Jerking Off

Twink Jerkoff

Huge dicked Luke Vogel lets us in on a cheeky jerkoff whilst watching a horny scene from his favourite porn-site! As we watch his dick grow in his hands, the true length of what he’s packing is exposed and it’s one hell of a lot! His tight swimmers body, smooth skin and handsome face makes way for his huge slab of meat pumping in his hands, pulling on it in all directions, we get a very real idea of just how deliciously large it is! Just to turn us all on even more, he slides his entire length deep into a clear fleshjack, letting us see how it would be if that were inside a tight peachy butt, it’s sure to make yours pucker at the thought! He stands to truly work his dick and pulls out just in time to shoot his juice all over the glass desk, creating a mess, one we definitely wouldn’t mind clearing up for him!

Sucking Dick Will Take You Places

Ryan Fields And Chandler Scott Suck Fest

Ryan Fields And Chandler Scott Suck Fest

Chandler is back and ready to get his cock sucked by a guy for the first time. But because Ryan never had the chance to have a legit oral scene, he’s going to have experience his first time giving a blow job as well. Let see just how Chandler deals with the pressure.

Before they get to inhaling each other’s meat poles, Sha asks them to kiss, even though that’s a bit out of Chandler’s comfort zone. Ryan moves in and delivers some strong lip action. Chandler recoils at first but he quickly gets into it. Soon Chandler finds himself against the wall with Ryan’s body pressed against him. He certainly looks like he’s starting to enjoy the kissing.

He gets on his knees and allows Ryan to stick his cock in his mouth. I know this kid is new to giving blow jobs but damn! He takes Ryan’s dick all the way down to the balls. Impressed, Ryan decides to return the favor. He gets on his knees and explores Chandler’s meat stick with his mouth and tongue. The boys go on to suck cock all over the place; they even get a ladder involved. Satiated by each other’s meat, the boys sit back to back and jerk off. Ryan bursts first, sending ropes of cum onto the ground. He then sits behind Chandler and helps him rub his nut out by playing with his nipples and kissing his neck. The load Chandler shoots off was well worth it, jizz explodes from his cock.

Ryan Fields and Chandler Scott

Giant Dicked Twink Jack-off

Sneaking away from his desk, hung young twink Luke Desmond takes a break in a disused office, fully turned on and bulging from his suit pants. Stripping off his shirt to expose his smooth lean muscular frame, dark haired Luke gives us the real goods swiftly as he unzips and plays with his delicious 9" of meat right in front of us! Not content for just a quick wank downstairs, Luke grabs his secret icejack and proceeds to fuck it hard and deep, letting us see his shaft penetrate the whole length of the toy, getting more and more hard with each fuck forward. With time not on his side, Luke lays back and finishes the job in spectacular fashion, leaving him soaked with spunk, and only a few minutes to head back to his desk!

The Couch Quickie

Trevor Laster Blows James Andrews

Trevor Laster Blows James Andrews

James Andrews (my favorite newbie) is back and is going to have to come out of his comfort zone a bit by receiving his first blow job from a dude. He’s in very experienced hands though because he’s been paired with Trevor Laster, whom we all know has been around the block.

To get him warmed up, Sha asks James just to start off by jacking off. James doesn’t hesitate. He whips out that fat cock of his and starts to pull on it. He gets his boundaries stretched when Sha asks Trevor to suck on the newbie’s in order to help James get hard. It does the trick. Trevor then makes his way down to James’ cock and starts to suck on it. He bobs up and down on James’ wood, getting it nice and wet. James’ sausage continues to grow in Trevor’s mouth. James can’t help but admit that it feels great. He stares up at the ceiling in awe, he can’t believe that a guy’s mouth is doing this to him. This is what happens when you let a real gay boy go to work. You get an amazing straight boy that suddenly becomes speechless. Soon James can’t hold it anymore, he pulls out of Trevor’s mouth and jacks until cum is spewing everywhere.

We’re not done yet though, we’ve still got one boy who needs a release. James isn’t quite ready to suck cock yet but he’s willing to give a hand job. They break out the lube and James grips Trevor’s thick cock. I always say that there’s no way that a girl can give a better hand job than a guy and James proves me right, he has Trevor cumming in minutes. He may be straight but he knows how to give a handy (all guys do). I’m excited to see how much we’ll get James to do.

