Daddy/Son roleplay

Smooth Twink Jordan Jacobs and Tattooed Daddy Joe Gunn Fire Off Big Loads

Who doesn’t love a hot tattooed daddy sporting a full thick moustache, ready and willing to fuck the life out of you? As we continue exploring our fantasy of Dads Fucking Lads, the lucky twink here is Jordan Jacobs and the Father Figure is Joe Gunn. Jordan is slim, smooth, and sexy, with a wild streak. He loves getting thrown around the room, spinning atop thick dicks! He’s perfect for Joe! Taking their time exploring each other on the couch, Joe loves the taste of Jordan’s dick as our twink leans back and lets daddy get to work. Turning over and getting his smooth ass eaten out, the feeling of Joe’s tash on Jordan’s hole makes him even harder and eager for Daddy’s leaking cock. Joe happily obliges and lustfully fucks Jordan, taking him over the edge of the sofa. With Jordan up for more hard fucking, Joe gets him on top, bouncing on the full length of his meat. We’re treated to some of the best views of the twink’s hot young ass getting slammed, every solid inch thrust in and out and back and forth, until neither can take any more and the spunk flies from both of them.

Daddy Brad Kalvo and His Boytoy Bobby Hart

BreedMeRaw is pleased to present Colt model Brad Kalvo. The hung, bearded daddy is featured this week with a new bareback slut pig, Bobby Hart. This is Bobby’s first scene taking raw cock and the condom-to-bareback whore is pleased to have Brad shove his hairy crotch right into his face. Bobby sucks down Brad’s cock like a drowning man gasping for air and all Brad can do is fuck his face and watch as he fucks Bobby’s throat, playing with his hole. Brad gets Bobby on the fuck bench and eats out that Latin ass, getting it ready for his raw cock. After a while, Brad finds it’s better to throw his little Latin “puta” in the sling and pound away at his slut hole until he was satisfied. This is one bareback fuck neither will soon forget! So what are you waiting for? Grab your dick, double-click, and start stroking!

Canadian Hunk Misha Dante Can’t Get Enough Of Aaron Aurora’s Twink Ass

Canadian Hunk Misha Dante might be a new face to Eurocreme but we’ve no doubt he’s going to bit a hit. Goodness knows he’s already a hit with skinny twink Aaron Aurora, who is the first to be fucked by the handsome hunk. Misha is covered from head to toe with blonde hair and — from the beard to the pelt covering his defined pecs and abs, down to his ass and legs — he’s the perfect young dad to fuck super skinny Aaron. In fact, our pale twink can’t get enough of the darker hairy stud who, in turn, can’t seem to get enough of Aaron’s hungry ass and eager hole. Spreading those milky white cheeks apart and tongue fucking him deep, Misha knows how to get someone ready for a hard fucking; just what daddies are for! Slowly plunging inside Aaron, Misha is in no hurry to cum and takes his time fucking his twink, each thrust giving us an even better sight of his sexy muscled body. And doesn’t he contrast beautifully with Aaron’s pale, slim frame? Misha is one hell of a flexible fucker — pinning Aaron to the bed, taking him from behind, then pulling the twink on top of him — and Aaron obeys, falling in line as Misha maneuvers his almost frail body. Bouncing on the bed so hard they could flip off, Aaron takes the whole length of Misha’s cock…over and over, in and out…before Misha dumps his well-deserved load all over Aaron’s chest. And the twink simply gazes up at his “daddy” in awe of what his father figure just put him through. As it should be.

Daddy Michel Rudin and His Toy Leo Marco

No matter the age, we all love a hot daddy. There’s just something about an “older,” more experienced man taking the inexperienced by the hand and showing him the ropes. Not that Eurocreme twin, Leo Marco needs any help in the experience department. We happen to think he’s got plenty to go around. All the same, the daddy/son fantasy is alive and strong with the sexy French twink paired with hunky Italian muscle man Michel Rudin. Dark hair all around! After a quick interview, the two are hard at it on Leo’s bed. Already bursting, Michel’s hairy chest is adored by smooth Leo, who works his way down Michel’s buff manly torso to his thick, solid cockk. Lapping at the shaft — which is nearly as big as his own head — Leo takes as much as he can down his throat, with Michel’s hand resting on the back of his neck, guiding him down onto it. Kicking back and enjoying the oral he’s getting — bet you’ll be wishing you were Michel! — we’re treated to more of this hairy stud; from his fuzzy pits and tailored stubble to his furry pecs, all while fucking fucking Leo’s face. Pulling Leo up on all fours, Michel then takes his twink doggy style. Leo’s slim frame fits easily into Michel’s hands as he works the horny twink back and forth onto his huge throbbing shaft. It’s clear Leo is getting off on taking such a big daddy cock and Michel obviously loves the feel of his twink’s smooth tight skin under his grip. After getting flipped over, Leo is practically pounded into the bed until he shoots a brilliant white load over himself. Michel continues to fuck until he pulls out, massaging his bulging head until he sprays all over Leo.

