Dakota Ford

Busting Jaycee’s Walls

Dakota Ford Fucks Jaycee Barker

Dakota Ford Fucks Jaycee Barker

Dakota, our favorite resident bottom, will be teaching the newbie Jaycee Barker a thing or tow about taking dick He wants to pass along almost everything he knows about the art of bottoming. Let the lesson begin.

Dakota finds Jaycee at his computer jacking his dick to some porn. Before long, Dakota his his cock out and his hand wrapped around Jaycee’s dick. He comments on how impressive Jaycee’s man bat is before helping Jaycee get completely naked and feasting on it. Jaycee marvels at how quickly Dakota takes over half of his dick into his mouth. He licks up and down the shaft and eventually makes his way all the way up to kiss Jaycee. Eager to please his teacher, Jaycee quickly gets on his knees and blows Dakota. These boys have a hell of a time feasting on each other’s huge dicks. I wish they’d share with me!

Dakota talks Jaycee into laying on his back and before he knows it, Dakota is invading his ass! Jaycee holds his legs up as Dakota has his way with that set hole of his. Soon, he’s bent over and Dakota is into full control. He smacks Jaycee’s ass a few times while baking that booty out. The look on Jaycee’s face tells the complete story; the kid is certainly going through the first time bottoming woes. He’s in pain but he’s taking that dick like a pro. “Gimme dat ass” Dakota says while plowing through Jaycee’s virgin walls. Dakota works him out on his side and on hi back before Jaycee busts a nice nut allover his stomach. Dakota relieves Jaycee’s ass by pulling out and adding his own cum to the mix.

Dakota Ford Fucks Jaycee Barker

Pound for Pound

Dakota Ford, Ian Dempsey And Tyler White Fuck Bareback

Dakota Ford, Ian Dempsey And Tyler White Fuck Bareback

Like the beginning of a wet dream, we find a Dakota, Ian, and Tyler in the gum lifting weights. They must get hot quickly because soon their loosing clothes left and right. When Ian tries to take his turn on the bench, Dakota takes full advantage and begins to tea bag him. Ian certainly doesn’t mind! Turned on by what he sees, Tyler joins the action by taking Ian’s stiffening cock into his mouth. As good as Tyler’s head game is Ian can’t afford to be distracted with Dakota’s pet boa bouncing in and out of this throat.

Tyler lifts Ian’s lets into the air, and pushes his dick into Ian’s hot hole, raw! He fucks Ian like it’s a part of his workout, hard and fast. Dakota continues to stroke Ian’s throat with his cock. While keeping his dick in Ian’s mouth, he bends over to suck his dick. Ian is officially 69ing while getting his hole banged out. Must be nice

Tyler slowly slides out of Ian, who gets up and allows Dakota to sit on the bench. Ian then tries to take both Tyler and Ian’s cocks at the same time but is only able to take Dakota’s completely in. He’s not quite that open…yet! He rides Dakota hard as Tyler enjoys the sight. Jealous of the hot hole Dakota is enjoying, Tyler flips Ian over and resumes pounding that ass himself. These boys put on a real exhibition on how to burn some calories. Dakota lies on the bench and allows his workout buddies to cum all over him before standing up and dumping his own load on Ian.

Dakota Ford, Ian Dempsey And Tyler White Fuck Bareback

Different Day, Different Dick

Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

Brody is about to get his ass broken in, for real. Dakota gotten to really fuck anyone in a while so he’s in for a treat because this is only Brody’s second time bottoming. Dakota, as you all know, is the resident bottom so I hope he takes some time to teach Brody and thing or two.

Brody finds Dakota sunbathing with nothing on but some shorts. Hungry for cock, he quickly pulls Dakota’s shorts down making his dick flop out. Brody pops it in his mouth and starts to blow him like a meat obsessed whore. He licks the shaft up and down getting it nice and moist. Dakota tells him to take his clothes off and he obeys. Once Dakota’s cock is nice and slick he switches places with Brody and lubes his dick up. Dakota shows no mercy; he busts through Brody’s barely uses ass with his huge prick showing no hesitation. “Oh fuck”, Brody yells in pain as Dakota begins to pound away. Brody’s legs are held straight up in the air, giving Dakota the ability to get every inch of his boy bat into Brody’s body.

