Italian Men

Caught Out, Fucked Hard!

With an ass still hungry for dick, Elio Guzman heads out for a supposed tour of local historic areas, swiftly distracted by the rough and ready security guard who is instantly the subject of Elio’s camera, closing up on his masculine body and crotch. Too busy checking his focus, Elio doesn’t see that the game is up and security man Antonio Garcia grabs him, the camera and drags them both to his cabin. There, Elio has to pay up or risk losing his equipment! Not much of a choice is it, especially when the payment is his ass and the equipment Antonio is packing is rough and very, very hard! There’s not many men out there who fuck as hard as this Italian fucker, and not many who can take it as well as Spanish stud Elio! The Mediterranean passion runs high in the depths of the English countryside and Elio’s butt will never be the same again as it’s stretched wide for Antonio’s tongue, fingers and dick, fucked deep inside over and over, lifted, twisted and rammed every way possible!

Satanic Gang Bang

UKNM Satanic Gang Bang preview Satanic Gang Bang

This week, UKNakedMen brings you a scene that is so hot, yet so controversial, you’re bound to feel dirty from how turned on you’re about to get. Riley Tess is our fallen priest, at the center of a gang bang. But, as they say, in for a penny in for a pound. If he’s going to sin he’s really going to SIN. A group of masked, anonymous men — the fucking pigs! — take it in turns smashing his hungry hole to smithereens. They line up, pushing and shoving each other out of the way, anxious to get their share of Riley’s sopping fuck hole. One after another, cock after uncut cock, Riley’s hole is increasingly wet with spit, jizz and lube yet still hot and slimy from each fuck. When they’re done wrecking the priest-slut, destroying his hole as well as his vows of celibacy, they wank hot loads of jizz in his face, on his chest, on his cock and balls. And then they leave. Riley never knew who was fucking his aching hole but we’ll tell you. On second thought, we won’t. Check out Riley’s Satanic Gang Bang EXCLUSIVELY on!

Hung Italian Daddy Antonio Garcia And Super Twink Darius Ferdynand

Everyone loves a hard daddy. Then again, we don’t know a single daddy who doesn’t enjoy a smooth twink, either! Super hard fucker Antonio Garcia loves a good twink from time to time so we paired him with Darius Ferdynand to play with. Neither can believe their luck. Antonio is all over Darius like a rash, kissing, licking, and taking him any way he can. In fact, Darius becomes like a human doll, flipped and pulled and fucked every which way, certainly harder than Darius has ever been fucked before. And all Darius can do is enjoy what the hung Italian stallion gives him, taking it all hard and fast. He might be overwhelmed with Antonio’s desire but, as Antonio spreads Darius’s cheeks apart to expose the smooth pink hole, it drives them both crazy. Especially Antonio, who uses his tongue and fingers to loosen up Darius. The hung Italian Daddy pushes Darius to his limits, working out his ass until he’s ready to spew, his load coating the smooth slender twink in all his spunk, as proof of his satisfaction.

Sharp Suits, Big Dicks, And Hot Men Antonio Garcia and Matt Brookes

UKNM FLC ep07 preview Sharp Suits, Big Dicks, And Hot Men Antonio Garcia and Matt Brookes

Matt Brookes is a focused man and he’s determined on getting what he wants…one way or another. Antonio Garcia knows this and he’s playing it cool, as usual. When Matt suddenly tries a change in tactic, years of frustration and desire take over. Sharp suits and civil conversation are thrown aside as the hot men lunge at each other, feeding off their needs. Matt and Antonio give up big dicks and cum-laden balls to deep, tight, throats and hungry lips, rarely touched holes to eager, greedy tongues that seem to lap at their very core of their dark souls. There’s a sticky end to it all, naturally, with cum flying everywhere. But there’s yet another sticky end for Antonio.

Revenge Sex, Sweet And Sticky!

UKNM jason antonio valentin Revenge Sex, Sweet And Sticky!