Hung Italian Daddy Antonio Garcia And Super Twink Darius Ferdynand

Everyone loves a hard daddy. Then again, we don’t know a single daddy who doesn’t enjoy a smooth twink, either! Super hard fucker Antonio Garcia loves a good twink from time to time so we paired him with Darius Ferdynand to play with. Neither can believe their luck. Antonio is all over Darius like a rash, kissing, licking, and taking him any way he can. In fact, Darius becomes like a human doll, flipped and pulled and fucked every which way, certainly harder than Darius has ever been fucked before. And all Darius can do is enjoy what the hung Italian stallion gives him, taking it all hard and fast. He might be overwhelmed with Antonio’s desire but, as Antonio spreads Darius’s cheeks apart to expose the smooth pink hole, it drives them both crazy. Especially Antonio, who uses his tongue and fingers to loosen up Darius. The hung Italian Daddy pushes Darius to his limits, working out his ass until he’s ready to spew, his load coating the smooth slender twink in all his spunk, as proof of his satisfaction.

Flip Fucking Daddy/Son Duo Mickie Collins and Eddie Kordova

After finding out Eddie Kordova likes a dominant Daddy, we paired him up with Mickie Collins for some daddy/son roleplay and light bondage under the Florida sun. Of course, Mickie’s main goal is to stuff his throbbing cock into Eddie’s super tight hole but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a bit of fun doing it. Blindfolded and tied up, Mickie makes good use of Eddie’s cock, clad in a sock-like jockstrap, as well as his meaty ass. Burying his face in the stud’s hunky ass, Mickie follows through with his cock. Of course, Eddie’s cock-squeezing asshole presents a challenge for Daddy Mickie…at first. But he knows how to relax his bottoms, sliding home and deep and hard. For an extra surprise, however, Eddie flips Mickie and slides his huge fat piece into Mickie’s hairy ass. Covered in sweat, the pair fuck like rutting animals, until they can’t hold back any longer and have to release their pent-up loads.

Rocco Banks Gives Pup A Deep Fuck With Huge, Fat, AND Curved Cock

Rocco Banks usually prefers big, butch, masculine men. Every once in a while, though, he’s been known to break in a pup or two with that humongous, fat, curved cock. With Marco Di Lucca, it was Rocco’s thick slab of uncut meat that spoke. Rising hard and fast upon seeing the pert ass and sweet, cock-sucking lips, Rocco pursued the smooth hottie, stretching his throat and pink hole with one then two fingers. And finally, that amazing slab of beef. But not before an incredible amount of piggy hole priming took place. In fact, squatting over Rocco’s face, Marco gets the sort of rimming that makes the eyes roll back into his head. Then he slides down on Rocco’s shaft, impaling himself and taking as much cock up his ass as he can take before both spew with fresh loads of jizz.

Twink Top Billy Rubens Discovers His Inner Bottom With Hunky Daddy Dirk Caber

Continuing with our Daddy-On-Twink roleplay fantasies, this week Eurocreme features Russian twink extraordinaire Billy Rubens and huge muscle man Dirk Caber. Billy, who many of you will remember from his days playing the hotel manager from The Dreamboy Series, has been predominantly top with rare exceptions. However, since his solo scene with a dildo we’ve been wanting to get a cock up that boy’s ass. We succeeded, to a degree, but now, it’s finally happened. Billy gets taken and he fucking loves it! All the young tattooed stud needed was a Daddy to show him the ropes. Dirk was more than willing. The bearded hunk pushes Billy down onto the bed and starts to strip him. As Dirk peels his tight black shirt off and shows his hairy chest, smooth Billy can’t help but reach up to stroke his bulging hairy muscles before scooting to fill his mouth with cock. Enjoying the taste of that stiff dick and hairy daddy balls in his mouth, it seems Billy’s found a new side to him he thought never existed. But we knew. Rock hard throughout, especially during the deep, harder fuck, Billy’s eyes are truly opened — and so is that sweet pink hole — to a new world of sexual adventure and pleasure, by a man who knows how. An experienced Daddy who took Billy by the hand and allowed him to discover his inner bottom. By the end of the scene Billy is caught in a shower of cum and sweat and finds himself filled with a happiness not unlike nirvana.

