British Men

Rudeboi Lee Well Splatters Justteen’s Face With Cum

Tracksuit wearing Rudeboiz Lee Well and buddy Justteen are out on the streets of South London, spray cans in hand, hunting for trouble or their next blank canvas; which ever comes first. What they end up finding is an abandoned office block. Jackpot! Breaking in, these hung fuckers quickly get to work destroying the place and making it look like a secret crack den. This only serves to turn them on as they’re soon posing in front of their creations. Lee gets his ass out, turning on his mate Justteen so much that he’s spun round and that huge dick is sucked dry! Peeling off hoodies and trackie bottoms, both lads show off their dicks to each others phone cameras, forever capturing some horny twink fucking. Handsome pretty boy Lee has one of the hottest cocks we’ve ever seen…solid, with low hanging balls. He’s got an appetite for ass and that’s exactly what Justteen wants. Pulling down a skanky mattress, both get a proper eating out, their holes rimmed with deep tongue fucking in amazing closeups. Lee slides home and fucks his mate incessantly. The twinks have some amazing stamina, as you’ll soon see with all that ball slapping, ass pounding action. Jus drains his balls, leaving him empty of juice, so Lee tops him up with a squirt to the face, splattering jizz all over that pretty mouth of his. So why not take a break from your day and take a look at Lee Well and buddy Justteen? You’ll be getting some much needed relief and firing off a steamy load before heading back to work!

Tony Thorn Preps Blue Bailey For A Slam Fuck

Whether you like your men big and hairy or short and smooth, contrast is frequently one of the hottest things in porn. This week, UKNakedMen features a perfect example: Tony Thorn and Blue Bailey. Tony is dark, uncut and handsome versus Blue, who’s smooth, insatiable and cut. Tony couldn’t wait to get up to his nuts in Blue’s hot little hole, slobbering and pushing spit into his arse with his tongue, prepping him for a slam-fuck. Stretching Blue’s clenched hole with his wet fingers and slapping his ass, Tony gets Blue even hornier. From the look on Blue’s face, it’s clear he loves riding Tony’s thick, dark dick. And when asked where he wanted Tony to shoot his pent-up, creamy load, there was no hesitation. “In my mouth!” Tony happily obliged the greedy pig, feeding Blue freshly churned cum straight into his mouth. What are YOU waiting for? Get on your knees, open wide, and stick your tongue out for Tony. So, join us. You’re next!

Straight Monster Cock Defiles Sweet Petite Twink

There’s something about a straight man, isn’t there? Especially one so comfortable with his sexuality that he enjoys the company of gay men. If they’re cute, with an irresistible smile and great personality — like Matt Hughes — it’s even worse. It only makes us want them all the more. And whoa to the one caught in the position when he finds out his secret — and sometimes not so secret crush — has an enormous cock! Poor skinny blond twink Luckas Layton finds himself in just such a situation. He’s had a crush on Matt for a while now and has longed to get into his pants. Only, he’s not made mention of his feelings because he’d rather have Matt’s friendship. Although, truth be told, it’s kind of hard not to see how Luckas feels, especially when he follows the tall, sexy, always smiling Matt around like a puppy in search of milk and attention. Since Matt is moving out, there’s nothing to keep Luckas from making a move. The twink confesses his crush and Matt is extremely flattered. He’s so flattered in fact, that he offers up his enormous slab of meat to Luckas, who eagerly allows his holes to be used. Straight monster cock defiles sweet petite twink in a way that is almost perverse. His rock hard dick proves just what a weapon it is as Matt lets loose on Luckas, fucking and slamming and flipping the twink over and over, filling Luckas to bursting. The skinny blond spurts while getting pounded, with Matt grinding and thrusting hard, until he’s ready to blow. In a terrific show, he unleashes streams of cum all over Luckas’s face, rewarding his twink, former roommate, and now fuck buddy.

Punished From Both Ends With 2 Big, Fat Uncut Dicks

Dolan Wolf is always eager for more and Delta Kobra is simply insatiable. Meanwhile, Sam Bishop is almost always, willing and eager to trying anything. Naturally we had to pit these three together in order to have him punished from both ends with two big, fat uncut dicks. It’s a steamy, sexy combo as the lads take it in turns smashing Sam’s hungry hole to sopping smithereens, thrusting their meat deep inside him in a tag-teaming, spit roasting session until they cum on his slutty, satisfied face. Big dicks, big loads and big appetites for sex. Mix it all up with a bit of fetish play and you have a lusty, animalistic fuck that is perfect!

