Gay Men Getting Double Fucked

Debauched, Depraved and Double Penetrated Bareback Sex Pig

model180 640x360 Debauched, Depraved and Double Penetrated Bareback Sex Pig

When it comes to sex, we’ve Germans are among those who take getting off quite seriously. At Jalif, we don’t know if that’s 100% true and we certainly don’t want to be accused of spreading rumours OR stereotypes. However, if Michael Lange, Thomas Lindner and Wolfgang Dembeck are any indication, there just might be some validity to the statement. Whether it’s vanilla or kinky — preferably fetishist — these men are all about letting go of fear and judgment, living in the present, and fucking like the true animals that they are. What started off several weeks ago with sucking cock and jerking off, then jumped past regular old raw fucking to playing with toys and fisting holes, the debauched depravity now continues. This time, it’s all about cock in hole, cum eating, and one very hungry bottom getting a double penetration. Oh, and don’t even THINK the bottom is only that.  A bottom. This tattooed, blond and pierced bareback sex pig is more than just a bottom. He’s a whore. And this whore can dish it out as well as he can take it. Just ask his top!

The New Kids On The Block

PD05 Blond scene02 640x360 The New Kids On The Block

Aslan Brutti and Rocky Fox might not be the new kids on the block, but Paris Neeo sure is. If he can be considered a kid, that is. He’s more of a jock than a twink, as are Rocky Fox and Aslan Brutti but they are twink-like and Aslan is a sexy blond who just won’t quit. When Paris moves to the neighborhood, he spots Rocky and Aslan, both whom know each other but have never had the opportunity to hook up; until now. Once Paris is settled he invites the two over for a special — and very private — bareback housewarming party that includes plenty of dick sucking, rimming, and finger fucking. But it doesn’t end there. Since Paris is the host, and Aslan and Rocky weren’t able to bring a traditional gift, they give a unique gift that Paris might like better. They slender, hung young men give Paris a raw double penetration that stretches the hunk out more than he’s ever been. Then they fuck the cum out of him, tag teaming his freshly fucked and stretched out hole until they’re ready to let loose. Aslan and Rocky spray Paris with their jizz and the happy bareback bottom just smiles with all that seed covering his face, throat, and chest.

Please, Sir. May I Have A DP?

SNATCHED Sc5 2MIN 640x360 Please, Sir. May I Have A DP?

There are fantasies, and then there are steaming hot scenes that fulfill the most twisted of pleasures. Except that the most eager of bottoms sometimes makes it look TOO easy. Spanish bottom, Koltes, is one of these. Together with Luke Desmond and Billy Rubens, the young Latino is playing out a roleplay fantasy of being snatched and taken rough, ridden like a whore, and basically used like a cheap slut. But he’s so eager at sucking dick it’s hard not to imagine him saying, “Please, Sir. May I have s’more?” In this instance Koltes not only gets more, he gets a double penetration that will make the most hardcore of fuck pigs go, “OUCH!”

Billy barks the orders and Koltes obeys all of them as the two dominant tops spit roast the cock pig, tag teaming his holes until they’ve stretched him sufficiently to give him a double fuck that sends him to the edge. But after a while, they pull out and use an arsenal of toys to stretch him out even further. And some of the toys are fucking HUGE! Riding bigger and bigger toys, Koltes is definitely pushed to his limits until Luke sprays a load all over his ass and Billy showers him with a humongous cum facial.

Collin Stone And Jake Driver Give Dolan Wolf A Double Penetration

In the dungeon at the Butch Dixon studios, Dolan Wolf, Collin Stone and Jake Driver are prepping for a DP. That’s right. A double penetration. The very idea of taking one cock, for some, is painful enough, let alone taking TWO. And when the two in question are Jake’s thick 10-incher and Collin’s fat 8, some would go screaming into the hills. But not Dolan. This fetish loving, bearded stud loves his men big, hung and tattooed. And the only thing he enjoys more than that is getting spit-roasted and tag team fucked.