Silver Daddy Jake Marshall Takes Charge Of Porn Newbie Kevin McDonough

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must submit to another. For some, it happens early enough in life, shaping their future as a top, bottom, or versatile gay man. Some, however, are born to be bottoms. Others, like silver daddy Jake Marshall, are born and raised to be top. This is a man who is not only handsome, he’s distinguished looking with a confident air about him that lets you know, HE knows exactly what YOU want and need. Definitely a man who knows what makes another man tick. Since this was Kevin McDonough’s first time in the industry, we decided there was no other man we wanted to pair the porn newbie than with Jake. Right from the start, though Kevin’s been dominated by other men before, we all knew this was going to be something special; to the point where Kevin was trembling with excitement as he was cuffed to a nearby tree, then played and used outdoors. Kevin was certainly eager to impress, which only helped as Jake took charge of the muscular pup, leaving him a pulsating mess. Kevin’s raw holes were claimed by Jake and used by the rock-hard daddy to satisfy his thick slab of bare meat. Now, Kevin is spoiled for any other man that might come along hoping to claim him.

Daddy On Twink Action With Christopher Daniels And Luke Desmond

For those of you who live to get off on daddy-on-twink porn, you’re going to love Christopher Daniels and Luke Desmond. Both are handsome, sexy, and hung like horses. Luke usually takes top position when it comes to having sex on camera but, in this instance, he gladly defers to hairy muscle man Chris. Hell, with his great blond hair, and furry body, who wouldn’t want to bottom for the hung stud? The contrast between the two is fantastically sensual and those who love ageplay will no doubt enjoy Chris with slim, toned, twink-type Luke and his monster cock. A lover of twink spunk, Chris can hardly wait to get in bed with Luke, immediately stripping and sporting a massive hard-on. Luke doesn’t bother with preliminaries when it comes to sucking Chris and his hot cut cock. He just goes to town. But when Chris gets his mouth around Luke’s 9-incher, you can tell who the true cocksucker is. Then again, when you’re into the guy you’re having sex with…TRULY turned on by him, there isn’t much you won’t do. Daddy Chris devours Luke as if he were swallowing a gherkin pickle which, for all you Luke Desmond fans, is no small feat! It’s obvious no one has ever serviced Luke like this before. But Chris isn’t just about deep throating the huge slab of monster meat. He fingers Luke’s smooth pink fuckhole at the same, working Luke up until they’re both insane with lust. Chris wants Luke to show off his ass and, boy, does he ever obey his daddy!

Chris rims Luke as if he hadn’t eaten ass in ages; in other words, a complete piggy ass whore. He then plunges the long, thick cock inside Luke, thrusting hard and fast. As he overpowers Luke’s slim frame with his own muscled body, there is nowhere for Chris to drive that slab but balls deep inside Luke’s hungry asshole. Hell, we doubt he’d want to be anywhere else anyhow and the look of sheer pleasure and joy at being so far inside Luke is clear on Chris’s face. And somehow, we get the feeling there’s no other place Luke would rather be than beneath Chris, getting stretched, filled, and plowed by the hung American daddy.

Lyle Boyce Takes 8-Inches Worth Of Spanish Culture

For some people, Sunday are made for sleeping in late or running out for brunch with friends and family. For others, like Lyle Boyce, Sundays are good some along time and quiet introspection in a museum taking in some good culture. In this, the final scene of “A Weekend With Lyle Boyce,” the tall, slender ginger happily trots off to his local museum. Alas, he’s all alone with no one to wander about, admiring some classic artists. But fear not! This adorable shy twink can never be alone for long. And by the time he’s ready to leave, he’s got Bruno Fox in tow. Apparently the impressionist artist has made quite an impression on Lyle’s tender, hungry soul. Bruno has invited Lyle back to his place where, amidst some great artwork, he exposes Lyle to some hot, intense, and throbbing Spanish culture. To be precise, 8-inches of thick, fat, uncut cock culture pounding his pretty face and sweet twink hole. Lyle takes Bruno with the skill of someone who’s been in the industry for decades. Then again, if you’ve been keeping up with Lyle over the past few scenes here on Eurocreme, you already know this has been a roller coaster of sex from start to finish!

