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Tony Thorn Preps Blue Bailey For A Slam Fuck

Whether you like your men big and hairy or short and smooth, contrast is frequently one of the hottest things in porn. This week, UKNakedMen features a perfect example: Tony Thorn and Blue Bailey. Tony is dark, uncut and handsome versus Blue, who’s smooth, insatiable and cut. Tony couldn’t wait to get up to his nuts in Blue’s hot little hole, slobbering and pushing spit into his arse with his tongue, prepping him for a slam-fuck. Stretching Blue’s clenched hole with his wet fingers and slapping his ass, Tony gets Blue even hornier. From the look on Blue’s face, it’s clear he loves riding Tony’s thick, dark dick. And when asked where he wanted Tony to shoot his pent-up, creamy load, there was no hesitation. “In my mouth!” Tony happily obliged the greedy pig, feeding Blue freshly churned cum straight into his mouth. What are YOU waiting for? Get on your knees, open wide, and stick your tongue out for Tony. So, join us. You’re next!

Mediterranean Hottie Bruno Fox and Uncut Scandinavian Freddy Wolff Like Fire And Ice

Let’s give a warm welcome back to Swedish stud Freddy Wolff. It’s been a while since we’ve featured him on Butch Dixon but since this stud is just getting hotter, we HAD to pair him with someone equally hot. Which is why he’s pitted against handsome, horny Bruno Fox. The dirty blonde, uncut Scandinavian is a beautiful contrast to hairy, cut, Mediterranean ‘Guapo’ – Bruno. The sparks fly and cum flows in this featured scene where Bruno and Freddy are like fire and ice, with scalding hot desire and sex in the kitchen. Big dick, a ravenous lust, and a fetish for perfectly shaped feet. Can you possibly ask for anything more? Oh, yeah. What about a heavy-duty cum feeding? Hungry? Then sit down, whip out your dick, and start stroking while Bruno and Freddy put on a show just for YOU!

Outdoor Butt Banging, Cum Slurping Fuck Buds

Fuck buddies Robin Few and Micky Shut are spending a nice, quiet time out in the country. The two don’t get to see each other much what with their school and work schedules. So, during their first day off together, they took off for some much needed R&R in the woods. Micky’s gone out for a meditative walk and comes back horned up and ready for a good fuck. He knows how much Robin likes it raw and it doesn’t take much to persuade him into a blowjob. After trading with each other, Micky gets Robin to stand up against the side of an abandoned outhouse. There, with Robin’s hungry ass ready and waiting, Micky shoves his big uncut dick in the sweet raw hole and bangs the hell out of his buddy. His huge balls sway hypnotically as they swing back and forth. And if you think that’s hot, wait until you see Robin’s cock flopping up and down as he rides Micky! But after all that cock sucking, after all that butt banging, when Micky is ready he unloads all over Robin’s face and chin. And it’s a H-U-G-E load, too! Robin follows soon after and we get to see how much of a cum whore Micky’s become when he laps up Robin’s load and shares the sticky mess in a kiss.

Flip Flopping Fetish Fuckers

One of the bendiest, stretchiest, and flexible men in town has got to be stunningly handsome Misha Dante. And now he’s here, on UKNaked Men in his very first SIZZLING duo! When he spreads for Alfie Stone, this horny fucker REALLY spreads! Which only makes Alfie just as eager to slam his dick into Misha’s hole as he is to take Misha’s thick, uncircumcised dick into his own cock hungry, yearning man-cunt. After plenty of anal play, cock sucking, and hole rimming, Misha slam fucks Alfie until he can no longer hold back. He shoots his steaming seed in Alfie’s face but…WOAH! He’s not finished yet. After shooting his wad, the fucking continues. This time with Alfie relentlessly pounding Misha before unloading his own creamy goods all over Misha’s taut, hairy belly. And the entire time? Misha is rock hard. The true sign of a completely filthy cock whore!

Straight Jock Hires Bareback Twink Escort To Pop His Cherry

Dark-haired and handsome James Cooper is new in town. But he’s not just new. He’s fresh off the buss, horny as hell and in need of getting the one thing he was never able to get in his small town. Cock. Most of the time, James is on top, fucking girls and dumping loads where he can. Every once in a while, though, tops like James need to get fucked. In his case, he’s never been fucked but has always been curious. And now it’s time. Knowing what he likes and sure of what he wants, James looks through a gay magazine where he picks the escort he wants to pop his cherry. Enter Luka Roza, tall, slender, and hung with an uncut dick meant for raw pink virgin fuck holes.

James pretty much runs the show, telling Luka what he wants and needs when he wants it. And who is Luka to argue? He’s getting paid handsomely and it’s not like he’s not turned on by the virgin hunk! Happily, Luka sucks James, then gives up his own dick for a blowjob he’ll never forget. Then it’s on to rimming James and his hairy ass, digging deep with his tongue before popping that cherry: bareback no less! James rides Luka after a while then gets back on the bed, legs up in the air, and keeps on taking raw dick until Luka blows a hot load all over his ass, seeding him with the last of his jizz. Finally James blows a load and, before paying Luka, rewards him with a huge cum facial that the escort can’t help taste, savor, and swallow.

