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Theo Reid Works Out His Abs, Then Rox Matthews’ Hole

Soaping his toned and tattooed body in the shower, straight gym-goer Theo Reid spends a little too long washing his dick – it’s grown more than double the size. His thick shaft is difficult to hide beneath his towel, much to the appreciation of tiny gayboy Rox Matthews, dressing after his own workout. With the horn already racing through him, Theo exposes his dick and doesn’t care…a mouth is a mouth and any hole is the goal! Since the lad has been all but glued to his hard-on, Theo lets the lad do as he wants. Smooth, small and perfectly formed, Rox is a great substitute for pussy. So much so that Theo sucks cock too, tasting the other side of the coin for the first time! Eating ass like it’s going out of fashion, Theo knows it needs a bit more help to ease his thick dick inside. But Rox takes it like a pro. The eager dick hunter pushes back just as much as Theo pushes forward, giving Rox — and us! — a D-E-E-E-E-E-P, deep fuck. And that’s just how we like it!

Hung Straight Boy Daniel Johnson Slams Lyle Boyce

Essex lad Daniel Johnson is as straight as they come but that doesn’t mean he can’t play around when his girlfriend heads out for the day. He immediately texts Lyle Boyce to come service his huge, hard dick and the happy, willing bottom is all to eager! There’s nothing like a bit of variety to keep things interesting, and whether it’s a pussy or an ass, Daniel doesn’t care…a hole is a hole is a hole! Laying back, he lets Lyle do all the work. When he’s ready for more action, Daniel pushes Lyle face first into the bed then shoves his big, throbbing shaft into his pale white ass. Daniel manhandles Lyle like a toy, back and forth, precisely how the straight wants it. Spinning him around and working his hips faster, Daniel fucks harder — much harder than he can his girl — his toned builder’s body getting tighter as he thrusts deep. Meanwhile, Lyle is in cock pig whore heaven, rock hard and pumping his own big dick until Dan shoots his load first — naturally — leaving the über-twink to finish himself off. Just like a straight boy. Fuck. And don’t we just love ‘em?!

Barber Nick Mazzaro Gets Big Tip From Trojan Rock

WorldofMen invites you to explore your barbershop fantasy this week with Trojan Rock and Nick Mazzaro. You know how it is. You’re in that chair, draped by a cloth that covers you past your knees. And then there’s that hot man, breathing heavy behind you. His breathe is on your neck. He presses his crotch against your hand. Then he bends over and you can’t resist that hot, round ass! Neither can Trojan. Then again, we can’t blame him. Nick’s got a smooth, sweet ass no man can get enough of. And if watching Trojan devour Nick’s hole is any indication, this is one NOT to be missed! Certainly Trojan can’t get enough in this scene with plenty of close-up rimming and finger fucking as he gets loosened up, ready to take Trojan’s massive meat! Now it’s Nick who can’t get enough…cock, that is. He yells out for more and, grinding himself down onto Trojan with ass spanking and deep thrusting, you can see his hole stretch around Trojan’s cock and it’s enough to make you shoot thick loads all over yourself. Guaranteed you’ll be thinking dirty thoughts next time you hit the barber shop!

Straight Boys Fuck: Behind The Scenes

Eurocreme has been on the hunt for Straight boys. Looking far and wide, they’ve put together a movie filled with Straight boys from all levels. Check out this Behind The Scenes video and see what Lyle Boyce likes about straight boys, especially Daniel Johnson and his huge cock. See EXCLUSIVE previews of the feature plus much more!

The Horny Deacon and His New Innocent Choirboy

It’s time for new Choirboy Ben Fox to be called into the Deacon’s office. The innocent and angelic looking Ben tells Danny, but there’s nothing either of them can do right now. After a quick talk with his newest recruit, Dolan gives Ben the opportunity to take the choir leadership and make it his own, ousting the used Danny. It’s not what Ben wants, but Danny has been so rude…In the grip of the Deacon’s influence, there’s only one answer for Ben to give, and that’s yes, sir. Leaning in, Dolan kisses Ben on the neck, instigating a breach of trust and the hot fuck that’s about to come! Almost mirroring what the Deacon has done with all his boys, Ben is taken to the sofa, shown a nice curved dick and muscled hairy body. What young lad could resist that?! Ben is completely enraptured and under Dolan’s spell, enjoying every sordid second, made even more so by the guise of what should be spiritually purging. Ben’s own large dick is pumped hard and soon explodes in gallons of spunk in a scene that’s as sexy and beautiful and romantic as it is dirty, twisted, and pervy. That’s when Danny bursts into the office with something to say…Watch the horny deacon and his new, innocent choirboy EXCLUSIVELY on!

Sex Shop Trio Pharo, Duke Michaels and Tony Massala

Beefy muscle men Duke Michaels and Tony Massala are behind the counter at a local leather/sex shop. They’re busy watching Pharo, a hairy-chested customer getting his leathers on. Except that, as they watch, Duke and Tony get horny for the Egyptian’s sweet little ass. They soon unleash their huge cocks onto and into him! Working their cocks, Pharo sucks for all he’s worth, taking as much of one of the thickest cocks he’s ever seen — or had — into his mouth. Getting rammed by both loosens him up as they keep on plowing. He’s soon spunked on and blows all over a huge smooth chest. You could just eat it up and get going yourself!

