Free Gay Video – Twink Barebacks Two Jocks #5

Featuring Twink Barebacks Two Jocks #5

Twink Barebacks Two Jocks #5: Free Gay Video
Twink Barebacks Two Jocks - Free Gay Video

Twink Barebacks Two Jocks #5: Free Gay Video
Twink Barebacks Two Jocks - Free Gay Video

This scene starts out with Lars servicing Josef's thick cock as Josef runs his fingers through Lars's long blond curly hair. Shortly after our beefy boy Josef returns the favor as he takes on Lars's thick uncut cock. While Josef is going to town on Lars's cock Roxum walks in sporting a thick uncut cock dangling between his legs. Roxum walks over towards the action and now Josef is taking turns sucking both Roxum and Lars's cocks. Wanting some of Roxum's young twink cock Lars leans in and takes that boy cock deep into his throat. Nice three way cock sucking action. Shortly after our boy toy Roxum bends Lars over and has his way with his eager hole bareback. Young uncut twink cock deep in this jocks tight ass with no condom while Lars is simultaneously being face fucked by Joesef's. Wanting in on the action Joseph now gets on his back as our twink has his turn fucking him bareback as well. This time Josef is also being face fucking by Lars at the same time. One cute twink taking on two buff jocks bareback. To finish things off Josef lays on his back as Lars and Roxum stroke their uncut cocks and shoot their loads onto Josef's meaty body. featuring Twink Barebacks Two Jocks #5

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Staxus – Sexually Charged Sex God

So what would you do if you accidentally stumbled upon the sight of dark-haired beauty, Sergey Vorobev, stripping out of his uniform and into the shower? Let's be honest here, chances are you'd be just like young blondie, Jimmy Snyder, who finds himself quite simply entranced by the vision and who then goes back to his lodge to give his shaved cock a real hard work-out in appreciation. Sadly for him, voyeurism is more definitely the order of the day at this weekend retreat, and before he knows it he's got Vorobev returning the favour through the bedroom window, together with the ever-sexually-charged sex-god that is Julien Heath. A few moments on and all three boys are inside the bedroom with their shorts around their ankles, slurping on each other's meaty cocks and generally acting the part of complete whores. Indeed, it doesn't take very much persuading for Vorobev to have his dick firmly planted inside Snyder's ass the young blond's legs stretched apart to the max in the process. Then it's Heath's turn to get his ass pounded; before Vorobev and Snyder blast the contents of their tight balls into Heath's mouth! In short, a must-see cum-soaked threeway!

Believe it or not

Trevor Laster Fucks Drake Tyler Raw

Trevor Laster Fucks Drake Tyler Raw

Yeah, Drake is the undisputed King of Bottom here at BSB. But today he’s going to get fucked by a guy that’s going to enjoy every bit of the experience, Trevor Laster. Trevor is a little astonished to meet a straight guy that can not only take dick but like them big. Let’s see how this pans out.

The boys practically attack each other’s lips. They quickly undress and kiss all over each other’s body. Trevor eagerly finds Drakes dick and puts it in his mouth. Drake moans as he watches his gay partner inhale his cock. Yes Drake, this is how it feels to get blown by a guy that enjoys the taste of a salty dick. Trevor lays back on the bed and allows Drake to return the favor. Even though Drake is straight, he’s still able to fit more that half of Tyler’s hulking cock down his throat.

With Trevor’s dick nice and wet, Drake wastes no time and bending over. Trevor pushes right inside of Drake’s walls and lets him have it. He shows no mercy, gives no quarter, he just fucks the eager bottom. And Drake takes the pounding. That juicy ass of his can take anything a top can throw at it. Drake sits on it and uses it like his personal toy. Drake takes every inch, allowing his ass to drop down to Trevor’s balls. There’s only so much that Trevor can take, he pulls out and cums, HARD. For Drake’s benefit, he puts it back until Drake’s dick is spitting cum all over the place. 

Trevor Laster and Drake Tyler

Double Kross – Ryan Rose -amp; Sebastian Kross

When Sebastian Kross undulates his smooth gymnast's body, he's a mass of muscle almost too hard to hold. Stud Ryan Rose swiftly grabs the erect cock protruding from Sebastian's jock strap, and Sebastian gets caught up delivering a wet kiss. Cock to cock, they joust and make out. Sebastian licks the salt off Ryan's skin and aims his erection at Ryan. Ryan needs no further invitation to swoop down and inhale that cock, squeezing Sebastian's balls while getting plenty of vocal encouragement. Sebastian can get down orally too, and he puts his sexy lips and wet mouth to work returning the blow job. Moving from the cock to the ass, Sebastian treats Ryan's hole to a thorough, royal rimming treatment, followed by plowing his cock into Ryan's tasty crevice. The strap of Ryan's jock doubles as reins, as Sebastian rides him. Shedding the jock strap, Ryan gets in a shoulder stand for the final stretch of the fuck, opening his mouth to Sebastian just as he opened his hole, and getting a hot cum cocktail as his own nut juices stream across his torso.

Steve Lynch

Just 20, Steve Lynch has a handsome look about him. A country boy, he just graduated from agriculture school and now is out looking for his first job. In the meantime, to earn some extra bucks, Steve is here to show off his smooth, muscled body and husk his corn for us.