The second part of our ‘Studio of Sin’ series has a little bit of everything — all the things we hold near and dear to our hearts — intrigue, double-crossing boyfriends, sticky revenge and plenty of sex! If you remember, Antonio Garcia’s session with Johnny Hazzard was interrupted by Lucio Saints, who then dragged Johnny away for a good tongue lashing. That’s when Johnny’s partner comes looking for him. Jason Stark discovers Johnny riding hard on Lucio’s uncut monster meat. Fueled by a lustful desire and a thirst for getting even, Jason storms back into the studio and finds Antonio alone on set. He promptly jumps on the hung and hairy Italian Daddy and, since Antonio is already horned up, what’s a man to do when such a hot guy is clearly his for the taking? Exactly. That’s what we thought. So Antonio does what he does best. He takes. And trust us when we say that he takes more than most! With his throbbing cock thrusting home, Antonio rams mercilessly in and out of Jason’s hole until it’s gaping. Begging for a shower of cum, Jason is then left drenched and satisfied. But unbeknownst to him, Johnny’s friend Valentin Alsina, has been lurking in the shadows, watching. And jerking off. He steps out of the shadows and surprises Jason. He’s sprays his hot load all over Jason’s pretty face and says, “That’s for cheating on Johnny!” Aaahhh. Isn’t revenge sweet? And sticky, too!

Johnny Hazzard Manhandled And Plowed By Monster Hung Lucio Saints

UKNM johnny lucio 640x360 Johnny Hazzard Manhandled And Plowed By Monster Hung Lucio Saints

Johnny Hazzard’s got a modeling gig and, while at the studio being photographed, hung Italian Daddy Antonio Garcia watches nearby. But Johnny’s erection won’t go down and he needs help. Taking the opportunity to fool around, Antonio slides his fat Italian meat into Johnny’s eager mouth and starts fucking his face. Then the Boss walks in. It’s Lucio Saints and he’s pissed. There’s no hanky panky unless someone is keeping him sweet! So what else can Johnny do but service the thick, uncut monster hung Latino? If big meat is your thing — and let’s face it, who doesn’t like huge juicy cock? — you’re going to love watching Johnny get warmed up with Antonio and finished off with Lucio’s large slab of beef sliding balls deep inside that tight little hole!

Check Twice Before Hitting SEND

Being an intern is hard work, especially when the Boss is a bit of prick and a hard-ass. And if you don’t believe us, just ask Nicolas Key. He’s been interning with Antonio Garcia who rides Nicolas rough. As a result, the poor guy just can’t seem to get anything done right. First it’s his coffee that Nicolas messes up. Then it’s some other thing Antonio chose to berate Nicolas about. Now, it’s about that all too common occurrence in today’s office setting. E-mail etiquette. It seems Nicholas accidentally sent pictures of his incredibly beefy ass to Antonio. Yes, that’s right. His boss. Well, Antonio doesn’t go in for that sort of thing. Especially since, lately, he’s heard that Nicholas is the office “easy lay.” Nonetheless, the pictures of that hot ass obviously get to Antonio because he storms out of the office, preceded by his ego — which is almost as big as his thick, uncut, and Italian cock. Paying no attention to employment rights, Antonio nails Nicolas, branding him as more than just the easy office lay. Antonio gives the hungry bottom a monumental pounding and finishes him by firing off a huge load of cum to the face, splattering Nicolas with a lovely facial that’s equally humiliating and hot. So the next time you’re ready to hit send, make sure you check twice because you never know. You just might send that dirty picture of your ass to your boss! Then again, it COULD get you a raise.

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

The world of business is a dog-eat-dog industry. If you want to succeed, you have to work hard and, at times, sell your soul to the devil. But then again, there are times when the work is easy and if you’re lucky, you CAN succeed in business without really trying. Take Matteo Valentine for example. The bearded, tattooed hunk is all decked out in his best business attire, selling a sex toy two men can use. He visits beefy, thick-hung Carlo Cox who’s a strict businessman. He drives a hard bargain when demands Matteo to show him how the toy is used in anal play. Once Matteo is stripped down, with his hairy legs spread and his hole plugged with the toy, Carlo is more than willing — and happy! — to assist Matteo further in his demonstration. With loads of cocksucking, spitting and rimming, Carlo ends up taking Matteo’s hot, tight hole and absolutely wrecking it. In the end, Matteo got his hole stretched and royally fucked but he got Carlo to buy a HUGE order. And that’s how you conduct business and seal the deal.

