Matt Sizemore

Ultimate Versatility!

Adam and Matt are back in action as they tear up the screen in this sizzling bareback Sex Fest. Matt’s hard cock and full nut sack are no match for Adam’s many oral talents. He licks and strokes Matt’s stiff pole with his raspy tongue leaving Matt shaking, quivering and ready for more. Adam’s legs are spread wide open, and his fuzzy ass cheeks are exposed ready to be rimmed, eaten, and manhandled. But that’s just the start…as we get an awesome glimpse of what both of these legends of Bareback Porn can get up to. Sweaty Sex and Raw Instinct are all on tap in this scorching scene that is not to be missed…

Night Vision Bareback Fucking

Watching a hot sex video where the action takes place in the dark can be a huge turn-on. That’s why we filmed this scene with Kyle Savage and Matt Sizemore using Night Vision. Kyle and Matt are no strangers. They’ve fucked before. In fact, Kyle’s been with Matt many times and already knows how huge that cock is. He also knows just how Matt likes it and soon drops to his knees and opens wide. Matt feeds him every single inch, fucking his face, his throat, and making Kyle gag. Damn. Is there anything hotter than knowing the cocksucker servicing you is gagging because your dick so big? After dicking Kyle’s throat balls deep, the way Matt likes, Matt buries his tongue in Kyle’s daddy ass and gets that hole ready for some huge raw cock. By now, Kyle is begging to be fucked and he knows it’s gonna hurt. But he slides his big ass right down on that raw cock all the same, enjoying the pain and taking it like a champion. Naturally, Matt rewards this cum slut with a juicy load in his hole. Wouldn’t you, after all that work?

Sebastian Rio Leaves Matt Sizemore With Cum-Filled Hole

The really good thing about filming guys who share a chemistry and are super horny is that by the time we start rolling, the men are almost always already in action. Take Sebastian Rio and Mark Sizemore as an example. These two were already busy sucking cock when we hit “RECORD!” Standing on scaffolding was the perfect position for Sebastian to be in as Matt remained standing on the floor, slurping, servicing, and deep throating that huge piece of uncut meat. In fact, Matt was gagging at times what with all that throat fucking and Sebastian grabbing the back of Matt’s head and just pumping him until he had to pull back for lack of air. Nasty Sebastian! And we love him for it.

After getting his big meat serviced, Sebastian returned the favor, swallowing Matt’s own sizeable curved piece before turning him around and rimming his hot daddy hole. And you do know it didn’t end there, right? Well, Matt had apparently been fucked recently but do you think Sebastian went easy on him? Hell, no! Sebastian dug deep, at times slow and tender, at times hard and rough. But no matter how he fucked Matt, the daddy whore couldn’t stop moaning. When Sebastian picked up speed, it was to breed and seed Matt’s hungry fuckhole. When he pulled out, the load just oozed out and Matt, turned on by the thought of all that jizz inside him, fired off a load of his own that splattered all over his belly. Yeah. That’s how you fuck a bottom daddy whore.

Behind The Scenes At Breed Me Raw – March 2013

We love a good Behind The Scenes at Breed Me Raw. It gives you an EXCLUSIVE look at our models clowning around as you get to know them a bit better. And this month, it’s no different. First, we tease you with Sebastian Rio as he strokes his fat, curved, huge Latino cock. It takes very little to coax him into a hard-on and he all but guarantees breeding Matt Sizemore in an upcoming scene. So get ready for some teasing as Sebastian works Matt up into a frenzy with his big juicy dick. Then watch Chad Brock and James Roscoe as they bask in the afterglow of their bareback fucking. You’d swear there’s something more intimate going on between these two other than just being fuck buddies! Next we round up the month with Sebastian once again — but then we rarely tire of hot men with a big dick — this time playing with Morgan Black as he takes possession of the bearded hunk’s hole and makes it his own. Oh, the things these bad boys get into, including sucking off the cameraman! It’s tough to be Tyler, isn’t it?

Tag Teaming, Spit Roasting Trio Sebastian Rio, Matt Sizemore And Kamrun

The best threeway is always one that has three men who are equally attracted to one another. With Kamrun, Matt Sizemore and Sebastian Rio we have just that and then some. We also have a trio that knows all about bareback sex, the crazy lust that possesses you when you’re fucking, and the feeling of being pushed over the edge as you’re either giving or collecting that hot load of jizz. And whether you’re swallowing it or getting your hole bred, it’s ALL about the cum.

