Jaxson Phillipe

Buck Monroe and Jaxson Phillipe Fucking In A Greenhouse

As we get D-E-E-P into summer, WorldofMen invites you to kick back in your air conditioned room with your fist wrapped around your cock, watching Buck Monroe and Jaxson Phillipe fucking in a greenhouse. You’ll get sweating drinking them in but it’s hot and studly Buck teaming up with hunky Jaxson who get into a session of intense perspiration. The duo will cause your cock to go rigid and asshole to pucker in anticipation of the kind of fucking we all want…and from guys like this! Jaxson is a very vocal passive who yells, showing us all just how good Buck’s cock feels thrusting in and out of his begging hole. It’ll leave you wanting more and more as Jaxson’s orgasm practically dislodges a couple of glass panes form all the noise. They will blow you away!

The Boss And His Fat Hunk Of Cock Meat

BD jaxsonphillipe dillonbuck preview The Boss And His Fat Hunk Of Cock Meat

Jaxson Phillipe is hard at work. The hairy stud can’t seem to stop fantasizing about his super-masculine supervisor, Dillon Buck. While on break out in the truck yard, Jaxson whips out his thick uncut dick and starts stroking. But, wait. What’s this? Could it be? Is Dillon marching toward him with a a noticeable bulge in his pants or is it a mirage? When the big, strapping hunk unzips and reveals a huge, ridiculously thick and curved piece of meat, it doesn’t matter to Jaxson if he’s dreaming or not. Except he isn’t. He drops to his knees and tries to gulp down his boss’s massive cock. He can barely fit the fat hunk of meat in his mouth but he gives it all he’s got…and then some!


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