Goofing Off Behind The Scenes With The Men Of Alphamales

We love filming EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes footage for our members. You know why? It shows our men in a different light. It makes them more accessible and more human. As they goof off in front of the camera for our benefit, as well as blowing off some steam of their own, we encounter Joe Gunn and his real-life boyfriend, Geoffrey Paine, who talk about really bad English accents, make fun of strumpets, and even comment on the creative writing process as we show a bit of Yohann Banks getting spit-roasted by well-hung Joe and Geoffrey. Most importantly, though, we find out about blue balls. A true first for some of us here at the studio!

Next up is Dolan Wolf and Tiko. We get pervy and voyeuristic while watching Dolan fresh from the shower. Then we get a glimpse at Marco Sessions and his sometime fuckbuddy Antonio Garcia. The two have played together before so it was a fun, hot scene to film. And trust us when we say that each knew EXACTLY what buttons to push. Marco shares with us the joys of having a “real” job where he gets to dress up and wear specs. But not for long since Antonio is still teaching him how to swallow his enormous cock deep without crying or gagging. He even has some advice on how Marco can make more money with his ass. And with that ass…well, we’ll just keep our mouths shut for now. Finally, we get to see Leo Domenico and Adam Herst. A fun American, Adam has a wicked sense of humour and describes Leo as his very own, personal “Tower of London,” obviously a must see while on your next London sightseeing tour. Which made us really think about Leo’s cock. It really IS kinda big, isn’t it?

The Italian Lover

Once upon a time there was a big man with a sexy smile. He’d give you one look and your insides would turn to mush. He’d open his mouth to speak and his accent alone would be enough to make you wet. And then he’d give you a backrub with those thick, long fingers. You know, the kind that could grip you tightly and make your pulse quicken. And his cock, that thick, uncut, incredibly fat tool would work it’s way inside you to the point where you felt as if you would surely die. But that’s when he’d kiss you, thrust his tongue inside you. This was a man who had his finger on the pulse of whatever it is that turns men to whores. Even the top ones. But that was the Italian man. Those of us lucky enough to cross paths with him were usually left with nothing more than our explicit, burning memories, spoiled for any other lover once he’d picked up and gone. The Italian lover.

Italians have long since had a reputation for being passionate about life and Antonio Garcia is no exception. From Sardinia, Antonio fits the mold to a “T.” Not only is he all of the above things we mentioned, he’s more. We were first introduced to Antonio by a mutual friend. After a bit of conversation he invited us — specifically Jack, our cameraman — to come visit him at his south London flat. When we arrived, there was Antonio, shirtless, casual in a pair of VERY loose-fitting sweatpants. But when this fit, fantastically hairy sexy beast whipped out his cock, we were gone. Uncut. Thick. With a slight curve. Antonio has 8 inches of prime Italian beef and he had no problem jerking off for the camera. In fact, he seemed to be having so much fun that even Jack couldn’t resist giving Antonio a helping hand as he stroked himself towards a massive climax, unleashing a huge amount of spunk. Of course, we can’t guarantee that every Italian man you’ll meet will be like this Marcello Mastroianni look-alike but it sure as hell will be fine sampling them all!

Dominic Pacifico Fucks Michel Rudin

Attention all you Michel Rudin fans! The sexy Italian Stallion is about to get something many of us having been wanting to see for a long time. That’s right. Cock. He’s taking a big one up his ass and there’s no one we would have preferred to see him with than with hung Latino Dominic Pacifico. He thinks he’s got the place to himself and decides to get into the hot tub to relax with a solo session. But he’s surprised by Michel, who’s home early from work. Eager to see him, Dominic invites Michel to join him and the two are soon trading blowjobs, sucking cock like hungry piglets. Michel services and even manages Dominic’s huge balls into his mouth!