Harley Everett Tries His Hand At Human Puppetry With Dolan Wolf

Harley Everett is good with his hands. They’re big and strong and men like Dolan Wolf make sure Harley always has his hands full. And since he’s one who is always up for a creative challenge, after massaging Dolan, Harley tries his hands — or should we say hands? — at human puppetry, using Dolan as the extremely willing and eager human puppet. In fact, not only does Harley stretch Dolan out using his long thick fingers and huge fists, he uses some of the most humongous dildos we’ve ever seen, leaving Dolan with a beautiful rosebud, and quite satisfied. Then, as a reward for his extreme hunger, and after throat fucking, Harley rewards Dolan with a load that — although we never see — is fed directly to the bottom pig.

Compact And Beefy John Pain Rewarded With Two Loads From Tony Elliot

When it comes to sex, especially bareback sex, some are ready to do it anytime, anywhere. Sometimes, even in the oddest of places. But then again, sometimes WHERE you get fucked raw is just as important as WHO is the fucking you! We offer up John Pain as an example. This sweet and innocent looking young man is compact and beefy. The type of twink you wouldn’t think enjoys raw dick. But he does. Lucky for us! He’s working with Tony Elliot, a tall, lanky blond with a big cock. As they’re moving things into their work storage space, John decides he simply MUST have something in his mouth. And since Tony is always willing to give it to him, John drops to his knees. He works Tony’s big dick through the hole in his baggy jeans and goes to town, slobbering all over the uncut piece of twink meat. Tony returns the favor after a while and, although they keep trading back and forth, they move on to rimming.

John rims Tony first and you might get the impression that he’s the one about to fuck the taller boy. Except that John needs dick up his ass and he needs it STAT! After Tony gives a good priming, John is bent over and plowed. Like with anything, however, sometimes you just need more and more. Stripping down completely except for sneakers and socks, in the very dirty floor of the dingy warehouse, John rides Tony before ending up on his back, fucked into submission. Tony pulls out and splatters a very big load of freshly pumped jizz all over John’s ass and gaping hole, seeding and breeding the eager, willing bareback whore. Moments later John jerks off onto Tony’s face, splashing him with a tasty cum facial. But Tony has been super horny and in need of getting off for close to a week now. John’s cock hunger got him so excited, as did the cum facial, that Tony jerks off again and rewards John with a second load, this time to the face. And lucky John just looks up with adoring eyes as he cleans off the head, sucking down the spooge and relishing his co-workes cummy flavor and texture. Slurrrppp!

Porn Hopefuls John Magiati And Tom Spatter Pass Bareback Interview With Flying Cum Loads!

It’s been said that if you have a dream, you should follow it. And if you believe in that dream with all your heart, it will come true. Well, we don’t know if all that’s true but we do this: John Magiatti and Tom Spatter have been wanting to do bareback porn for a long time now. Hell, who wouldn’t? Getting paid to fuck on camera? No brainer. So they decide to follow their dream and make it a reality, rather than a fantasy they keep jerking off to. After contacting a local studio and sending their pics to the recruiter, the young men are invited to come in for an interview. The twinks are beyond excited. They’re SO excited they’re über horny. In fact, they’re so damn horny they can barely contain themselves, hard and anxious to get off while waiting in the reception room. Little do they know they’re purposely being kept waiting just to see how they react. And with a blow-up mattress beckoning not very discretely nearby, John and Tom taking matters to hand and entertain themselves while they wait.

Each takes turns sucking cock and playing with cum filled balls before playing with sweet and tender holes. But it’s John that ends up riding Spatter’s fat cock then fucked like a twink whore, nearly pounded into the mattress. Apparently John loves dick and loves getting fucked. It doesn’t matter where he gets it or who gives it to him, though he prefers his buddy Tom. This time, however, he’s so excited his tight pink ring is even tighter than usual, making for a more painful fuck. But he’s not complaining. He wants it and at times likes it rough. Not that Tom would stop if he could. If you were the one fucking John, would YOU stop? We didn’t think so. In the end, Tom pumps out a sizable load, shooting his seed into John’s gaping hole before John then drains his balls all over Tom’s face, giving him a huge cum facial. Tom greedily laps up, sucking the last of the load direct from John’s cock. The result? They were never even interviewed but signed up on the spot and given a job to do almost immediately!

Trough Pig Fuckers Scott Campbell And Trevor Belfast

Some men are just natural born whores. Take Scott Campbell for instance. This cock sucking, cum guzzling pig loves servicing men and getting fucked, especially in public spaces. And nothing turns him on more than getting it on in a public mens room. So here he is, hanging out naked by the urinal when along comes super sexy hung daddy Trevor Belfast. Scott knows no boundaries so he simply drops to his knees and immediately starts to worship Trevor’s big dick. Slobbering, swallowing and servicing dick all the way down his throat is just one of Scott’s specialties. After working up a sweat from the exertion of taking all that meat, Scott lets Trevor have some of his own big dick. After edging Scott for a while, Trevor gets his dick balls deep inside Scott’s bubble butt and works him over. Between all the fucking and dirty talk, you just don’t know what’s nastier! To get deeper and take more advantage of Scott’s always willing fuckhole, the man shift positions with Scott shoved into a corner, on his back. Trevor keeps on pounding, spitting into Scott’s open mouth. Once Trevor gets close, Scott kneels and collects his reward: a hot daddy load to the face, which he feeds off of like the trough pig he truly is. But Trevor isn’t far behind, willing to take Scott’s load in the face, shot in his mouth, and tasting his juices.


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