He flips Brody over and bangs him out form the back. The look on Brody’s face is one of pain and sheer delight. It’s a face all good tops are familiar with. Dakota sits on a rock and Brody slides right back on his pole. Dakota jacks Brody’s cock form behind as Brody continues to grind and swerve all over his cock. He’s doing such a good job that even Dakota has to admit that he’s “all over that dick”. Dakota bends him over once more and tastes his sweet hole before shoving his cock back inside. Brody holds onto a gate, bracing himself against Dakota’s rough thrusts. Unable to hold out any longer; Brody cums while Dakota is still inside of him. Dakota pulls out and dumps his load right on Brody’s ass.

Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

Fuck Them, Get Money

Zak Parker and Dakota Ford

Zak Parker and Dakota Ford

Our new boy, Zak Parker will be taking on SB;s resident bottom, Dakota Ford. Dakota is looking forward to being in a scene with someone that hasn’t been in the industry that long. I guess he likes that new car smell. Don’t we all?

The studs start off on the couch just shooting the breeze. Dakota finds out that Zak is a little shy so he decides to take the initiative and lays some lip action on Dakota. The boys quickly lose their clothes and Dakota stuffs his gums with Zak’s hot prick. Zak is fully aroused within seconds. He caresses Dakota’s head, encouraging him to keep going. Dakota needs little encouragement, even as a straight boy he’s gotten used to sucking dick. Dakota lies back on the couch where Zak fucks his mouth and throat. Dakota jacks off fervently while getting face pounded. They get into the 69 position; allowing us to not only get to see their head skills but a peek at Zak’s tight hole. Just the sight of that hot hole has me drooling.

Zak pops up and quickly packs his beef into Dakota’s waiting ass. He has Dakota moaning form pleasure almost instantaneously. Zak lifts Dakota’s legs so that he can get every inch of his dick inside. Dakota tries to cover his mouth to muffle his moans, but the pleasure is just too much and they come through regardless. Dakota, takes control by riding Zak’s wood. He reaches back and spreads his cheeks apart while bouncing up and down. He twists around, into reverse cowboy to better grind that rod into dust! When it’s all said and done Dakota spews cum all over the floor and Zak aims his load perfectly onto Dakota’s scruffy ass.

Zak Parker and Dakota Ford Raw

Vadim Back on Top

Vadim Black and Dakota Ford Raw

Vadim Black and Dakota Ford Raw

Vadim and Dakota are in the studio and are more than ready to perform for us. They’ve both been under a little stress lately. Vadim is dealing with a new relationship and Dakota is hunting for a new career. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Vadim fuck a dude but he’s going to get back in the swing of things by fucking the resident BSB bottom, Dakota. I can’t wait.

They start with some hot lip action on the couch before casting off their clothes. Dakota just can’t wait to pop Vadim’s meat stick into his mouth. “Yes, suck that dick”, Vadim moans over and over. Dakota does just that while holding onto Vadim’s balls. The boys alternate from 69ing to Dakota fucking Vadim’s skull. Vadim may be topping today, but the boy knows how to please some dick. Just watching him work Dakota’s prick gives me a woody I can’t ignore. BRB!

Dakota lays back and lubes Vadim’s dick. Once he’s nice and wet, Vadim pushes right into Dakota’s hot ass. Dakota’s face reveals just how much pleasure he is driving form having his hole filled by Vadim sausage. Vadim rams his cock in over and over while holding Dakota’s lets wide apart. Dakota gets up and rides Vadim in reverse cowboy. This must be his favorite position, because he’s groaning in delight right from the start. He bounces so hard on Vadim’s dick that it makes me think he’s going to break it. Vadim puts Dakota on all fours and reinserts his dick, once again taking control. I’m drooling, as Vadim’s chiseled body bangs against Dakota’s. I’m still drooling but dumping my load right when Dakota shoots his all over his abs. Vadim stands and squirts cum everywhere. I can’t believe these two haven’t been together before!

Vadim Black and Dakota Ford Raw

The Kid is Back!

