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Anthony Todd, Matt Sizemore And Chad Brock In A Bareback Free For All

Anthony Todd, Matt Sizemore and Chad Brock are up for anything this afternoon as long as it involves plenty of dick sucking action, raw fucking, and loads of cum all over the place. So, after stripping down and making out these three bareback sex pigs chow down in an oral extravaganza where no cock is left unserviced. Each man licks, and worships like a good freak should then give themselves over to the lustful snorting pleasures of rimming masculine hairy fuckholes. In a daisy chain of ass eating, their inner demons come out and the result is a bareback threeway with Matt and Chad each getting slammed by Anthony as well as the other two taking and giving as much cock as they possibly can. Lust, desire, whatever you want to call it. Either way, it comes out in the end.

Anthony Todd, Matt Sizemore and Chad Brock have a bareback 3-way

Colin Steele Topped And Fucked Bareback By Silver Daddy Rex Gravis

When a silver-haired bareback daddy like Rex Gravis wants to fuck he finds a hot, willing man who knows how to handle cock. Now, you might be thinking to yourself that Colin Steele’s a top. And for the most part he is. But every once in a while this gladiator-like hunk of man enjoys being manhandled. It’s not just about sucking cock, either! It’s about getting his hole completely worshipped. And Rex is just the man to do it. After rimming his muscled ass, Rex pounds the hell out of Colin, fucking him all over the bed and in a leather chair until he fucks the cum out of Colin. And the best thing of all? As much of a bareback top as Rex can be, when it comes to cum, the man doesn’t like to see a single drop go to waste.

Barebacking Silver Daddy Rex Gravis Tops Pierced Tattooed Colin Steele

British Bareback Top Paul Stag Turns Matt Sizemore Into His Bottom

Some guys are complete suckers for a man with an accent. Others just get off on a man with a big dick. But if you’re like Matt Sizemore, when you need to bottom you seek out a well-endowed, uncut British man who knows how to work the pre-cum outta ya before he gets you to bust your nut! Matt, a hairy, handsome dad who’s usually large and in charge is, in this scene, Paul Stag’s bottom. He totally works Paul’s cock, his big nuts, and opens his hole under the bareback top dad’s expert tongue and fingers. The fact that Paul is a filthy, foul-mouthed, dirty talking aggressive fucker could also have something with how Matt went ass up so quickly for him. Then again, maybe he was just super horny and had the type of itch that’s so deep only a cock like Paul’s could satisfy!

Matt Sizemore Bottoms For British Bareback Top Dad Paul Stag

Bareback Daddy Fuckers Blade Hunter and Chad Brock

There’s something about a beefy, gray-haired and distinguished-looking older man that really rocks our cock. Especially when it’s a tattooed muscle bear of a Dad like Blade Hunter. This intense looking man gets off on sucking cock and getting sucked. In fact, when it comes to oral sex he’s probably more of a bottom. But when it comes to fucking, he enjoys giving it as much as he loves taking it. He not only looks good fucking with all that ink covering his shoulders, back and ass, he sounds great getting his ass slammed. In this scene with Chad Brock he works the younger man’s hairy hole, stretching it out to accommodate his throbbing shaft with little lube other than just spit. The two beefy, hairy muscle dads take turns flip-fucking each other raw until they breed each other.

Beefy, Muscled, Tattooed Blade Hunter and Chad Brock Bareback Flip Fuck

Colin Steele Fucks Bareback Bottom Dad Tom Trojan Hard And Rough

There are those who unjustly look past gentlemen who aren’t young and pretty. Which is too bad because they’ll never know what they missed! Having filmed Tom Trojan in the past we know exactly what he’s capable of. And despite what some might think, this is one incredibly sexy, gray-haired Daddy who can keep up with the best of them. As he proves in this scene with tall, dark, and handsome bareback fucker Colin Steele. Between all the licking, dick sucking and rimming, you’d think he’d be panting for air but he takes everything Colin can give him and then some. In fact, he’s such a hungry cock whore and loves getting fucked bareback so much, he takes it hard and rough and BOTH winds up winded! Colin shoots all over Tom’s cock and balls and the bottom dad uses the cum as lube to jerk off and pump out a load of his own, which he promptly eats and shares with Colin.

Bareback Bottom Dad Tom Trojan Fucked Hard And Rough By Colin Steele

Anthony Todd Fucks The Cum Out Of Hung Bareback Daddy Matt Sizemore

Sometimes even the most hung, most masculine of bareback top Dads get an itch that can only be scratched by a down and dirty, good, hard fuck! It just gets that way sometimes and Matt Sizemore, who’s predominantly a top, needs a big cock. And when that hunger hits, watch out because it’s like he’s starving and needs to feed in a desperate way. As we witness by the way he sucks and devours Anthony’s juicy piece of meat. The young man has the sort of dick that’s perfect for stretching out a good hole. Tapered at the tip, nice and fat at the base. Matt first deep throats Anthony, taking him balls deep and even getting his face fucked from time to time before Anthony devours his hole, rims him out and stretches him with his raw cock. Anthony busts a load of jizz all over Matt’s muscled hairy ass then shoves his cock back inside and fucks the sloppy hole and literally fucks the cum out of Matt. And there’s SO much cum!

Matt Sizemore Cums While Getting Fucked By Anthony Todd

Dirty Talkin’ Lito Cruz, Paul Stag and Chad Brock Enjoy Verbally Aggressive Bareback 3-way

Because the men at Bareback That Hole are all about the raw fucking and the connection between the cock and the inner whore that craves cum, we rarely have a scene where guys don’t create an energy you can feel. However, rarely do we get a threesome that takes that energy and turns into something so base and primal that you lose yourself in the action. It’s almost like you don’t care what happens as long as someone’s sucking cock, rimming hole, fingering a bottom or getting fucked as deep, raw, and hard as possible. Lito Cruz, Paul Stag and Chad Brock are all that and more! Total sex pigs, the bareback addicts take you to the most basic aspect of fucking. Getting possessed, owned. Claiming a hole and marking your territory. Getting off by breeding and seeding the cum pig. Loads of cock sucking with huge pieces of uncut meat, dirty talk to make your spine tingle and great balls deep fucking.

Verbally Aggressive, Dirty Talkin' Bareback 3-way Lito Cruz, Paul Stag and Chad Brock


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