Dominic, who tends to bottom quite a lot, is in the mood to top. Since nothing turns him on like a hairy ass, Dominic goes to town rimming super-hung Michel after playing with his beautifully fat, uncut cock. And then the fun truly begins! Dominic lays into Michel, working his big dick inside Michel until he’s taking it all. After taking it bent over, Michel rides Dominic, fucking himself until they’re both ready to explode with big juicy loads. Ahhh, the fun you can have getting dirty while cleaning up!

Michel Rudin Fucks The Cum Out Of Ricky Hingston

After filming Ricky Hingston in a solo, Jack meets hit super hot and sexy Italian friend, Michel Rudin. The two are out having a drink at Vauxhall, London’s hardcore gay neighborhood, when Jack spots Ricky walking toward. Deciding to play matchmaker, Jack calls Ricky over and introduces the two men. Ricky is still horny and immediately asks about Michel when he gets up to get a drink. When Michel comes back it’s soon clear that both are interested in each other and want to fuck. Jack, being the wonderfully wicked pervert that he is, offers the men a place to scratch their itch.

Ricky and Michel waste little time once they arrive, trading blowjobs and rimming in a smoking hot 69. But Michel wants more than that. This guy’s all about busting holes wide open and he wants Ricky’s pink English rosebud clamping down on his thick, dark shaft. So Michel pulls Ricky out of bed, pushes him up against the wall, and takes him from behind, riding him hard. After a while, he gets Ricky back in bed and, quite literally, fucks the cum out of him. But don’t cum yet! Wait until Michel pulls out, straddles Ricky, and aims his cock at Ricky’s hungry mouth. The lucky dog winds up a sticky, gooey mess from Michel’s cum facial but, seeing as how he enjoys the taste of jizz so much, he doesn’t stay that way for long.

Antonio Garcia In The Thick Of It

There’s something about a man with an accent and, whether it’s French, British, or Italian, most gay men are wet the moment they hear the other man speak. Especially if the “other” man is sexy Italian Antonio Garcia. The man is a sexy blend of Daddy, somewhat reminiscent of Marcello Mastroianni, and hot sex freak! Antonio confides intimate details about his sexual activities, undresses and, if you’re anything like us, will impress you with that amazingly fat, uncut dick. After making your mouth water while playing with his toys and stroking that incredibly thick cock, Antonio shoots a big load for you in this solo. But don’t get used to having him all to yourself. We’re planning on pairing him with a few of the men from our stable! For now, he’s all yours. Take a look at that fat dick. Listen to his sexy voice. Bet you’re drooling now, huh?

Prepping For The Big One

Many of you know Michel Rudin. He’s an incredibly hot Italian stud with a muscled, wiry body, hairy in ALL the right places and beautifully hung. In fact, some might say he’s got the perfect cock. Uncut, meaty, and fattest at the base, Michel has the type of dick clearly meant to stretch out your hole as he penetrates you, burrowing inside until he’s balls deep up your ass and you’re sighing with sheer bliss. Just ask Jules Cage. He’s the bottom in this horny scene that brings together our voyeuristic pleasures and unleashes our fetish for sex toys.

What you might not know is that this is actually the very first scene Michel ever did. This is where he pops his porn cherry and he couldn’t have done it any better. We were all quite anxious to see this stud perform, but none as eager as the hungry bottom we paired him up with. We gave the two studs a bit of direction but once Michel walked in on Jules — rocking out on a sexy chair with a humongous dildo attached, stretching himself out, and prepping for the big one — it all took a different turn. None of us could have anticipated the mixed look of ecstasy and pain etched on Jules’ face once Michel’s curved slab of prime, Grade A Italian beef slide inside; even with all that pre-stretching!

Julian Micheals is a Complete Exhibitionist!

Hunky Italian exhibitionist Julian Micheals loves showing off! He loves getting his kit off for the camera and is eager to get started! Getting naked for the camera is a big turn on of his. Whilst he is getting naked he tells us about past conquests – and there are lots of them! He takes great pleasre in opening up his butt cheeks and showing us the hole that he loves to bounce on hard long man poles!

julianmichaels bd 122411 collage w Julian Micheals is a Complete Exhibitionist!


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