Dakota Ford and James Riley

Dakota Ford and James Riley

The newbie, James Riley is back and is anxious to make some cash. He’s been paired with BSB veteran Dakota Ford, who’s going to show him the oral ropes. Both of them are horny and ready to get off. That makes three of us!

They get things popping by watching a little bit of porn on Dakota’s phone while rubbing their dicks. Dakota takes initiative and pulls James’s dick out of his pants and starts sucking on it. James keeps his eyes trained on the porn. The combination of James’ warm mouth wrapped around his cock and the porn do the trick; he’s hard as a rock in no time. Dakota sucks on it and gently strokes it. James’ hand sneaks over and it’s soon all over Dakota’s man rod.

The boys finally lose their clothes and James lays back on the couch where Dakota takes his dick in hand and continues to lick and suck on it. He’s got James moaning and I’m pretty sure that he’s not even concerned that it’s a guy giving him head. Dakota gets up and James doesn’t hesitate when he’s told to put Dakota’s dick in his mouth. This may be his first time tasting cock but he looks like he knows what he’s doing. He even takes getting his mouth fucked like a pro. Soon James has Dakota hanging off of the couch where he continues to give him a hot blow job. Dakota is panting hard as he takes over and starts to fuck his mouth again.

They sit back on the couch where they jack each other off. That’s round two of James’ introduction to BSB. I’m  looking forward to his next one.

Dakota Ford and James Riley

BSB Sandwich!



Some of my favorite boys have been put together for an awesome threesome. Finally, Ayden Troy is back and he’s with Dakota and Damien. Ayden has never done a threesome so let’s get stated and know this time off his bucket list.

The boys get right at each other. They peel each other’s clothes off and Dakota immediately finds himself on his knees servicing both of the guys. Ayden and Damien make out while being blown. They all move over to the bed and things really get heated. Damien begins to blow Ayden, while Dakota blows Damien. I’d draw you a diagram but there’s video (go watch!). All three of them have impressive cocks and I’d love to taste one. The boys flip flop their pattern with Ayden blowing Damien, and Damien blowing Dakota. Why is no one blowing me?

The boys get up and prepare themselves for some fucking. Damien lubes his sweet ass and it’s Dakota that penetrates him. As he’s pushing his cock into Damien’s ass, Ayden forces his into Dakota’s! Wow, a BSB sandwich! Dakota holds his own in the middle, fucking Damien good while getting pounded by Ayden. Ayden’s long rod digs deep inside Dakota; I wonder which end he’s enjoying more. Damien shifts to his back and Dakota continues to slide in and out of his guts. Meanwhile, Ayden straddles Damien’s face, thrusting his cock down the boy’s throat. Now Damien’s stuffed from both ends and his muffled moans makes me sure he’s enjoying it. Ayden and Dakota switch places and its Ayden’s turn to tear into Damien’s asshole. Getting it from both ends always makes me cum hard so I’m not surprised when Damien shots a hearty load. Dakota pops a load in Damien’s mouth as Ayden shoots his onto Damien’s lower abs. Dakota cleans both boys up with his tongue. I love that little cum slut. This may be the hottest 3-way in BSB history and I can’t wait for the sequel.

Watch the Ayden Troy, Dakota Ford and Damien Kyle Three Way

Fucking Like Gay Boys

Dakota Ford Fucks Kaden Alexander Raw

Dakota Ford Fucks Kaden Alexander Raw

Dakota is back and is ready for revenge. As you may remember, Kaden is the one that deflowered Dakota’s hole. Since he’s been gone, Kaden has started dating a new girl that has no clue what he does for extra cash. I wonder if she’ll hear him as he’s hollering in a mix of pain and pleasure while getting fucked by Dakota today. As good as he is at bottoming, I’m sure Dakota has something to prove on the other end. Set it off!