A Weekend With Lyle Boyce — Behind The Scenes

Eurocreme Exclusive Lyle Boyce confesses he doesn’t like to go to bars or clubs. You can’t really get into a good conversation, let alone get to know someone when there are so many outside stimuli. No, the adorable slender twink prefers a nice quiet evening at home. Especially over the weekend. Now, some might say he’s just shy and needs to come out of his shell. Then there are those who might say okay, at least he won’t get into any trouble. However, it seems that where ever he goes, shy and quiet Lyle is pursued by trouble. What sort of trouble you might ask? Well, let us tell you as we take you behind the scenes of “A Weekend With Lyle.” You’ll find out about Danny Montero, Lyle’s neighbor, who is always inviting him over for dinner. Lyle doesn’t know whether or not cute Latino Danny is gay or not but he — and you, the viewer — will soon find out! And then there’s an upcoming reunion with long distance lover Leo Marco, as well as some movie night shenanigans with Jordan Jacobs and Alfie Bee. And let’s not forget a torrid age play hookup with muscleman Bruno Fox who, upon finding out Lyle loves art, invites the twink up to his flat to see his etchings. Yeah. Right. His etchings. Classic line. We wondered how can such a tiny lad like Lyle can fit it all in. We’re going to take a glimpse into his life and a look at his hole. You’ll see exactly how he can fit it all in.

Twink Lyle Boyce Loves Him Some Daddy Dick

You’ve heard of the expression, “so-and-so’s a mamma’s boy.” But what about a daddy’s boy? Or maybe you just have a fantasy of sleeping with your best buddy’s son. Or perhaps YOU’RE the son and you’ve got the hots for your dad’s best bud, his neighbor, his…ahhh, fuck it. You get the picture. It’s all about the hot Daddy and goodness knows twinky Lyle Boyce loves a good, take-charge sort of daddy. So who better to pair him with than with Dolan Wolf? Normally, Dolan’s a bit on the kinky side but he takes it nice and slow and incredibly passionate with Lyle. The two are in sharp contrast and hit the ground running with hairy muscle man pressed against slim, pale and twink.

Lyle eagerly unbutton Dolan’s suit shirt, exposing his hairy chest and hard abs. But he doesn’t stop there. He’s desperate to get into daddy’s pants and fumbling with anticipation as he works the belt. Dolan helps him out, just as horny to get Lyle naked. He pulls his shirt off, kissing him hard as he half caresses, half gropes Lyle’s ass, as if letting him know where he’s going next. Tender and sweet, they build to a grunting animalistic coupling as Dolan tosses Lyle all over the place, his hairless milky white body solely for Dolan’s pleasure. Even Lyle’s impressively large dick is used to get Dolan off as he slurps on the curved, uncut cock before moving to his favourite place…smooth virgin ass! Dolan slides home, taking Lyle doggy and in other positions designed for maximum penetration and pleasure, until they can no longer hold off and shared cum shots as they finish what we can only call perfection. From the look on Lyle’s face and the sounds he makes, we know no one has ever rimmed or fucked him like this every before!

Slender Twink Feeds On Big Greek Meat

Stelio Colt has his back against the wall…uhhh, okay…so it’s really a rock. But you see, there’s a reason for it and it’s because of Gio Pilou. The young, slender twink crouched down, sucking the long cock being fed to him. As we arrive, they stop and Stelio introduces me to his cocksucker, who then gets back to work. Servicing dick is a serious business in Greece! Stelio face fucks him hard and Gio is more than capable of taking it as he deep throats the older top’s meat. When Gio stops to take his clothes completely off, Stelio has a go at Gio, sucking before turning him around to give his hole a workout: with tongue and fingers first, then filling the young hole with the entire length of his cock in one smooth plunge. Gio takes a hard and deep pounding, while Alex Iron watches from behind a ridge, nearby. Stelio suddenly passes his limit and can’t hold back anymore. He quickly pulls out and shoots a thick load of Greek jizz all over Gio’s face and the slender twink is more than happy to lap it all up as if it were yogurt, feeding on the big meat to clean it up. Gio then shoots his own load while still sucking on Stelio’s cock and both dive into the water for some well-deserved refreshment.