So here, now, we’ve got two flavors of cock for you to enjoy, along with one big black and VERY hungry booty! Sebastian and Matt present Kamrun with a cock buffet of huge meat. Kamrun takes turns sucking one, then the other, but finally has to have both and tries to suck down both. Sebastian soon gets the idea of spit-roasting and tag team fucking Kamrun while bent over a barrel. Together, they open up Kamrun’s tight black hole and fuck him raw until he’s left gaping and sloppy from cum breeding.

Raw Daddy-On-Daddy Bareback Action

If you’re going through our blog, chances are you’re already into bareback sex. If you’re reading this post, chances are also pretty good that you’re into REAL men fucking bareback. We are, after all, the face of what bareback sex looks like and represents. The real man in all his flawed beauty for better or worse, because here, it’s all about that connection you make between cock and hole, cemented by seed. However, if you’re into daddy-on-daddy bareback action, then you’re in for a crowning glory! Matt Sizemore, everyone’s favorite piggy raw dad, and Brent Chaps. Both men have been cock pigs from as far back as they can remember but Brent is so much more. He’s a major cum whore who enjoys a big fat dick pounding him full of meat then leaving him with a sore, gaping hole.

Matt Sizemore certainly does push Brent’s buttons! And considering all the dick sucking between the two, it’s a wonder they don’t have lockjaw by the end of the scene. However, after priming Brent full of spit, Matt slides home, down to the balls, and keeps on going until they’re both ready to unload. When Matt splatters his DNA all over Brent’s hungry ass, he keeps on fucking while feeding some of it to the hungry pig. OINK!

Behind The Scenes At Breed Me Raw – February 2013

It’s hard to believe we’re into February already. Seems like just yesterday we were all smashed on champagne, ringing in the New Year. But as we transition into another month, and with Valentine’s Day just about a week away, Breed Me Raw takes you behind the scenes to show you the sort of month you can have! Hopefully this will help clear up the winter doldrums. First up, there’s Morgan Black and Dominic Sol. This real-life couple gets dirty in the shower and even dirtier in the sauna with a lot of spit, sweat, and cum. You know, some of the things we hold near and dear to our cocks. Following Morgan and Dominic you’ll get to take a peak at an interracial, intergenerational 3-way that includes Matt Sizemore, Kamrun and Sebastian Rio. These three yuck it up a bit and can’t seem to stop horsing around but just wait until you see them get serious about all that hot bareback sex! We round out the month with Tober Brandt and Dylan Hyde, who finally get to have sex together for the first time together. And do you want to know what you get when you put together a big, hard cock that’s pierced with a hungry fuckhole that already has a load in it? Well, stay tuned and find out.

Down To The Bone Cocksucking And Bareback Fucking

As many of you know, both Kamrun and Matt Sizemore have been experimenting their inner bottom, taking raw cock up their ass, getting fucked bareback, and collecting loads. Kamrun still seems on the fence, which tells us he either needs a bit more soul searching to find his bottom whore, or that perhaps he’s more versatile than the original top we once thought he was. And trust us when we say that we’re delighted the sexy, tattooed black man loves fucking as much as he gets off on getting fucked. Here, in this dirty, trash-talking bareback sex scene with Matt Sizemore, we discover that when it comes to sucking dick, Kamrun is perfectly comfortable taking and giving. In fact, he’s so comfortable, he tries to deep throat Matt, getting his face fucked by the rough, masculine Daddy with the big dick.

But you know what they say. You suck my cock, I’ll suck yours. No? You’ve never heard that? Well, maybe you need to hang around with a horny, raunchier bunch. Matt returns the oral favor and soon finds himself in the sling, getting rimmed, then rimming Kamrun, before getting plowed balls deep. This is definitely once of those scenes that’s all about letting out the inner whore, regardless of whether you’re top or bottom. With plenty of balls deep cock sucking and hole stuffing, these two choke and gag as they take each other down to the bone. But the greedy pigs just keep on going until they pop their loads all over Matt, who’s graduated into a great Daddy slut!


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