The boys start off with some lip action. They go right for each other. Tearing off clothes and rubbing all over one another. Dakota makes his way down to Kaden’s big cock and begins to suck him off. Kaden’s sausage gets instantly hard in Dakota’s mouth. Kaden makes him open his mouth and begins to beat Dakota’s tongue with his meat. Dakota licks all over the dick and balls, getting both moist. He stands up and they make out more while rubbing their dicks together. They hop on the bed where Kaden lends his mouth for Dakota’s use. And use it he does. “Oh yeah, suck that fucking dick”, he exclaims. He lays Kaden down onto the bed and starts to fuck his face, chocking his little cocksucker. After punishing Kaden’s throat by tea bagging the boys pull out a toy; a nice big dildo. Kaden slides what must be a nine incher into his hole, with relative ease, getting it nice and open. Dakota swallows Kaden’s cock whole in the meantime.

Now that he’s loosened up, Kaden offers his hole to Dakota who practically dives between his legs and begins to ram it. Dakota digs deeps with long and fast strokes and sure enough he has Kaden moaning loudly in delight. Dakota places Kaden onto his side and drills Kaden more before putting him on his stomach. Kaden’s hot bubble butt bounces off Dakota. Everyone talks about Kayden’s big dick but I’d like to draw attention to that beautiful ass of his. It’s certainly not lost on Dakota who can’t seem to get enough of it, slapping it and destroying it from the inside out. At one point Kaden takes control and uses Dakota’s tool like a toy. He grinds and backs his ass up onto it. Dakota fucks hard until he almost cums inside of Kaden. He pulls out in the nick of time and spews his load all over his ass. Kaden flips over and Dakota deices to thank him by suck him off. Kaden soon explodes, shooting a milky load all over his chest and abs. It doesn’t stay there though. Dakota licks it up for him! As they complete the scene with a kiss I’m left to wonder who’s going to clean up my cum.

Watch Dakota Ford Fuck Kaden Alexander Raw

Just 3 inches, huh?

Dakota Ford and Jaden Bentley Flip

Dakota Ford and Jaden Bentley Flip

Our favorite newbie Jaden is back and it’s time to pop that little cherry of his. Preforming the honor is BSB’s resident jokester, Dakota Ford. The director promises that Dakota only has a three inch dick and that it won’t hurt that much. LOL! I love it when they say that.

After stripping down Dakota pulls Jaden into him and delivers a sloppy kiss. They move onto the bed where they continue to make out and play with each other’s cocks. Dakota decides to help Jaden relax with a blowjob. Dakota devours the dick, getting all of it in his mouth. He licks all over the veiny pole and even beats it against his tongue. Satisfied with his work, he directs Jaden’s head over onto his lap. Jaden knows what to do. He sucks Dakota’s cock and only takes a brief break to make out with him. “This is definitely bigger than three inches” he observes while slobbering on Dakota’s sausage. Jaden sucks that dick like he likes it, or maybe he’s just trying to delay what’s to come.

Dakota, eager to get the new boy opened, places him on his back and lubes up. “Be gentle”, Jaden requests before Dakota begins to push his raw dick inside. Dakota busts right through the never before used hole and immediately starts to bang it out. So much for respecting the new merchandise! Dakota hold Jaden’s leg up as he tears through his man pussy. Jaden is calling out in pain, but Dakota is enjoying himself too much to care. He gets him to turn over, revealing Jaden’s nick bubble butt. After reinserting, Jaden screams out Dakota’s name in pain, almost like a plea for mercy. I hope he lives through this one! “Take this dick” Dakota demands the new boy. Jaden simmers some and does exactly what he’s told. Good boy!

The tables turn and Dakota gets on his back, spreads his legs, and fingers himself before letting Jaden’s dick inside. Jaden mercifully start off slow. “God you dick is big”, Dakota moans. “Oh gimme that dick, own that ass” Dakota begs. Jaden uses that big tool of his to plow right through Dakota as commanded. It doesn’t take long for Dakota to cum. He shoots cum all over his sexy abs and chest. Jaden pulls out and spills his own man seed onto Dakota’s cock and balls. Jaden lived through one hell of a fucking from Dakota and I can’t wait to see these two in action again.

