Jordan Fox

Jordan Fox And His FAT, Juicy Cock

UKNM jordanfox solo preview Jordan Fox And His FAT, Juicy Cock

Our French adventure is rounded off by Jordan Fox himself. The notorious dominator who taught Riley Tess some very new things a few weeks ago, is now all ours. We have his full attention and he’s playing just for us. Taking us for a naked stroll through his “garden of pleasure,” Jordan relaxes by the pool and gives us a close-up tour of his smooth, muscled body and his FAT, juicy, uncut cock. Jordan stares intensely at us as he releases an arc of cum which makes him shudder. He holds our gaze as he tastes his cum and we almost drop the camera! And as if that weren’t enough — do we really need anything other than a good looking man with a big dick? — there’s his voice, with that hot accent to make your insides melt and want to throw your legs up in the air for that torpedo of a cock, shaped perfectly for balls-deep fucking.

Riley Tess Gives It All Up To Frenchman Jordan Fox

UKNM rileytess jordanfox preview Riley Tess Gives It All Up To Frenchman Jordan Fox

Riley Tess is loving his first visit to France. The locals seem friendly and he’s soon wandering care free through the countryside, picking apples as he goes. Except a big, handsome man spots him and says something with a gesture. Riley finds himself wishing he understood French and is soon whisked away, roughly manhandled by the big angry man. Shouting, Jordan Fox drags Riley through a hedge and threatens to call the police. But Riley does what he always does in times of crisis; he offers to blow the man. Jordan accepts the offer greedily but that’s just the start of his plans for Riley’s retribution. After all, if you’re going to go around picking apples, you have to pay the consequence. A good hosing comes next, both inside and out, followed by Jordan’s special brand of domination. In the end, it’s a face full of French cum and a harsh exit that makes Riley realize that perhaps he needs to be more exposed to foreign cultural. This lesson with Jordan might have been harsh but it was one that Riley’s enjoyed, leaving him hungry for more.


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