At first there’s a lot of kissing and sloppy, noise-filled cocksucking what with everyone getting their faces stuffed full of meat and even sharing dick. Dolan and Collin, in particular, share Jake’s meat between them until they get into a 69 with Dolan’s ass up in the air, his hole stuffed full of tongue, his throat fucked with mouth watering slabs of beef. Once his hole is fully lubricated, Dolan takes on 18 inches of manmeat in a double penetration that drive him insane. We can only imagine the endorphins running through his veins as he’s fucked by Jake and Collin! Like Madonna once said in one of her songs: my bottom hurts just thinking about it. We hope you enjoy this DP as much as we enjoyed filming it!

GBOB2 – More Backstage

Have a sneek behind the UKNM cameras of GBOB2 episodes 3 and 4!
Paul Walker and Anthony Clarke battle it out on the Pole before splashing their cum all over the Dutchmans toilet, Lucio Saints fucks the hell out of Anthony leaving him with a ‘Cumface of disgrace’ and finally some sexy/funny going-ons while shooting the opening party! icon wink GBOB2 – More Backstage

Watch Episode 3 HERE
Watch Episode 4 HERE

Lucas Davidson Gets A Double Penetration

There are some who believe that whatever midnight catches you doing as the old year is ushered out, that’s pretty much what you’ll be doing in the New Year. We don’t know if that’s true but we DO feel that there’s no better way to close out the old and ring in the new than with a good, old-fashioned double BANG! That’s right, we’re talking a double penetration. There’s just something about the men giving a DP that lets you know they’re serious about taking hole and making it their own. Doesn’t it make just twitch and spasm at the thought of two men being SOOO horny they’re willing to tear into you and leaving you all stretched out? Watching the bottom take on two cocks up his ass at once also says a lot about the bottom. Whore. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Take it from us. Where would the tops of the world be without a good, hungry cock whore in need of meat? Ahhh, thank heaven for bottoms.

While prepping his station, pig bottom cock whore Lucas Davidson gets turned on by Valentin Alsina. It doesn’t take long for Lucas to drop to his knees, sucking the man’s fat, uncut dick. He gives up his ass for Valentin to rim and fuck and, while getting slammed, Woody Fox walks in. The sexy Aussie spots what’s going on and, though at first surprised, he quickly recovers and joins in. Woody and Valentin take turns tag team fucking and spit roasting tall, slender Lucas, stretching his hole wide open in a double penetration guaranteed to make you feel as if YOU’RE the one getting double fucked! As a reward for being a good bottom boy, Woody gives Lucas a huge cum facial. Happy New Year!

Barebacking Twinks Find Cum Hungry Pig For Threesome

Being a cocksucker is fun but sometimes raw twink bareback sex is best! Tommy gets his cock sucked by Jovan and his slick hole fucked raw by Philip. But Philip wants to get reamed as well, so he mounts Jovan’s thick pole and rides him while getting his cock sucked by Tommy. Being a versatile jock, Tommy soon gets horny and offers his ass to Philip, who takes turns barebacking Tommy then Jovan. But it doesn’t end there. Jovan jumps right in and fucks Tommy’s hole raw with his thick meat then spurts his hot white load all over Philip’s ass and freshly fucked raw hole. This bareback breeding threeway ends with Jovan between Tommy and Philip while they each give him a hot jizz facial and the hungry twink eats their cum.

jovan phillip tommy collage w Barebacking Twinks Find Cum Hungry Pig For Threesome

Alexandre Senna Double Fucked By Renzo And Felix Stubach

Alexandre Senna is a beefy young man with a hot bubble butt that many men want to get inside. Felix Stubach, a thin, curly-haired young man with sideburns and his bodybuilder buddy Renzo both want to fuck Alexandre. They sneak off to a more private section, but still outside, where they get into some aggressive maneuvers that show off an almost sadistic streak running through each of these hot men. Every one gets to suck cock but it’s mostly Alexandre who gets a face full. And as if that weren’t enough, Felix works his fingers inside Alexandre, stretching his hole and getting it ready for what turns out to be a hot double penetration that leaves the unsuspecting, compact Brazilian hungry for more.

renzo felixstulbalch alexandresenna rhl 062112 collage w Alexandre Senna Double Fucked By Renzo And Felix Stubach