Check out this hot scene by clicking here

Ultimate Fucking

Cage Kafig Fucks Dakota Ford

Cage Kafig Fucks Dakota Ford

Ding, ding, ding! In tonight’s matchup we have Dakota Ford and Cage Kafig. This should be better than any fight I’ve seen on Pay Per View. Dakota says he’s only heard “a little bit” about Cage…“a little bit”?! It’s a good thing he’s not talking about dick size because Cage is far from little in that department. Dakota quickly asserts that he’s not talking about size and declares “that he knows better” than to talk about shit before getting fucked. Whew! That was close! I ‘m sure “Cage Match” Cage would have taken that insult out on his ass. Instead Cage says that despite his reputation for being aggressive he’s going to take it easy on Dakota today…yeah we’ll see about that. Both boys are fighters and they have the bodies to prove it! I should do sit ups while watching this…or just burn calories while jacking off. We’ll see what happens ;)

The boys loose the clothes and Dakota once again shows off his BSB underwear for the camera. The boy can’t seem to get enough of them. They both turn around and display their cheeks for us and the camera man. “The Clench Brothers” they call themselves as they contract their glutes. Dakota lies on the bed and Cage begins to suck his cock. And that cock isn’t small either. It immediately hardens inside Cage’s mouth. Dakota is completely relaxed now. Cage’s eyes begin to water but he’s not done yet. He gets those soft lips wrapped back around Dakota’s thick cock and continues to get it nice and wet. I wonder how this blow job compares to his wife’s because Cage is putting in some work. Dakota’s cock gets stiffer and stiffer and for a second I thought he was going to pop. Cage moves to the chair and Dakota begins to return the favor. There’s no need to wait for Cage to get hard as his monster is fully grown and ready to attack. Dakota gets over half of it into his mouth and he works it over good! He tears up some, of course, but that dick tastes too good to stop sucking. Besides, he wants to get his cock as close to popping as he can before he gets fucked with it.

Dakota lies back on the bed and he watches Cage lube his cock. Once he’s ready he puts Dakota on his knees and stuffs his cum slinger into his tight hole. Dakota is obviously in pain and soon Cage has it all in and starts fucking away. Each stroke loosens Dakota up but his still looks as if he’s being torn apart. “Cage your dick is so big” Dakota admits under pressure. So much for taking it “easy”, Cage is letting that hole have it, every inch. Dakota’s hairy ass has to be burning as it’s stretched to its limit. Dakota adjusts and gets on his side as Dakota reenters him and starts to fuck the life out of him, some more. Precum has accumulated at the base of Cage’s cock, but much to Dakota’s dismay, he’s far from done. Cage begins to play with Dakota’s cock to help him relax and get in to it. It seems to work as Dakota’s grunts of pain transform into moans of pleasure. He begins to stroke his own thickening rod. Cage drags Dakota’s body to the edge of the bed and continues to bang his boy box. Dakota is taking every inch with ease now. Cage continues to massage his insides with his pole while Dakota jacks his dick furiously until cum is spewing from his dick. Does Cage pull out? Of course not! He continues to fuck Dakota and he even picks up the pace. Damn! That’s a cold blooded top! Dakota takes it and he is soon rewarded by being shot in the face with Cage’s jizz. He tried to avoid it, but Cage has great aim.

Dakota’s ass and face weren’t the only casualties of this encounter. Cage’s cock has a bruise on it which must be rug burn from Dakota’s furry ass. Bumps and bruises. Good fight boys, good fight!

Watch the scene here!

Attack of the Broke Cannibals

Paul Canon And Dakota Ford Flip Fuck Raw

Paul Canon And Dakota Ford Flip Fuck Raw

Is he ripping dead skin off his hand with his teeth? Oh you straight boys! Paul doesn’t mind chewing his skin off but Dakota seems to be a little grossed out. Paul reminds him that it’s no different than tasting one’s own cum, something he assures Dakota will experience today.

The boys undress and Dakota proudly displays his BSB underwear. Finally! He sucked a lot of dicks and got his ass plowed enough; he earned them. After removing his prized undies, Dakota finds himself in a sexy lip lock with Paul. I love watching Paul kiss, he’s so passionate that his partners can’t help but get into it. After a tasty smooch Paul pushes Dakota back onto the bed and begins to blow him. We already know that Paul likes the taste of skin. He’s already had an appetizer so I’m guessing this is his entrée. Dakota’s big dick does look good enough to eat! Paul’s sucking action has Dakota moaning loudly. The look on Dakota’s face is something every cock sucker works for.