Trevor Laster Blows James Andrews

David’s Seduction

Brice Jones and David Hardy

Brice Jones and David Hardy

Brice is back and is ready to push the envelope a bit. Thank the BSB gods and fans for that! He will be performing with David and getting his first bj from a guy. I hope David will loosen him a bit, because he’s not quite ready to return the favor. But if you’re a fan of BSB you’re well aware that it’s only a matter of time before we get Brice right where we want him.

Brice already has his shirt off so all David has to do is get on his knees and free Brice’s cock from his jeans. David takes Brice’s huge uncut cock into his mouth, sucking on it and stroking it with his hand. Brice relaxes more and more and he realizes that his dick is in great hands and an even better mouth. And the more he relaxes the bigger his cock gets in David’s mouth. Soon, David’s eyes are watering from the uncut tank filling up his mouth. Brice moves and puts his back against the lockers. Fitting, as it’s David throat that’s getting the real workout. Brice is holds onto David’s head as his bottom jaw hangs low from pleasure.

The boys move over to a leather bench where David lays on his back and offers his mouth for Brice’s use. Brice straddles his face and begins to fuck his mouth. He dips his dick deep down into David throat. He then turns around giving David an opportunity to eat his chocolate hole. As David rims him, Brice jacks David’s dick. See boys, he’s loosening up. Soon, David pops a healthy load of spunk onto his abs followed closely by Brice, who dumps another huge load. Boy oh boy! Thank you David for helping Brice take what I hope is just one more step toward full out sex with a broke straight boy.

Brice Jones and David Hardy

Fleshjack Solo Shows off Giant Dick

Taking a break on a very sexy stock take, slim young Marco DuVaul relaxes on the chair, tossing his clipboard aside he leans back and whips out his already growing cock for us! Softly stroking it, we see it get harder and harder in his hands as his pumps his fully erect, long shaft as he remembers his horny time with Mickey Taylor earlier that week. Waving his huge dick in our faces as the camera zooms right up from beneath him, so close we could almost lean forward and lick his hairless balls and perfectly smooth butt hole! Almost reading our minds, Marco takes us into the next room where a fantastically horny clear fleshjack is waiting as he slowly slides inside, we see every inch slide deep, his throbbing tip almost bursting out the end as he bucks and fucks the thing for us, letting us see his smooth slim body slide down to his crotch and pumping meat! Not finished yet, Marco whips out a thick dildo and bounces like a twink possessed on top of it, right down to the balls, still jerking away and squirting his juice all over the place mid-bounce, almost swallowing the whole thing as his butt puckers and spasms with the escaping spunk!

Voyueristic Jerkoff

Sam's settled into his new role quickly and feels like he is top dog. On duty alone one night he catches a couple of clubbers fucking in the toilets. Still horny from his induction with his boss, he takes the opportunity of the now empty club to watch and get off on the unknowing pair! Sitting just out of view of the clubbers but in full view of them fucking Sam works his cock hard through his uniform before stripping down and wanking himself off! With the moans and groans from the unknowing pair turning Sam on it's not long before he is shooting a heavy load all over the club floor!

Bigger in Texas

Introducing Brice Jones

Introducing Brice Jones

Yep, they say everything is bigger in Texas and judging from Brice, it’s true. This dude has a big smile, big arms, and a big dick (we’ll discuss that later). Brice comes to us from Houston, Texas and he now lives in Colorado. From the onset, it’s clear that Brice is a good guy but he’s broke and looking for a way to make some extra money; which would allow him to explore his new surroundings.

After removing his shirt, Brice goes over his canvass of tattoos. I have to rewind a few times to get all of the stories behind the tats because I’m too busy staring at his toned body. He takes off his pants and unveils a beautiful, big, low hanging cock. Can you say “pacifier”? That dick can shut any hungry queen down! We get a nice look at that ass of his when he’s instructed to turn around, and just like the rest of Brice, his bubble butt does not disappoint.

