BoyCrush – Looking Through Cum-Colored Glasses

Noah Carlisle has a fistful of Timo Garrett's hair as the white-haired boy sucks his dick. When he gets down to return the favor, Timo can only bite his lip in reaction. When Noah climbs on top for a 69, Timo takes the opportunity to eat his little ass. He doesn't pass on the chance to shove his bare cock up that hole, either! After Noah cums, Timo pulls out and covers his face and glasses in fluid.

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Free Gay Video – Boss Fucks Houseboy #2

Featuring Boss Fucks Houseboy #2

Boss Fucks Houseboy #2: Free Gay Video
Boss Fucks Houseboy - Free Gay Video

Boss Fucks Houseboy #2: Free Gay Video
Boss Fucks Houseboy - Free Gay Video

Chulo Garcia was hired by Pepe Felipe as the houseboy for some house cleaning, but Pepe isn't pleased with the quality of Chulo's work. Trying to redeem him self, Chulo drops to his knees and starts sucking his boss's cock. Chulo's uncut cock is quite the tempting treat. Soon, Pepe begins to blow Chulo's dick. Chulo leads his boss to the couch where he ride Pepe's huge cock. The dick-slapping fun doesn't end there! Pepe bends his buddy over the couch and stuffs his ass from behind until ejaculation. Starring Pepe Felipe & Chulo Garcia. featuring Boss Fucks Houseboy #2

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Luis Blava – Teen Gypsy Boy Fucks the First Time

Luis Blava -  Teen Gypsy Boy Fucks the First Time Luis Blava - Teen Gypsy Boy Fucks the First Time

Teen fuck ALERT! Hardcore action lover will sure enjoy this one. Luis Blava got permission to film interaction between these handsome dudes, and they go at it hardcore, with cock sucking, asshole finger penetration, fucking each other and finally cumshot in the face and some cum tasting session. These guys will do anything for pleasure!

Staxus – Schoolboy Stuffed From Both Ends

When the cat's away the mice will always play, so it really comes as no surprise when Jaxon Radoc, Connor Levi and Daniel Prince take full advantage of their teacher's unexpected absence in the classroom. In all fairness to Prince, who dutifully sits at his desk, it's Radoc and Levi who prove the main troublemakers most notably Aussie-boy, Radoc, who sees this as the perfect opportunity to expose his thick, uncut, antipodean cock to all and sundry. But there's little sign of any resistance once that said ramrod is on display, and before you know it Prince is eagerly gobbling away on the offering like any other cheap whore. A role that the youngster quickly cements once every last vestige of uniform is finally abandoned and he's being masterfully spit-roasted by his mates Levi slamming him up the rear and Radoc thrusting down his throat! No question about it, this fresh-faced, bright-eyed youngster is then cajoled into a series of ass-splitting positions like a fuck-doll, his mates giving him the stretching of a lifetime in the process. No fuckin' wonder that he's soon knocking out a healthy load of twink-jizz in appreciation; before Radoc and Levi stand over him on the desk, aim their engorged dicks in his direction and proceed to empty their balls over his face! A sight that we know for sure is gonna blast your rocket sky high!

Poolside 2 – Ryan Rose -amp; Rylan Knox

Rylan Knox is giving Ryan Rose a lap dance out by the pool, and Ryan's hands are already squeezing Rylan's taut ass beneath his swimsuit. Rylan turns around and swallows Ryan's massive member for an epic blowjob that has Ryan writhing in ecstasy. Turning Rylan around, Ryan goes down on Rylan's ass, and the sound of men in pursuit of total sexual pleasure fill the afternoon air. Falling to his knees on a blanket, Rylan arches his back deeply and dares Ryan to give him everything he's got. They start fucking, slapping flesh and clenching muscles adding to the sensory overload. Ryan slams him flat onto the blankets and pile-drives until he blows his wad, then uses his mouth to bring Rylan to orgasm, swallowing his load.

Oral Instruction – Cody Cummings -amp; Tyler Morgan -amp; Alessandro Del Torro -amp; Ryan B

It's a special treat Alessandro Del Torro will never forget. Ryan has prepared him for a surprise to arrive at their home. To Alessandro's chagrin, in walks Cody Cummings, accompanied by his sexy assistant, Tyler Morgan.</br></br>The service Ryan has ordered is a very intimate class on perfoming top-notch fellatio. Cody, as a performer in the adult industry, has formulated a cirriculum that implements sure-fire strategies for giving the best head. And he's brought along a few toys that will allow Cody to most effectively illustrate certain methods of sucking a hard cock.</br></br>After some background about Cody himself, the four get right down to work. Ryan begins by taking out the blazing hot Alessandro's large dick. As he works the swollen knob with his mouth, Cody get right in there, showing Ryan on the toys exactly the most effective ways of slurping, bobbing, twisting, licking, and nibbling. </br></br> High on Cody's list of important things to do while RECEIVING a blowjob, is communicating. Cody advocates letting the giver know what's working and what's not.</br></br> When Cody feels the time is right, he instructs his assistant, Tyler, to suck his swelling cock. Tyler goes right into his routine, without wasting any time. Cody tells Ryan to observe the interplay between giver and receiver. With rubber dick still in hand, Cody tells Ryan to focus on the underside of the erect meat. As he explains, this can be a VERY sensitive zone.</br></br> Grab your own accessories and feel free to follow along at home. Whether you're looking to improve your own 'head game,' or just watch these incredibly sexy men suck each other, get comfortable and enjoy!

Thug Ten 3

Everythings Bigger In Texas!

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Everythings Bigger In Texas!

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Latin Punishment: Part 6

It's time to open up Joseph Rowland's back door, and few things are better for that than a long, thick dildo. While the bitch is tied down, Master Devon invades him with the dildo, and pumps him until Joseph is ready to crawl onto the ceiling.


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