Dakota slides off of the bed and lands on his knees before Paul. Dakota has turned into a real pro at taking dick in the mouth. He teases Paul with his tongue before engulfing the dick whole. “You suck that dick” Paul says as Dakota slides his meat stick in and out of his mouth. The sounds of slurping and sucking fill the air; this is a good audible BJ! “That’s a lot of dick, man!” Dakota says after almost choking on cock and saliva. He gets right back to work though; he wants to get that rod nice and wet before he gets fucked. And soon it’s time for just that. Teary eyed from delivering some bomb ass head, Dakota lies back on the bed while Paul lubes up. He penetrates Dakota’s man pussy raw and immediately starts hammering away. “Aww, yeah” Dakota shouts. BSB and cash are turning him into a cock hungry little boy. His asshole eagerly accepts all of Paul’s third leg. Paul churns his insides into butter and Dakota loves every bit of it. “It’s so deep, it’s so deep”, he moans. Yes sir it is!

Anxious for cock himself, Paul pulls out and lubes up Dakota. He hops on the dick like a kid would Santa’s lap. Paul can take cock as good as he gives it; the hallmark of a true versatile fuck boy. He bounces and bounces on Dakota’s raw cock (for a second I thought he might spin on it), while Dakota jacks him from behind. The close up on Dakota’s magic stick tightly squeezed into Paul’s hot ass has me ready to explode. Paul’s cock bounces from side to side once Dakota lets it go. So hot! They move back to the bed and Dakota reinserts his pole and continues trying to split Paul in half. That hairy hole opens up nicely for that raw dick. The room is extra loud now with both boys moaning and breathing heavily. Moments later Paul joins me across the finish line by shooting a sticky load all over himself. Dakota’s not far behind; he blasts gooey cum all over the place.

The camera man points out that moments before he cums, Dakota seems to zone out and go somewhere. Yeah, that would be my bedroom. As promised, Paul has Dakota taste some of his own cum and he loves it. Hopefully, that won’t be the last time we see him eat baby batter.

Watch Paul Canon And Dakota Ford Flip Fuck Raw

There’s nothing to fear except BBC

Kaden Alexander Fucks Dakota Ford Raw

Kaden Alexander Fucks Dakota Ford Raw

He’s back and it’s time. Dakota Ford is back and he’s here to bottom for the first time. And to make matters worse (for him) he’s paired with Kayden Alexander who is known for fucking people into oblivion. Let the cherry poppin’ begin.

Dakota opens up and admits that he tried to bottom before but it was just too painful. I have the feeling that today won’t be easier but there’s no backing out. They continue to discuss Kayden’s big dick…one Kayden surprisingly calls average…wow! Someone bring me some measuring tape so I can taste, I mean, measure it myself. After debating the not so average size of Kayden’s cock they undress and Dakota is asked to stand on top of the chair. Kayden tries to help him take his mind off the painful pounding to come with a blowjob. Kayden’s hungry mouth abducts Dakota’s dick. Dakota steadies himself by pressing one hand against the ceiling with using the other to push Kayden’s mouth further down his cock. This blowjob is so sloppy that I could easily just close my eyes and enjoy it just as much by listening to all the slurping and heavy breathing. But my eyes stay wide open. Kayden licks Dakota’s shaft, toying with him. Dakota looks down upon him, pleased with the attention he’s getting. As Kayden continues to blow him it looks like Damien could start climbing the wall any second now.

Dakota gets off of the chair and sits Kayden down so that he can return the favor. Kayden’s big veiny dick is handled nicely by Dakota. He switches back and forth between jacking and sucking. “Oh shit!” Kayden exclaims. When asked if he’s ready to get fucked Dakota responds with a definite “Nope!” “Better now than never, dog” Kayden suggests. And just like that we’re watching Dakota lube that nearly virgin hole up. Kayden tells him to stick a couple of fingers up his ass to loosen it right after assuring him that he’ll be “super gentle”. Why am I not convinced? Dakota bends over the chair and props his ass up. The time has come. “Ow! God” Dakota exclaims as Kayden’s raw dick penetrates him. “Damn your asshole is tight!” he says as he starts a slow fuck. He slowly picks up the pace and is soon fucking the new boy pussy like old boy pussy. Dakota arches his back and reaches behind Kayden in an effort to pull him deeper inside. Wow! If I didn’t know any better I’d swear this wasn’t his first time Dakota was getting split open by dick. His hairy ass gets used to the cock pretty damn quick.

