urge to get jerked off. Not many therapists are willing to give you a handjob and a happy ending, let alone go further with a blowjob or a good fuck. But you’ve probably never been massaged by Dominic Pacifico, either. Issac Jones has felt his touch. In fact, he’s felt more than that. He’s sucked the man’s huge, curved cock and played with his big balls. What starts off as a massage ends up as an incredible sexual experience, complete with toys, as Dominic shows off the best ways to massage your prostate. Eventually, Issac gets the real thing, slammed balls deep and pounded hard before both spew big loads of jizz all over each other.


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