Blue Bailey Takes On Champ Robinson At His Most Aggressive Best

Anyone who has ever been in the porn industry, regardless of whether it’s in front of or behind the camera, will more than likely tell you this business is hard work. Yes, it’s fun. We won’t lie. But there are times when it’s work. Perhaps not your daily grind type of job, but work nonetheless. This is coming from someone behind the cameras so you can just imagine what it must be like for models getting paid to have sex when they might not be quite what the other one goes for. Since money is a HUGE motivator, we all make it work and keep on trucking because, in the end, there is NO business like porn business! The industry is either in your blood, or it ain’t. And then, along comes a pairing like Champ Robinson and Blue Bailey. On their own, these two are great fun to work with. Professional. Up for just about anything. And, since these bareback sex freaks — as well as most other cock hounds, hole whores and cum dumps — know it’s all about the addiction we have to the connection between meat and hole, it’s a perfect. Only in bareback porn can you eliminate everything else and reduce it to the most common denominator that is animalistic sex. The need…no, GREED…for cock. Hole. Cum. At times, you can become almost frantic in your obsession of collecting loads or pounding holes. If you’re a true fan of bareback sex, a true pig whore — regardless of whether you’re top or bottom — you know what we’re talking about.

In this scene with Champ and Blue we get to see one of the most amazing connections we’ve seen in a very long while. It’s a mutual exchange of energy, as well as spit and cum. Each is obviously unable to resist the raw, primal urge to give and take cock and cum. We love Champ. He’s great in action but we’ve never seen him like this! He’s at his most aggressive — nearly frenzied — possessed by his desire to eat Blue as he digs deep with tongue and fingers…and then with that humongous black cock penetrating that tight, lily white ass and beautifully pink fuckhole! Neither can get enough of the other and we’re grateful for Blue and has hungry mancunt because it was made to be taken and owned by big black bareback fucking breeder tops like Champ.