Draven Torres

CutlerX, Adam Russo and Draven Torres

Cutler X and his massive uncut chocolate stick are back for more as Adam Russo and Draven Torres get their wish when they are treated to hot bareback sex with one of the biggest and fattest cocks online. Adam wastes no time as he firmly plants his tongue into Draven’s ass, rimming him deep and getting him ready for the ride of his life. Rock solid and hard from the get go, Cutler’s dick stands tall and at attention as it is swallowed by Draven’s tight butt. Rolling around in every three way combination there is, Cutler shows us why he is The Top and The Stallion of the scene. He fucks and plows ass deep as they both tag team Draven’s muscle butt. Cum shoots and spews from each cock as the sex reaches its climax. Sweaty and covered in their own juices another awesome fuck session has been enjoyed by us all…

Adam Russo and Draven Torres

Adam shows us how eager he is to fuck Draven’s ass in this steamy and sexy bareback encounter. Playfully romping on the bed it’s not long before they are locked into a 69. Adam teases and taunts Draven’s twitching hole as the tip of his fingers gently probe and poke his ass. Draven quivers in delight as he is bent over into doggie. Adam slides his raw cock into Draven’s begging hole and fucks him beyond belief. Adam pounds his ass every which way as they both glisten in each other’s sweat. Adam shoots his load all over Draven’s hole leaving him loose, cummy, and sloppy. Draven in turn, blasts his seed all over himself just as Adam slides into his ass crack face first to eat and felch him clean. It’s sizzling sex with that extra touch of raunchy nastiness.

Cutler X and Draven Torres, Mammoth BBC 4 Tight, Hungry Manhole

When Draven Torres saw the mammoth size of Cutler X’s cock in person he was not only blown away, he knew he was going to be in for one of the Best Fucks he’s ever had. And we’re here to tell you…that’s no lie! Cutler and his extraordinary sized cock put yet another eager talented bottom to the test. Cutler’s massive uncut tool is serviced up, down, and all around by Draven’s talented tongue and mouth. He works over Cutler’s floppy and loose hanging foreskin with such ease and expertise it’s no wonder that he is stiff, hard and ready to fuck. Draven’s eager ass is bent over and ravaged by Cutler’s raspy tongue and lips as his hole is prepped for his huge chocolate stick. Cutler slides that monster cock deep into Draven’s bare butt, filling and fucking him full of meat. Draven screams yet yearns for each thrust to be harder and deeper. Cutler has once again met his sexual match in what is an astounding offering of pure raw sweaty sex at its very best. Don’t miss this scene or you’ll be sorry if you do…

Draven Torres Sucks Lex Antoine’s Huge Pierced Cock Then Goes Belly Up For Deep, Rough Slam

Lex Antoine was hanging out at the local bathhouse, waiting in the glory holes for a cock sucker to come by and give his huge meat a good servicing. He didn’t have to wait long. A hot mouth appeared on the other side of the hole and Lex shoved his cock and PA down that throat, all the while thinking it felt familiar. He came around the other side to find his buddy Draven Torres smiling cause he wanted more of that fat cock. They went upstairs to a leather couch where Draven spread his legs and exposed his used hole for Lex to bareback. This time Draven knew what to expect and took his huge cock with pleasure, stuffed, stretched and pounded just the way he wanted!

Draven Torres Stuffed And Pounded By Daemon Sadi

Draven Torres proves himself to be one of the biggest cock whores in the industry. Not that we ever doubted it for a moment. All you have to do is look at his work and see the way he throws himself completely into his passion: bareback sex. Whether it’s giving or taking it, Draven enjoys the connection between raw hole and throbbing meat. The one thing Draven loves more than anything else, especially lately, is servicing a big fat cock. And it doesn’t matter who it’s attached to. Turns out Draven is an equal opportunity cocksucker, turning into a true whore when someone like Daemon Sadi whips out a big black cock from his pants. Once Draven got a load out of the large piece of meat, he was all but dripping cum. Goodness knows he was certainly ready! Dropping to his knees, the tattooed Latino serviced every inch of Daemon’s slab with his greedy throat, taking him down to the balls for a deep throat cock sucking session that left Daemon jonesing for hole. But first, he wanted to return the oral favor. Only then could Daemon allow himself to spin Draven around and devour that tight pink ring of flesh. Then, using nothing but spit, Daemon slides home, pumping Draven raw, stuffing him full of black meat and pounding him rough, the way slut cock whores should be!

Butch Bloom Rewards Draven Torres With A Steamy Load

After a hard day at work, Butch Bloom and Draven Torres are looking forward to hitting the showers. But once the two hot, compact and sexy fuckers got naked, they sprang boners that needed immediate attention. Each takes his turn on his knees, going down on throbbing cocks. When Butch got greedy and needed more than just a blowjob, the horny bastard took Draven into the dry sauna where he proceeded to bareback Draven’s cock hungry ass on the bench. In no time at all, these two get sweaty, which only helps drive a raw cock deeper into a tight slut hole. So, with sweat for lube, Butch fucks Draven bareback, pounding the dick whore then rewarding him with a steamy load.