The Sin of The Father and His Choirboy

This week on Eurocreme, choirboy Danny Montero is called to the Deacon’s office and the church itself takes on a darker atmosphere. In fact, the office itself seems to call out to the darkness and we all know what’s going on here, even before we see Danny there on his knees. Except he’s not praying. This is worship of a different kind. With the Deacon Dolan standing over him, the man’s dick is clearly seen in the twink’s mouth. Bearded Dolan has full control of Danny. Giving him the lead means getting something back, and Danny’s irresistible ass is just what he wants. Pulling the lad up onto his desk and holding his legs apart, exposing that hot pink hole for his pleasure, Dolan pushes into it with his throbbing cock, desperate for more action from his choirboy. Danny, with a look of ecstasy once more, knows what’s happening and what he’s getting out of it, loving every moment and feeling in total control. As they move to the sofa, Deacon fucks choirboy harder. The twink’s body tenses perfectly against his master’s dick and muscled body as he plunges inside him. Both shoot their loads — Danny first, then Dolan — leaving boy coated in his trust…and the deal that’s been made.

Every Inch Of Choirboy

As “Choirboy” begins, the first installment pairs together two delicious young men with angelic faces and demonic sexual prowess. Luke Desmond and Rox Matthews are singers, changing into their Choir outfits while in the vestry and “Stretching His Vocal Chords.” Ever horny, they waste little time, distracted by lean, smooth bodies. Rox, who speaks fluent French to English lad Luke, says something naughty. And that’s all it takes for Luke to then whip out his giant stiff monster cock and wave it in the tiny Frenchboy’s face. It is massive, like a torpedo, and nearly splits Rox in half! But first, Rox devours as much of Luke’s swinging meat as possible, even though he can barely fit half of it in his mouth! Moving to that peachy ass of his, Luke wets his choir-mate’s ass, slowly sliding the entire length — every inch of choirboy — balls deep, nearly fucking Rox off the chair in the process. Bouncing atop Luke’s now fully engorged dick, Rox feels every one of his fuck buddy’s 9-inches and both soon shoot their loads, narrowly missing the Deacon’s prized vestments. Very nearly caught by the Deacon himself, it’s a close-call, one the Deacon probably wishes he’d found!

This Little Piggy Got Stuck…Then Fucked!

Daniel Broughton enjoys a hot soak in the tub, lathering up his nubile body, and of course, playing with his juicy, uncut cock! But when he stops the dripping tap by jamming his toe in the faucet, he’s well and truly wedged. This piggy might have gone to market but this little piggy got stuck! He has to call a plumber to come and free him. He occupies his time with a good stroke book and when, smooth, hung Theo Reid arrives, Daniel is found jerking off. And with a treat like him laying in the tub, hard, naked and squeaky clean, how can Theo resist? He manages to frees the little piggy that got stuck but, unlike the piggy that got none, THIS big piggy got fucked!

Choirboy: Behind the Scenes

This week, Eurocreme is pleased and titillated to bring you an EXCLUSIVE Behind The Scenes look on the set of “Choirboy.” In what some are calling the most sexy, sacrilegious porn to come along in a while, DreamBoy presents their most anticipated and controversial movie to date! You’ll see Dolan Wolf as a tormented priest, along with Luke Desmond — he of the infamous monster cock — some of our favourite twink stars, and a host of new faces. Aside from Dolan and Luke, this sneak peek will entice you with Danny Montero, Lyle Boyce, Alex Silvers, Rox Matthews, and Ben Cox. The cinematic and stylistic influences from director Blacky Mendez exude from the location-led movie and the hot young stars shine in their roles within the choir. Porn now has a new standard!

Going Wild Over Tony Wilder’s B-I-G Uncut Dick

This guy is my favourite, new obsession at UKNakedMen. Say hello to Tony Wilder. He’s insatiable, with a ripped body and always horny. He’s flirtatious as hell, with a BIG uncut dick he just LOVES to show off! Tony shares some of his fantasies, as well as what turns him on and get him off, the entire time stroking that juicy, glistening cock, edging himself. And he doesn’t just have a big dick; his balls are H-U-G-E! As he gets closer and closer to a splattering, Tony cums like old faithful, jet after jet of squirting spunk. Spurt after spurt after spurt of warm seed. YUMMM! Such a hot hunk. I’m doing my damnedest to get this one back for a duo!