Double Penetrations And Cum Facials

When Andy Junior and James Jones step in from the balcony, where they’ve just been making out, they’re horny as hell. The problem is their sometime fuck buddy, Pedro Alonso, is taking a nap in the only bed. Such a dilemma! What can you do when you want to have sex but there’s a cute naked guy in your bed? Bring him into your fold, of course! And since they already know Pedro enjoys being in the middle, they wake him with a blowjob and shove a cock in his face. Needless to say Pedro is happier than a pig in you know what, especially once he gets spit-roasted by his tag teaming duo! But the only way to double his pleasure is to get two cocks up his ass. Pedro gets a double penetration that stretches him out and leaves him with a gaping hole before cum facials can be had all around.

andy james pedro collage w Double Penetrations And Cum Facials

A Birthday Orgy Fantasy Cum True

Wanna know what’s better than having your cake and eating it, too? Having a surprise birthday party that becomes a sexual fantasy cum true! And what better way to make it happen than by pulling together a handful of Latin hunks with big dicks? That’s exactly what happened when Lucas confided in one of his buddies. Jorge Cruz Real just ran with the idea, called up Ezequiel Seguro and two other friends who were more than happy to make a Lucas sandwich. Big pieces of uncut meat, juicy holes to rim and fuck, and even a double penetration! The icing on the cake? All that cum — incredibly huge loads — just splattering all over the birthday boy. With friends like these who needs…well, never mind.

rhl orgy collage w A Birthday Orgy Fantasy Cum True

Transit Cop Ezequiel Seguro Has Sex In Public Toilet With Juan Cruz Real and Bruno Bordas

When Juan Cruz Real headed for the public toilet at the subway station he wasn’t exactly expecting to see a hot man like Bruno Bordas at the urinal, stroking his big, uncut dick. Or was he? Almost as soon as Bruno starts stroking, Juan joins in and the two Argentinians are soon sucking face, then cock. Juan’s got a deliciously thick cock and Bruno has to open wide to take it into his mouth but he manages just fine! Enter Ezequiel Seguro, a transit cop who interrupts the goings on. He hits one of the stalls, leaving the door open and looking over his shoulder. When the other two realize Ezequiel just wants to join in, they welcome him and what was once two is now three. Three very hot, sexy, big-dicked and uncut Latinos with an insatiable appetite. Lots of cock sucking and rimming with Bruno and Juan taking turns as they tag-team Ezequiel and spit-roast him between them. They even use his own nightstick against him before giving him a double penetration right there on the filthy bathroom floor. Kinda reminds you of the good old days where public restroom sex was rampant, doesn’t it?

bruno ezequiel juan collage w Transit Cop Ezequiel Seguro Has Sex In Public Toilet With Juan Cruz Real and Bruno Bordas

David Harr Gets Double Penetration From Dan Steele and Saul Maxwell

Dan Steele is a fuck machine. But what would you expect from a handsome Eastern European jock? His best buddy/sex partner, Saul Maxwell and he are entertaining a new friend. Celebrating the occasion with David Harr and a drink, Saul and Dan are soon manhandling their new-found skinny friend. The cock-hungry bareback twink doesn’t mind. He’s horny for them both and his stiff erection is all the proof Dan and Saul need to spin him around and share his cock between them. Jock and twink suck David’s dick and get into a 3-way cock sucking session. Each of them samples the other like the greedy sex pigs that they are. Dan starts teasing David’s tender hole, fingering, licking, and stretching the hole open with Saul’s help. Both insert their fingers inside David’s tight little hole at the same time. Saul then takes over the finger-fucking and filling David’s pink starburst with spit while Dan fucks David’s face as if he were fucking his ass. After stretching David with three fingers, Saul sucks David while David rides Dan. The jock’s thick, juicy cock is buried balls-deep inside the hungry bareback bottom. David is soon spit-roasted from either end, tag-teamed and best yet, double-fucked. It’s David’s first double-penetration and he takes it like a trooper, his body flushed and covered with a slick sheen of sweat before popping his load and getting a double cum facial from Dan and Saul. Aren’t fuck buddies great?

dan david saul collage w David Harr Gets Double Penetration From Dan Steele and Saul Maxwell


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