Kayden pushes Dakota on the bed but then repositions him over the bottom edge. Dakota is really being put through the ringer today. Kayden jumps right back into that ass from above; with no mercy. Dakota is clearly in pain. He smacks the floor and reminds himself that he needs the money. Kayden is going to make him earn every cent. He continues to pop his ass and even slaps it a few times. What a workout!
They move to the side of the bed and Dakota is put on his back. Kayden reenters and must have hit a sweet spot because Dakota screams out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Kayden just slays away and soon Dakota loosens up again. “Oh god, give it to me!” Dakota belts moments before squeezing man juice from his dick. Jizz lands all over his chest. Kayden pulls out and squirts his own gooey batch onto Dakota’s stomach. Now that his cherry has been popped and he’s been baptized in cum, Dakota is officially a Broke Straight Boy; in every sense of the word.

Watch Kaden Alexander Fuck Dakota Ford Raw

Beef Whistle. It’s what’s for dinner.

Dakota Ford Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw

Dakota Ford Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw

I’m hungry…I wonder what Dakota and Ian are serving. Dakota Ford is back with the hunky teen Ian Dempsey. The scene opens with a candid conversation about their first scenes. Ian says that it took him four hours to get hard the first time he performed in front of a camera. Dakota agrees that it can be hard, especially when you have big shoes to fill. The conversation leads into Ian’s mature look. He’s only 18, but with that body and sexy beard he could easily pass for 25. Hottie Dakota is asked about his wife and he states that he’s sure that she would get turned on watching his scenes. The director asks if she would be jealous and he’s not sure. While I’d be interested in knowing how she feels about, I’m more interested in seeing these two fuck.

They remove their clothes and Ian lies back on the bed. After claiming that he wants to “be a part of the team”, Dakota decides to show how much he means it by wrapping his mouth around Ian’s cock without hesitation. Thanks to Dakota’s face hole, it doesn’t take Ian four hours to get hard this time. Dakota’s technique has progressed from a rating of “the kid’s got talent” to “daaaaaammmmmnnn!” But Ian’s thick sausage is big enough to have the orally talented Dakota choking. Before needing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Dakota joins Ian on the bed. Ian takes Dakota’s dick into his mouth and begins to suck him off. Ian has no trouble, and I mean NO TROUBLE, taking Dakota’s dick down to the balls. I can’t imagine that it’s easy as Dakota is sporting a serious monster. He holds Dakota’s cock at the base and continues to make it disappear and reappear. #Magic! Ian inhales Dakotas beef whistle like its air. Dakota takes control momentarily and fucks Ian’s mouth. He’s really into it; for a second I thought he was going to bust right there in Ian’s warm mouth. However, hungry for an ass-fucking, Ian stops and sits on Dakota’s baby maker. Riding that dick in reverse cowboy, Ian’s hungry hole swallows all of Dakota’s cock. “Oh yeah, ride that dick, ride that dick”, Dakota commands. And Ian does just that. He rides like a pro, his own dick slapping his abs.

After being ridden like Seabiscuit, Dakota forces Ian on all fours and continues to tear into that hairy hole. He doesn’t show any mercy but Ian doesn’t seem to mind at all. He’s enjoying the pounding. Dakota must be imagining his wife because he really starts to get into a rhythm; winding and grinding his body as he screws Ian. Seriously, those were gay stripper moves! Dakota gets bossy, directing Ian to lay on his back. He continues to drill Ian like he’s looking for oil. From this angle we can see Ian’s hole stretched to the limit by Dakota’s meat bat. And just like that, Ian doesn’t pump out oil but he does release a geyser of baby gravy. Dakota yanks his dick out of Ian’s hole and pops his own cork, fizzing all over Ian. Oh, please pair these two up again, and again, and again!!! And get Dakota some BSD undies, he’s earned them.