Satanic Gang Bang

This week, UKNakedMen brings you a scene that is so hot, yet so controversial, you’re bound to feel dirty from how turned on you’re about to get. Riley Tess is our fallen priest, at the center of a gang bang. But, as they say, in for a penny in for a pound. If he’s going to sin he’s really going to SIN. A group of masked, anonymous men — the fucking pigs! — take it in turns smashing his hungry hole to smithereens. They line up, pushing and shoving each other out of the way, anxious to get their share of Riley’s sopping fuck hole. One after another, cock after uncut cock, Riley’s hole is increasingly wet with spit, jizz and lube yet still hot and slimy from each fuck. When they’re done wrecking the priest-slut, destroying his hole as well as his vows of celibacy, they wank hot loads of jizz in his face, on his chest, on his cock and balls. And then they leave. Riley never knew who was fucking his aching hole but we’ll tell you. On second thought, we won’t. Check out Riley’s Satanic Gang Bang EXCLUSIVELY on!

Direct Skin-To-Skin Contact With Christian Matthews and Bruce Jordan

It was only a matter of time before we at Butch Dixon dipped our toes into the roiling, never-still waters of bareback porn. And with Christian Matthews begging for Bruce Jordan’s raw, uncut length in his hot hole, well, how could we resist? He begged so sweetly! After mutual cocksucking and grooving on man scents, Bruce fucked Christan. HARD. The bottom American cock whore howled for more and got it big style. Direct, skin-on-skin contact, leaving Christian’s hole gooey with dripping, thick cum. EXCLUSIVELY on!

Theo Reid Discovers First Hand Why They Call Newcummer, Shay Cruz “The Spray”

Shay “The Spray” Cruz makes his debut at UKNakedMen and its a corker! I don’t think we’ve ever filmed a scene with such a copious cum shot. Theo Reid is a confirmed top, but for a little extra cash, he sure didn’t mind taking Shay’s club cock up his hole. We got in good and close with the camera in order to see the resistance between Theo’s tight arse hole and Shay’s throbbing meat. You can see the stiff tool, pushing hard, harder, bending, then sliding right in to the hilt. Theo took it bravely and even he was surprised by the amount of spunk that squirted, splat after splat, all over his face and into his gaping mouth. Hmmm. Suddenly we’re hungry for something thick and creamy. Catch Theo Reid and Shay Cruz EXCLUSIVELY on!

Pale, White Scally Lads Service Big Black Cock

Hanging out in his new sex den after getting fucked by fellow scally buddy, Lee Well, blond Justteen can’t help but show off his latest break-in. The chav reaches out to his mates, Drew Brody and Skylar Blue, inviting them over to chill and add to the spray paint masterpiece on the walls. Once they arrive, the posing continues, snapping one another on their phones and recording the act. Horse-hung Drew slaps his meaty monster cock against Jus, eager for him to drop to his knees…and it doesn’t take long! Growing bigger — seriously, can that thing get any larger? — Drew’s almighty dick is serviced by both the cute lads as they playfully fight over it, wanting the thick slab rammed down their throats. We’re pretty sure you’ll wish you were on your knees before Drew, too! There’s some awesome cock and ball worship from these Rudeboiz and it fuels Drew’s pent-up sexual needs. Blond Skylar becomes the center of attention as the other two spit-roast and tag team fuck the twink, giving him a good jaw and ass stretching. Skylar’s smooth tight ass is licked, rimmed and finger fucked, enough for donkey dicked Drew to pound hard. We would tell you that the type of fuck Skylar receives is nothing short of abused but you can’t really take that much advantage of a horny, hungry, greedy fuckhole. Skylar is insatiable as he’s shared by Drew and Jus, until his face is well and truly coated in thick, ropey, scally spunk. Hmmm. Slurrrppp! Bet you’d like to have that load of jizz splattered on your face right now, wouldn’t you? But you probably can’t go out and hunt for cock so, do the next best thing and treat yourself to these three piggies. You’ll feel much better after blowing off some steam…and a hot load!

Rudeboi Lee Well Splatters Justteen’s Face With Cum

Tracksuit wearing Rudeboiz Lee Well and buddy Justteen are out on the streets of South London, spray cans in hand, hunting for trouble or their next blank canvas; which ever comes first. What they end up finding is an abandoned office block. Jackpot! Breaking in, these hung fuckers quickly get to work destroying the place and making it look like a secret crack den. This only serves to turn them on as they’re soon posing in front of their creations. Lee gets his ass out, turning on his mate Justteen so much that he’s spun round and that huge dick is sucked dry! Peeling off hoodies and trackie bottoms, both lads show off their dicks to each others phone cameras, forever capturing some horny twink fucking. Handsome pretty boy Lee has one of the hottest cocks we’ve ever seen…solid, with low hanging balls. He’s got an appetite for ass and that’s exactly what Justteen wants. Pulling down a skanky mattress, both get a proper eating out, their holes rimmed with deep tongue fucking in amazing closeups. Lee slides home and fucks his mate incessantly. The twinks have some amazing stamina, as you’ll soon see with all that ball slapping, ass pounding action. Jus drains his balls, leaving him empty of juice, so Lee tops him up with a squirt to the face, splattering jizz all over that pretty mouth of his. So why not take a break from your day and take a look at Lee Well and buddy Justteen? You’ll be getting some much needed relief and firing off a steamy load before heading back to work!


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