Fistpack 30: 3 Fists in Paris – Matthew Soul -amp; Matthieu Paris

Matthieu Paris seduces new boytoy Matthew Soul with gentle kisses, inviting the young man to submit to his will. Matthew quickly finds himself down on his knees, excitedly sucking Matthieu's erect cock. He then bends over, his asscheeks as round and sweet as bonbons, and he yields his ass to the fiery Frenchman. Matthieu tickles and teases Matthew's asscrack, then slips on a condom and fucks him hard -- doggie-style first, then missionary. Matthew is relaxed, ready and willing to let it rip and watches as Matthieu slips on his rubber gloves. With oceans of lotion, he greases up Matthew's asshole and then pumps his fists in and out. Both men are sharing the thrill of it all wondering how much more the other can take. After Matthieu attempts to shove his elbow inside Matthew's asshole, he showers the kid with his warm juice. Matthieu is resolute in his drive to satisfy and be satisfied. He continues fisting his partner, brutally at times. Then Matthew straddles Matthieu and they simultaneously fist each other, both of them groaning their delight.