I’m stuffed, not the same as Ian just was, but I’m satisfied nonetheless :)

Watch this incredibly hot scene right here!

Males know what males want!

Damien and Dakota in Oral Action

Damien and Dakota in Oral Action

Enter Dakota and Damien. Having shown off his body and thick cock in his solo performance, Dakota is back but this time he has a playmate, Damien. This won’t be the first blowjob that Dakota has had from a guy. In regards to a past oral encounter with a man, Dakota states that “it’s normal, it’s alright”. One can’t help but think that Damien took this as a challenge because when given the green light he dives right in and starts bobbing on Dakota’s cock like a pro. He may never go broke again if he keeps sucking dick like that. Not one to miss a moment of his mouth’s hard work, Damien keeps his eyes wide open as he slobbers up and down Dakota’s shaft. “You like that?” He asks Dakota. Dakota’s moans out “yeah” as his eyes continue to roll into the back of his head. He begins to relax even more as Damien continues to deliver mind blowing head. Damien moves down further between Dakota’s toned legs and starts to service his balls, gently sucking on them. That’s what you call full service! After having Dakota force his dick towards the back of his throat, Damien admits that he can “barely breathe”! But he can take a deep breath as his impressive oral skills have brought Dakota to his climax. Dakota holds tightly onto his seat as cum explodes from the head of his dick.

Being the newbie that he is, Dakota thinks that he is done. But this straight boy needs to learn the number 1 rule about head and that’s suck, cum, give! He admits that he isn’t very good at it, but practice makes perfect. He begins to suck Damien’s cock and while the taste doesn’t agree with him at first he begins to get into the rhythm; forcing Damien’s dick to grow into the back of his throat. Damien lies back on the bed and Dakota continues to blow him into ecstasy. Damien’s dick slides in and out of Dakotas’ mouth with ease. Dakota seems to get use to the taste as he slurps Damien’s cock repeatedly and even slaps it against his tongue. The married newbie even attempts to deep throat! How quickly cocksuckers progress these days! Damien, lost in pleasure, forgets that this is Dakota’s first time sucking on man sausage and begins to fuck his mouth.

After having his mouth worked over good, Dakota begins to expertly jack Damien off. Damien cums hard within moments of having his junk in hands of Dakota. With both boys relieved they decide to go get some food. And who can blame them; straight cock is always a good appetizer.

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Introducing Dakota Ford


Today we have the pervy pleasure of meeting Dakota Ford, from Georgia via San Diego. ”Kind of a southern boy and a California boy mixed together,” the cameraman observes. The 24-year-old is married. Been with his wife for 5 years. ”They say if you can make past the first seven you’re good,” Dakota says.


He’s here because he’s broke, straight, and a boy. LOL! Dakota’s wife knows he’s with us, and seems cool with it all. “She’s warmed up to it,” Dakota explains. As for his day job, Dakota shakes his money maker. He’s made it with a dude before, but it wasn’t his thing. As a stripper, Dakota has no problem taking off his clothes. When asked about the size of his thang, he blushes. Which means he must be hung like a donkey!


LOL! The stud plays with himself through his underwear. Eventually he gets rid of the fabric to show a large slab of beef. When he gets it hard, the cameraman is impressed. “That’s a big assed dick,” the cameraman says. “I like to say I was born a dick and grew a body,” Dakota quips. The monster curves to the side. The piss slit is so big it winks at the camera.


This monster meat is a bottom’s boy’s wet dream. LOL! 
Dakota takes a seat, using both hands to pleasure himself. He gets up for some lube and shakes his “hairy butt” for the camera. He gets more comfortable on the bed, and his sausage has gotten bigger. He jerks it and moans a bit. The stud needs lots of lube to cover all the skin on that thing. “I’m about to cum,” Dakota whispers. His load dribbles out, landing on his abs and hand. He strokes out one last drop for the camera. “I’m a little messy,” Dakota admits after he calms down.


The cameraman wants to know how big his wang is, but the newbie confesses he’s never measured it. The cameraman thinks it might be 9 inches. “Your wife should be happy,” the cameraman says. There are some other people who would be glad if Dakota put that tool in some other tight places.


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