Hot Aussie Woody Fox Massaged Inside And Out

Woody Fox is the type of guy who is simply put, irresistible. Up to now, the adorable and sexy Aussie has been top. But in this fantasy scenario — straight from Woody’s sometimes pervy mind — his massage takes an unexpected turn and Woody ends up on the bottom, massaged inside AND out! It’s a “massage gone bad,” as if that could ever be, with stunning, big-dicked guy-next-door Dan Broughton. Woody offers up his toned sexy body and very tight hole to Dan’s talented fingers, tongue and big, fat uncut cock. Woody’s brave, eager struggling is incredibly sexy as he squeezes that big tool inside him. And it all ends in a gloriously sweaty, gummy, sticky mess. Woody might be an inexperienced bottom but he seems to be getting the hang of it.

Well-Hung Brit Plays With Cut Cock And Shows Off Hairy Hole

Ty Bainborough. He’s certainly innocent-looking enough. But beneath that proper and “English-looking” gentleman’s surface lies a kinky and quietly dominating sensuality. Ty’s got a a beautiful cock and, although he’s cut, we can make exceptions. Not only is Ty handsome, he’s a WELL-HUNG cutie with a sexy voice and a smooth, toned body. As the adorable bi-sexual takes us on a tour of his cock, balls, and hairy hole, Ty pull on his impressive meat. We just love the massive head on it, definitely a a considerable mouthful! Then he kicks back and gets into his cock, all but forgetting about us, until the huge, copious amount of really THICK goo spews, leaving him a convulsing, twitching mess…that you’d probably love to clean up, wouldn’t you?

Realtor Riley Tess Anxious To Fill Vacancy With Monstrously Huge Sandro Sanchez

Riley Tess is desperate. He’s a Realtor trying to fill a vacancy. What kind of vacancy, you ask? What do you think, you perv? It’s an apartment that, try as he might, Riley can’t seem to get rented. Sandro Sanchez is the wily “Renter” who enjoys preying on unsuspecting Realtors. Can you say stalker? But what’s his game? He isn’t looking to profit monetarily, he just wants to get into Riley’s pants. Not that Riley puts up much of a challenge. He wants to get into the beefy, hairy stud’s pants as well. And when the pants come off…holy, fucking shit WOW! Sandro is beautifully hung, his cock big, fat, and uncut; almost rounded like a torpedo. Riley sucks Sandro’s deliciously dark slab of beef like he’s starved. The burly bear rewards Riley by fucking him like he’s never been fucked before, making him moan and writhe, thrusting deep and hard in Riley’s his achingingly, hungry hole until they each blow a huge load of thick jizz.

Alan Probe Is The New Doc In Town

Doctor P.Q. Leer might be gone but now, there’s a NEW doctor in town! And take it from us…okay, okay, take it from Jace Tyler…Dr. Alan Probe is every bit as good as the last one. Even if he does have a — pardon the pun — a peculiar name. But what’s in a name, you might ask? Well, don’t think too hard. It’s just what you would expect. Jace pays the new doctor a visit for an arm injury. Wink, wink. More like wrist strain. The good Dr. Probe wastes little time in examining Jace’s arm, moving quickly to his area of expertise…ASS! Before long, he’s got Jace’s asshole stretched wide open with a series of purple translucent butt plugs. During his anal exam, Jace opens the doc’s fly and sucks the big, fat uncut cock. Then Dr. Probe decides to use his most effective instrument on Jace’s stretched hole; his cock! Surely you didn’t think it was anything else? He gives his patient a deep and thorough fucking and, amazingly, Jace’s arm is healed in record time. No doubt he’ll spread the word to his mates and Dr. Probe’s office will soon be filled with horny guys wanting the doc’s “special” treatment.

Riley Tess Challenged By Hung, Merciless Fucker Daniel James

In the past, UKNakedMen has pushed Riley Tess to his limits. However, it seems that each time he’s reached capacity, he only wants more. So this time we called the Jonnostore and ordered “The Big Gun.” Monster hung Daniel James is paired in this scene with cock-hungry Riley and we just love that tight foreskin and pale slab of meat! Insatiable, super-bottom Riley takes on not only Daniel’s big-uncut tool but one of the biggest dildos we’ve every used. Daniel is huge and a merciless fucker as he stretches Riley with his monster cock, certainly more than Riley’s ever been stretched before! He loosens Riley using his dick then ruins his hole with the huge toy. It’s clear Riley struggles with the big-dicked, merciless fucker but it’s also obvious he loves that stretching feeling. The pig STILL wins!