Draven Torres And Dylan Saunders. Battle For Bottom?

There are times when putting two bottoms together can be disastrous, especially if you’re expecting one to take the lead as the aggressor. We weren’t sure what would happen with Draven Torres and Dylan Saunders. It was definitely a gamble! Still, because we’ve seen Draven top in the past, we suspected he would be the one to come out on top. And we were right! Then again, it wasn’t exactly a battle for bottom position. Not when Draven is such an ass whore, enjoying his tongue buried in a deep fuckhole. And with Dylan, well, let’s just say that we thought he might be ass up, face down in no time. But first, they got acquainted in the the dungeon room with plenty of dick sucking and rimming of hairless hole. And once Draven got all up in Dylan’s ass, it was all raw, intense, and sweaty with the sexy, bearded and tattooed Latino pounding the ever loving FUCK out of our latest bottom cock whore. Both blow a much anticipated load and we have a sneaky feeling YOU will, too!

Draven Torres And Preston Johnson Suck Cock For Bottom Position

When you put together two cocky versatile bottoms in the same room, it can be an explosive combination. 5’5″ bodybuilder Draven Torres walked into the room thinking he was going to fuck Midwestern farmboy Preston Johnson. The trouble was that Preston thought the same thing. So, with each vying for top position, the sparks began to fly. It was decided that whomever gave the best blowjob would be the one to throw his legs up in the air. But once the action got started, it soon became obvious who was going to get fucked. The competition was thrown out the window and the pissing match became what it was supposed to be: the biggest whore taking raw cock and getting seeded. Can you guess which of these two bareback sex freaks was the bottom? Surprised? We weren’t!

Like David And Goliath

Anyone who has ever met Tyler Reed in person has been awed by his size. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds, Tyler is one big fucker! Naturally, when Draven Torres walked into the room he was more than aroused. The 5 foot 5-inch, tattooed muscle boy was smitten, as have all others paired to have sex with Tyler. There was NO doubt whatsoever about who was going to be on top, who was going to be fucked raw, and who was going to take the load. Draven went straight to work, slurping on Tyler’s thick Daddy meat, making sure to please every throbbing inch of that fat dick. Tyler was suitably impressed with the Latino’s oral skills and, although he enjoyed it, there was only one thing he was interested in. Hole. Flipping Draven over and sliding his raw cock inside, Tyler dominated the tiny young man, pounding him into a happy submission. The funny thing is that, at times, we couldn’t see Draven squirming beneath Tyler’s huge body but you could sure hear him as he begged for Tyler’s load! It was as if David and Goliath had decided to have sex.

Daddy/Son Bareback Duo Draven Torres and Jayson Park

RAW257 Clip1 120seconds 640x360 Daddy/Son Bareback Duo Draven Torres and Jayson Park

Like a bit of ageplay with your bareback sex? Then get a load of daddy/son team Draven Torres and Jayson Park. Without saying anything, without prompting them, these two horny sex pigs started calling each other “Daddy” and “Boy” automatically. Draven offers up his cock to Jayson for service and eventually returns the favor before getting into a 69 position where they deep throat each other. But Draven is more interested in daddy hole, which is fine with Jayson because he’s a major cock whore and lives to milk cum out of any man in need of releasing a load of DNA. After rimming Jayson, Draven fucks the bottom daddy with what he calls “nature’s lubricant.” That’s right. Just spit. SLAM! Jayson gets his hole pumped raw and full of young cock until Draven is ready to blow. When he does, the pup pulls out and sprays a huge load all over Jayson’s balls but makes sure to leave some seed to breed his bottom dad.

Age Play Bareback Fucking With Chad Brock And Draven Torres

No matter what you call it — age play, age gap, daddy/son roleplay, or intergenerational sex — there’s no doubt that porn scenes showing an age difference of 10 or more years are hotter than hell. And if the models are going bareback, it’s even hotter still. Kinda makes that daddy/son fantasy you’ve got that much hotter, doesn’t it? So let’s take a look at Chad Brock and Draven Torres getting it on raw and exploring their mutual fantasy with great passion.

You all know Chad. He’s a loveable pig who can give it as well as he can take it and in the past year or so he’s found his inner Daddy. As for Draven, what can we possibly say about him that would make him even more sexy? The young punk is totally indie with his tattoos and piercings and has a terrific body. Throw in the fact that Draven enjoys an older daddy type tearing at his hole and you’ve got one hell of a bareback sex whore who lives for raw fucking. Here, we see both Chad and Draven go down on each other, greedily lapping at cock and balls. But it’s Draven who’s rimmed, finger fucked, and pounded by Chad until both let loose with sloppy loads.


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