After he gets some lube in his hand, he gets that dick nice and stiff. No surprise here, but its a third leg. I love this full bodied stud and can only imagine the type of damage that elephant trunk of a cock would do to some of the talented bottoms on hand at BSB. The one I’d love to see the most on the receiving end of Brice’s cock is Vadim. Just thinking about Vadim’s hole opening up for Brice has my pants shrinking. As Brice strokes his cock, I continue to fantasize about all the things I would do with that shaft myself (I’m sure I’m not the only one). We he announces that he’s going to cum my eyes become transfixed on his cock; but I’m not prepared for what happens. Brice cums and dumps one of the biggest loads I’ve see on this site! All that milky goodness, a whole week’s worth!

Let me be clear…BRICE MUST COME BACK! I need him around for a long time.

Introducing Brice Jones

Bumps and Bruises

Introducing Antonio Drake

Introducing Antonio Drake

Yum! That’s all I can say, yum! The moment Antonio appears on the screen I’m in love. Antonio is cute, bodied, and most importantly, broke. He likes to spend money which means that he’ll definitely be in front of the camera again. Antonio keeps his body nice, tight, and firm by working out and getting plenty of sleep. He doesn’t have a girlfriend (yay!) and thus he doesn’t have a lot of sex; in fact he hasn’t had sex in months.

Once Sha entices him to remove his clothes we can see all this newbie has to offer, and that’s plenty. He’s got the body of a grown man, nice dick, and a nice ass complete with battle scars for long boarding. I cannot stop drooling and wondering how great it would be to get him and Kaden together. Let me not get too ahead of myself. Once Antonio is fully nude he gets on the bed, gets lubed up and starts to play with that meaty cock of his. This kid has it all; from the innocent grin, his hard abs, his nice cock, and bubble butt. He’s certainly got my attention. While jacking off, Antonio slides his fingers under his balls and gingerly plays with his hold. I would love to see Ian Dempsey show him how to really open that hole up; but again, I’m getting ahead of myself.

As I watch him jack his cock it’s clear that it has been awhile since he’s had some. He strokes his dick faster and faster until he blasts hot spluge all over himself.

Introducing Antonio Drake

Introducing TJ Dewatt

Tj Dewalt Audition, With Intense Cum Explosion

Tj Dewalt Audition, With Intense Cum Explosion

Tj comes off as a traditional man’s man. He likes to party and he loves sports. He is single, cute, and is in school so of course he could definitely uses some cash. And that’s always good for us.

Tj quickly strips down and begins to rub his cock through his boxers. It looks like his hiding a nicely sized beast so I can’t wait for him to whip it out. I don’t have to wait long for him to confirm my suspicions. Tj flops out his thick meat and begins to tug on it. My mouth is watering just watching him play with it. This guy has the equipment that will certainly bruise a lot of BSB bass. I’d love to see him fuck Ian, Kaden, or Zeno (if he’s willing).

He loses his boxers altogether ad reveals a nice hairy bush. This kid is all man. He strokes his cock while toying with his balls. I can only imagine what they must taste like. He leans back onto the couch, giving us just a tiny peek of his ass. From his nice lean frame, to that manly bush, his thick cock, and hairy ass I’m sure that I would enjoy every piece of this new boy.

After tugging on his cock hard, Tj blasts a huge load onto his abs and chest. Yeah, I’m sold. Let’s pair this guy up with some of BSB’s finest ASAP.

Tj Dewalt Audition, With Intense Cum Explosion

Adam Dacre

The customer arrives home and the job still isn’t done, Adam’s still on-site and working out how to get this fixed ASAP, but it’s even harder to focus when the suited customer keeps out the way in the bedroom, laptop on and porn blaring from the speakers! It’s too much for Adam to miss on, so he rock solid and playing with himself as he spies on the self-pleasure before him. Adam’s thick, curved dick looking perfect as he pulls and slaps it against himself, lubing it up with gallons of spit, making it glisten in the light. His hard pecs and hairy chest heaving as he brings himself closer to orgasm, bucking his hips into his own hands, he catches his cum to avoid detection and a very slippy floor!