Gay Couple Seduces Straight Buddy With Monster Cock

One of the biggest conquests in a gay man’s life is the seduction of a straight man. Guess sometimes we want what is unobtainable, the forbidden fruit, as it were, and that which we know isn’t good for us. However, couple Ricky and Nathan know that what THEY want is VERY good for them. And what they want is straight boy Matt Hughes. Stealing him away and taking him back to their place after a night out, the gay couple seduces their straight buddy with the monster cock. It doesn’t take much. He’s already horny and they just push him over the edge with some straight porn. Meanwhile, Nathan sucks Ricky’s huge dick. What else can Matt do but cave between watching porn and the live show before him? Especially since he knows all he has to do is lay there. They’ll do all the work. And for a cock like Matt’s, EVERYONE we know would be willing to do all the work for him! There’s plenty of dick sucking going on with great bottom Nathan loosening up his ass with Ricky before Matt takes a turn and TRULY stretching his hole with every inch of massive meat sliding deep inside. Spit-roasted and tag teamed, Nathan takes both dicks, at each end, and proves himself to be quite the cock hungry lad who can’t get enough. Ricky and Matt both spunk all over Nathan and he mixes their jizz with his own load on his cum-drenched body.

Darius Ferdynand And Rough Giant Rogan Richards

Dressed as a sailor and looking every bit like a walking, talking Billy Doll — the first out, proud, and anatomically correct gay doll — sexy, hairy beast Rogan Richards has a problem. He’s got an extremely tight foreskin and needs the good doc’s help in loosening it up. Naturally it gets tighter as Rogan gets hard but Doctor PQ Leer –Darius Ferdynand — is well up for the challenge. His wandering hands might get him struck off anywhere else in the civilised world – but not here. Thank goodness! After inspecting Rogan’s tight foreskin, the smooth, muscular doctor decides a bit of spit would help. He goes the extra mile, slurping on that juicy, uncut, joint and deep throating as much as he can. Once hunky Rogan is fully hard Darius spreads his beautiful ass and begs for that uncut tool deep into his hot, moist fuck-hole. Rogan pumps the lad’s ass, stuffing him full of dark meat, with the camera getting in good and close. Rogan gets in up to his balls in, re-arranging the Doc’s guts until they each spew. And what do you know? Rogan no longer has that tight foreskin problem! Seems like the fuck did the trick. Good ‘old Doctor PQ Leer to the rescue, yet again!

Daniel James And His Big, Juicy, Uncircumcised Dick

What can we say about UKNM’s first-timer Daniel James? How about big, juicy, uncircumcised dick? Really, that’s all you need to do, isn’t it? After all, it’s all about cock and the bigger, the better. Seriously, though. Daniel is a super nice guy, sweet and sexy and — dare we say it? — somewhat boyish. Naturally, when this pale, smooth, and handsome guy whipped out his dick, we were like, FUCK! Where does he hide all that? Bordering on monster size, Daniel is much more than just a piece of meat, as you’ll find out on his interview. We get off on the cutie with that sexy Scottish accent as we intimately explore every nook and cranny of Daniel’s lithe body. After sitting back to have a wank, he delivers a huge, copious loud of gooey juice that will leave you breathless. So, let’s hear it for Daniel James and give him a a warm hand, shall we?

Masseur Dan Broughton Rewards Client Mark Coxx With A Cum Facial

Danny Broughton is a stunning boy-next-door. We couldn’t wait to get him on our massage bench. Nor could big, long-dicked Mark Coxx. Of course, you know where this is going. Who could remain professional with that muscula playground laid out in front of you? Mark’s hands wander and Dan is appreciative of the attention, judging by the rapid stirring of his uncut pole. Mark wraps his full lips over Dan’s dick and takes the shaft as deep down his throat as he can as Dan moans in ecstasy. We know where Mark really wants it and when his hole is good and open — spit-lubed with Mark’s probing tongue — Dan bends his handsome friend over the bench and slides his long uncut dick inside the lad. They’re on the bench and over the bench and the cameras are ‘right in there’ as Mark’s arse opens and Dan’s foreskin unfurls. That must have really hit the G-spot because Mark just can’t hold back any longer and cums a hot load as Dan pushes deeper, deeper, and deeper. And for a tight arse like that, lucky Mark is rewarded with a Broughton cum facial and loves every drop.

