Age Play Bareback Fucking With Chad Brock And Draven Torres

No matter what you call it — age play, age gap, daddy/son roleplay, or intergenerational sex — there’s no doubt that porn scenes showing an age difference of 10 or more years are hotter than hell. And if the models are going bareback, it’s even hotter still. Kinda makes that daddy/son fantasy you’ve got that much hotter, doesn’t it? So let’s take a look at Chad Brock and Draven Torres getting it on raw and exploring their mutual fantasy with great passion.

You all know Chad. He’s a loveable pig who can give it as well as he can take it and in the past year or so he’s found his inner Daddy. As for Draven, what can we possibly say about him that would make him even more sexy? The young punk is totally indie with his tattoos and piercings and has a terrific body. Throw in the fact that Draven enjoys an older daddy type tearing at his hole and you’ve got one hell of a bareback sex whore who lives for raw fucking. Here, we see both Chad and Draven go down on each other, greedily lapping at cock and balls. But it’s Draven who’s rimmed, finger fucked, and pounded by Chad until both let loose with sloppy loads.