Trough Pig Fuckers Scott Campbell And Trevor Belfast

Some men are just natural born whores. Take Scott Campbell for instance. This cock sucking, cum guzzling pig loves servicing men and getting fucked, especially in public spaces. And nothing turns him on more than getting it on in a public mens room. So here he is, hanging out naked by the urinal when along comes super sexy hung daddy Trevor Belfast. Scott knows no boundaries so he simply drops to his knees and immediately starts to worship Trevor’s big dick. Slobbering, swallowing and servicing dick all the way down his throat is just one of Scott’s specialties. After working up a sweat from the exertion of taking all that meat, Scott lets Trevor have some of his own big dick. After edging Scott for a while, Trevor gets his dick balls deep inside Scott’s bubble butt and works him over. Between all the fucking and dirty talk, you just don’t know what’s nastier! To get deeper and take more advantage of Scott’s always willing fuckhole, the man shift positions with Scott shoved into a corner, on his back. Trevor keeps on pounding, spitting into Scott’s open mouth. Once Trevor gets close, Scott kneels and collects his reward: a hot daddy load to the face, which he feeds off of like the trough pig he truly is. But Trevor isn’t far behind, willing to take Scott’s load in the face, shot in his mouth, and tasting his juices.

Behind The Scenes In Athens

It’s summer! At least, it still is here in Greece. We went to visit a friend in Athens. At first we thought it was such a shame he’d moved from Mykonos. We were looking forward to long hot days on the beach and long sweaty nights partying. But as they say, everything happens for a reason. Our friend promised that what we could find in Mykonos was just as easily found in Athens. We just had to dig a little deeper. The next morning, he took us to the local cruising area; a secluded section of rocky coast. It’s a fair drive out of Athens but trust the Greeks to mix sun, sea and sex! When we got there, we dropped our stuff and set off to explore. It was probably a bit early as we only come across a few people. However, we soon discovered Stelio Colt with his back against the proverbial wall, and Gio Pilou feeding on his long, juicy cock! After watching him fuck the hell out of the very hungry bottom, we went off again only to find super hung Alex Iron. The hung stud with wrist-thick meat was sitting on a nearby ridge, more than willing to put on a stroke show. Who were we to turn away? After that, it was splash time and a dip in the ocean but always with an eye on cruising. Stratos St. Galen joins me in the water and, by the time we walk back, Stelio already has another mouth wrapped around his dick. We exchange introductions and Stratos and Jeremy hit it on. We go back home where Strato fucks Jeremy on the balcony. And that was just the first day!

The next day, same spot. It was far quieter but we spotted hunky Theo S., joined by Alex Iron, who ended up with a proper rodgering. The heat only made things hotter and by 3 in the afternoon it was already too hot to stay outdoors. So we made our way back with Stelio, who ran into buddy Tom Neris. Tom invited us for a drink and with all that fur, we naturally had to go! On the way, we drove past Jeremy Shane, waiting at the bus stop. We offered him a lift and drink on the terrace. Next thing you know this little piggy is getting stuck like a pig, skewered between Tom and Stelio. Aaahhh, Greece!

Big Fat Daddy Dick For Cocksucking Pig Boy

Scott Campbell is harnessed, booted, and already on his knees long before we get the cameras rolling. He’s stroking his cock while servicing Dillon Press’s big, fat dick. Scott crams Dillon’s head into his crotch, shoving that throbbing piece of meat all the way down Scott’s open throat. Frankly, we’re not sure which one of them is luckiest. But just as we started to wonder that, Scott sits down and lets Dillon work on his cock. After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gooseling, right? With Scott’s legs spread wide, Dillon helps himself to a hefty, tasty helping of Scott’s greedy fuckhole. Stroking the puckered entrance while sucking on Scott’s cock, Dillon eventually shoves a finger in deep, driving Scott crazy. By now, Scott’s begging. He’s like a whore who just won’t quit. And do you blame him? Just take a really good look at his “Daddy” and his big fat daddy dick! That slab of beef was totally meant for cock sucking pig boys like Scott. Dillon obliges Scott’s desires by him around and kissing and eating the stretched open hole. He continues to drive Scott crazy, driving a thumb in, followed by more tongue. When Scott’s butt is primed, Dillon works his throbbing shaft inside and pounds the ever loving hell out of Scott, making the cock pig moan and continue to beg for more. After getting hungry Scott on his back, Dillon slowly pulls in and out of Scott then works up toward a fevered pitch. When he eventually pulls out, Dillon blows his load right into Scott’s mouth before getting down on his knees to help drain Scott of his seed.


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