Daddy On Twink Action With Christopher Daniels And Luke Desmond

For those of you who live to get off on daddy-on-twink porn, you’re going to love Christopher Daniels and Luke Desmond. Both are handsome, sexy, and hung like horses. Luke usually takes top position when it comes to having sex on camera but, in this instance, he gladly defers to hairy muscle man Chris. Hell, with his great blond hair, and furry body, who wouldn’t want to bottom for the hung stud? The contrast between the two is fantastically sensual and those who love ageplay will no doubt enjoy Chris with slim, toned, twink-type Luke and his monster cock. A lover of twink spunk, Chris can hardly wait to get in bed with Luke, immediately stripping and sporting a massive hard-on. Luke doesn’t bother with preliminaries when it comes to sucking Chris and his hot cut cock. He just goes to town. But when Chris gets his mouth around Luke’s 9-incher, you can tell who the true cocksucker is. Then again, when you’re into the guy you’re having sex with…TRULY turned on by him, there isn’t much you won’t do. Daddy Chris devours Luke as if he were swallowing a gherkin pickle which, for all you Luke Desmond fans, is no small feat! It’s obvious no one has ever serviced Luke like this before. But Chris isn’t just about deep throating the huge slab of monster meat. He fingers Luke’s smooth pink fuckhole at the same, working Luke up until they’re both insane with lust. Chris wants Luke to show off his ass and, boy, does he ever obey his daddy!

Chris rims Luke as if he hadn’t eaten ass in ages; in other words, a complete piggy ass whore. He then plunges the long, thick cock inside Luke, thrusting hard and fast. As he overpowers Luke’s slim frame with his own muscled body, there is nowhere for Chris to drive that slab but balls deep inside Luke’s hungry asshole. Hell, we doubt he’d want to be anywhere else anyhow and the look of sheer pleasure and joy at being so far inside Luke is clear on Chris’s face. And somehow, we get the feeling there’s no other place Luke would rather be than beneath Chris, getting stretched, filled, and plowed by the hung American daddy.

Victorian Doctor P.Q. Leer Inspects Patient’s Anal Cavity Intimately

Ready for a bit of Victorian sex? Well, okay. Maybe not Victorian necessarily but Darius Ferdynand, as Doctor P.Q. Leer, certainly has that historical flair in this curious scene with Jonny Kingdom. Turns out Jonny has a complaint. One the good doctor naturally has to inspect. Commanding his patient to strip, Darius is aroused by Jonny’s tremendous body. Not only is he ripped and toned, he’s smooth with a big cock to boot! But it’s not just his cock Darius is interested. He inspects, probes, and analyzes quite closely, the origin of Jonny’s complaint: he can’t take anything “up there.” And even when Darius offers an alternative solution that might help, the ever curious — but willing to try anything — Jonny persistently asks, “Is this normal?” We can’t say if it’s normal or not. After all, what’s normal? What we DO know is that Darius throws one hell of a fuck into Jonny, stretching and pumping his hole full of uncut cock. And Jonny just takes the prescribed treatment…balls deep…until he declares himself cured! But seriously, when you’re THAT hungry to be fucked, how cured are you, really?

The Boss And His Fat Hunk Of Cock Meat

Jaxson Phillipe is hard at work. The hairy stud can’t seem to stop fantasizing about his super-masculine supervisor, Dillon Buck. While on break out in the truck yard, Jaxson whips out his thick uncut dick and starts stroking. But, wait. What’s this? Could it be? Is Dillon marching toward him with a a noticeable bulge in his pants or is it a mirage? When the big, strapping hunk unzips and reveals a huge, ridiculously thick and curved piece of meat, it doesn’t matter to Jaxson if he’s dreaming or not. Except he isn’t. He drops to his knees and tries to gulp down his boss’s massive cock. He can barely fit the fat hunk of meat in his mouth but he gives it all he’s got…and then some!

Sharp Suits, Big Dicks, And Hot Men Antonio Garcia and Matt Brookes

Matt Brookes is a focused man and he’s determined on getting what he wants…one way or another. Antonio Garcia knows this and he’s playing it cool, as usual. When Matt suddenly tries a change in tactic, years of frustration and desire take over. Sharp suits and civil conversation are thrown aside as the hot men lunge at each other, feeding off their needs. Matt and Antonio give up big dicks and cum-laden balls to deep, tight, throats and hungry lips, rarely touched holes to eager, greedy tongues that seem to lap at their very core of their dark souls. There’s a sticky end to it all, naturally, with cum flying everywhere. But there’s yet another sticky end for Antonio.


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