Matt Stevens and Brock Rustin

Brock’s face is nestled in Matt’s crotch sucking, swallowing, and deep throating his stiff shaft. His ginger whiskers tease and taunt Matt’s balls as he squirms and wriggles for more. Brock spreads his bubble butt exposing his rusty colored twitching hole. He plants his ass on Matt’s face and tongue while he enjoys the rim job. Brock once again is in fine form as he is fucked and used every which way…Matt pounds his ass over the side of the bed…then taking it side saddle…then doggie…Brock never misses a beat…He mounts Matt’s cock and rides him cowboy grinding his ass cheeks onto Matt’s hips…Matt shoots his massive thick and creamy load all over Brock’s hole as he continues to breed his nut into him deep. Brock shoots all over his chest and abs as he is being seeded. Matt slides out of his raw hole as Brock slides down to taste his own ass and clean off Matt’s sloppy cock.

Letter from Badpuppy’s Founder

I remember it very clearly. My supervisor at the Kennedy Space Center (“KCS”) walked in and asked me, “We have been tasked to design and implement a new technology that N.A.S.A. wants to pursue called ‘The Internet’, are you interested in the project?”. I was a Network Administrator at the time working with two other […]

Free Gay Porn – Virgin Blatino Butt Boy #4

Featuring Virgin Blatino Butt Boy #4

Virgin Blatino Butt Boy #4: Free Gay Video
Virgin Blatino Butt Boy - Free Gay Video

Virgin Blatino Butt Boy #4: Free Gay Video
Virgin Blatino Butt Boy - Free Gay Video

Clint Radford the blond cover stud and his Blatino buddy Sklyer Rodriguez strip down to their underwear for photographer Jim Crew in this scene! Virgin bottom Skyler sits on Clint's dick taking his first cock as Jim drops to his knees and starts sucking! While fucking Clint cums deep inside Skyler's virgin ass! Soon, the three are in a spit-roast and the guys are building up a sweat. When Skyler cums again, Jim begins to shoot and Clint cums all over Skyler's chest! Staring Clint Radford (18), Jim Crew (21) & Skyler Rodriguez featuring Virgin Blatino Butt Boy #4

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The Foreign Stud – Arad -amp; Ace Stone

New trainer Arad is a head turner, without a doubt. With ripped muscles and a gigantic chest, this Greek Adonis should have no trouble getting clients, but for some reason he's having a hard time adjusting to the new atomosphere. Long time staffer Ace Stone tells Arad that he has everything it takes to be successful, but he just needs to get a little more comfortable around with his surroundings, and mingle a little more among the staff.<br/>Arad thinks he has an idea what Ace means by mingle, but just in case there was any confusion getting lost in translation, Ace grabs Arad's package and cups his balls, feeling his cock underneath Arad's underwear. Arad feels a rush of blood to his cock and raises his eyebrow in a knowing gesture, as Ace falls to his knees, pulling Arad's shorts down as he runs his hands up Arad's rippling body. Ace takes Arad into his mouth, sucking him hard and turning him around, plunging his face deep into Arad's crevice and tonguing his hole, before Arad returns the favor, moistening up Ace for his thick cock. <br/>Arad bends Ace over a bench and fucks him like his job depended on it, grabbing Ace by the waist as he pounds him from behind, then moving him to the floor and reverse fucking him from behind, as Ace stares at himself in the mirror, watching Arad's hips pump him full of hard dick. <br/>Ace mounts Arad and rides him reverse as he strokes himself off, cumming all over the floor before dismounting and letting Arad blast his face with his hot load. Wiping off, Ace promises Arad a bounty of client work, provided he can maintain his stamina.Arad lifts his eyebrow in a knowing reply.<br/><br/>Enjoy!

Ranch Hands – Billy Berlin -amp; Jesse Santana

Sex outdoors, in the back of a pickup truck has never been more exciting! Jesse Santana clad only in his sleeveless flannel shirt, boots and black latex gloves, works Billy Berlin's perfectly pale round ass with his hands. Billy's propped up on the tailgate on all fours and gladly takes Jesse's fingers, then his hand and finally his entire fist. Jesse's got a new favorite pastime -- fisting hot ass. It's got him fully hard, and his dick is twitching with each turn and stroke of his arm into Billy's accepting hole. Watch as Jesse then flips Billy over -- legs in the air - and puts his arm up to the elbow in Billy's perfect asshole. Then be amazed as Jesse fists Billy and sucks his cock simultaneously. And if that wasn't enough you'll be floored when Jesse fists Billy and fucks him at the same time, until Billy jerks out a load with Jesse's arm inside him and Jesse sprays a load as well.

Mateya, Gebo

Grab your lube because this one is hot as hell. Bang buddies Gebo and Mateya get it on hardcore - with Gebo taking the lead and gulping Mateya's sword right, ravenous for college-boy tool! This muscular stud just loves dong and can't keep it out of his mouth. Mateya isn't lacking in the pecker department and he's more than willing to give Gebo a nice helping of beef straight in his bung hole. The climax is NOT to be missed! Mateya gets rowdy and LOUD when his meatstick erupts in Gebo's mouth and Gebo sucks him dry, taking every last drop before he lets it dribble back out of his mouth, down his chin and back to Mateya, who basks in the taste of his own creamy cumshot.


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