Fred Faurtin, Ivan Rueda and Robin Hole

Putting on a show for total French hunk Fred Faurtin, Ivan and Robin start sucking each other off as he jerks, watching them enough each others bodies. Ivan, catching sight of the sheer size of his dick soon wraps his hot wet lips around, letting it fuck the back of his throat as Robin tongues his sweet hole. The dark haired Spaniard loves having his body serviced and nipples tugged, and when he’s got the handsome Fred doing it, nothing could be hornier!! Lovers of rimming will adore this scene, there’s tonnes of ass eating, getting them all sopping wet and red from the hot stubble. Caught in the middle once again, Ivan has the pleasure of Fred ploughing his ass while getting fed rock sold dick!! Daisy chaining, we can see Ivan relishing the job on centre fucker as his hole gets fucked harder, the harder he fucks the one in front!

Not Your Average…

Introducing James Riley

Introducing James Riley

James Riley may not be your average clean cut, ripped porn star, but he is cute and broke, just the way we like them. He says that if the mood is right, he’d be okay with getting oral from a dude and maybe reciprocating. Today he’s just going to show off for us so let’s see what he’s got.

He’s positioned on the stairs, where he’s fondling his growing cock. James jacks off while leaning back on the stairs. This kid has a nice thick cock for sure! I would definitely like to see him paired up with Ronan Kennedy or Brandon Beal. He and Ronan could sword fight with those big pricks of theirs and I’d love to see Brandon’s soft ass ripped open by James’s dick. During his solo, James also lets us see his ass as he simulates fucking. I know he’s new to the site and it will probably take him some time to warm up to the idea, but I’m sure James wouldn’t mind  letting Zeno pop his cherry (for the right price) for all of the BSB fans to see.

But let’s focus on the present. James is moaning and groaning while stroking his hard cock. This kid is quite horny, so horny that the starts to fuck his hand through the railing on the stairs. He sits back down and gives the camera a sultry look and busts a nice load all over his hairy abdomen. James seems intelligent and like he’s got a good head on his shoulders. He also has a different look than most of our other models, so he definitely adds variety. I’m looking forward to seeing what he brings.

Introducing James Riley

Beach Bum Bottom Bombshell!

Jessie Colter is a young man out and about in Miami, where the sun shines hot almost year round. One of the side effects is that it creates a sensuality that burrows beneath the skin. As a result of that, desire heightens and all you can think about is sex. Of course, it doesn’t help matters any that Jessie’s always got men on his mind. Our cameraman, along with his assistant, go cruising and find Jessie, and that’s how he’s lured to jerk off in front of the camera, outside and by the pool in a private little corner where he can be himself. Drop trou, grab hold of your dick and start jerking off with Jessie because he’s about to deliver a large load for you!

David and Goliath

David Hardy Tops Ronan Kennedy

David Hardy Tops Ronan Kennedy

We’ve got a new kid, David Hardy. He’s a hot 22 year old newbie who truly enjoys sex. Today he’s going to continue breaking in Ronan’s sweet hole. He’s a little nervous but this guy is fan oriented and he’ll push through his never for us. Ronan better be ready because David doesn’t seem like the type to take prisoners once he gets started.

It’s Ronan who kicks thing off by going in for a steamy kiss. David reciprocates and they fondle on another. They begin to undress and Ronan finds himself on his knees with David’s nice dick in his mouth. He works David over good with his mouth before switching places. David gets a first-hand look at just how big Ronan’s cock is. They move over to the couch where David continues to try to take it all into his mouth. Ronan stands up and begins to fuck David’s mouth.

David lays back, straps on, lubes up and waits for Ronan. Ronan wastes no time, he sits right on David’s pole and begins to ride. Soon David takes over and begins to fuck his fuck toy hard form the back. Ronan turns over and David continues to fiercely pound him while pulling his hair. Ronan lies on the couch and David lifts one of his hairy legs into the air and pounds his cock even deeper inside. He jacks Ronan; thick cock while continuing to blast his hole. Soon, they’re in my personal favorite position, with David beating Ronan’s booty form the back. David may be new but this id knows how to fuck. I’m jealous of Ronan; I wish it was my hole getting pounded like that. Ronan releases a creamy load right before David deposits his own man milk on Ronan ass.

David Hardy Takes Ronan Kennedy’s Little Ass


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